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The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”, March 4, 2005
地球母亲透过Karen Danrich “Lilliya”传递,日期:2005年3月4日

Translated by 流火 2006-6-24

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

The Earth Mother wishes to address a difficult thought-form in most humans who pursue the spiritual path.  Most humans have fallen into the belief in the savior.  The savior or being a savior or searching for one to save oneself is in opposition to the path of ascension.  Why is this so?  Ascension requires turning inward to discover one’s own god goddess within.  In so doing, one becomes one’s own savior and one’s own champion to continue to transcend in the journey of ascension.  There is a lovely dissertation from the Buffalo Kingdom “Discovering the God Goddess Within” that also focuses upon this topic.


Where did the concept of the savior come from?  This concept was not in place at the time that the large headed Grand Masters were seeded upon earth some 50,000 years ago (200,000 human years).  The Grand Masters came from Sirius with thought-form that knew that they were god-goddesses in form.  Their own ability to master the physical plane in terms of teleportation, transfiguration and instant manifestation proved to them that they were the god-goddesses over their life and their dream. (See “Transcending Physical Law” for more information.)

救世主的概念从何而来呢?在大头颅大师(Grand Masters)5万年(20万人类年)前播种到地球上时,这一概念还不存在。这些大师来自天狼星,并了解其形体中神-女神的思想形态。他们掌握物质层上瞬间移动(teleportation)、变身(transfiguration)、即刻显化(instant manifestation)的技能,证明自己是自己生命和梦想的神-女神(更多信息请看“超越物理法则”)。

Also upon earth were other humans seeded in an earlier time period with a smaller cranium and far less awareness.  These humans, however pared down that they were also knew that they were god-goddesses in form.  Such humans perceived all other kingdoms as god goddess in form and had learned to dance in harmony with nature in their existence upon earth.  These humans are related unto the red root races or indigenous tribes worldwide in present time:  North American Indian, South American Indian, Inuit or Eskimo, Mongolian or Tibetan, Aboriginal (Australian), Polynesian and African.  Most of such ancestry recalls their own god goddess ness along with their connection unto nature, and this has become the foundation of many an indigenous spiritual belief system.  Such indigenous humans are closer to the truth of the matter than those of western and white beliefs in Christ as savior or God as an outside force that one must pray unto.  So this is also so also for the Muslims who likewise perceive God as an outside force.


At this time, the two outside forces of god, one that is Christian and one that is Muslim are at all time odds.  Each group believes that they have the righteous path.  This dance of righteous religious paths has lead to war again and again in human history.  The only solution is to begin to recognize the god goddess ness within all species including all humans, regardless of sex, religion, cultural practices, beliefs, skin color or heritage.  As the god goddess is recognized within all things, then the desire to destroy another or destroy earth ceases, as one is only destroying another god goddess like oneself in the dance of annihilation.



Where did the belief in an outside force as God come from?  The Annanuki, a Pleiadian family who came to earth and incubated a human slave race in the laboratory, introduced the outside god principal.  They claimed themselves god or goddess and were immortal to prove it.  Indeed they lived 9 times as long as the original slave race that had a 500-year lifespan.  They also did not age.  The slaves worshipped their “gods” and “goddesses” who were nothing really other than a group of humans with less than spiritual principles and practices than the red seeded tribes.  If the greed, judgment and hypocrisy were acceptable within the “gods” and “goddesses”, then certainly being such a way as a slave was totally acceptable also.  One can see in this that the slaves had no role model of a human persona that had mastered spiritually to draw upon.


The closest the slaves could comprehend mastery to be was immortality, as this was the primary focus of the Anu.  There were those slaves that sought immortality.  Some of them journeyed into the inner earth and found large headed priests that were the descendents of the original Grand Masters.  Such slave humans were told that the path to immortality was an irrelevant spiritual path; the real spiritual path was a path to the nonphysical; or in other terms, ascension.  However the slave humans were also told that they did not have the right inheritance for ascension any more than becoming immortal.  The returned to the surface of the earth vastly disappointed.


Ascension at this time is not a path really to the nonphysical.  It is a path into another dimension of continued physical existence that may be invisible upon this dimension.  Through ascension, the body is modified in DNA to a point that the vibratory rate lifts into a fourth dimensional state of being and a photonic biology.  Humans accomplished this long ago in the aurora where there is a fourth dimensional earth to this day.  Buddha is the last known 4th dimensional ascent.  Recent records recovered of Buddha’s ascent show that he did indeed move his body from the third to fourth dimension embracing a photonic biology.  Alas he also found himself alone in the fourth dimension upon the surface of the earth.  After 8 years following his ascent, Buddha chose to exit physicality through death, although it was a fourth dimensional death.  He died under the same Bodi tree that he ascended under.


Those ascending in present time however will shift upwards with earth, allowing earth to enter the fourth dimensional state along with one’s future ancestry.  Therefore no one will disappear, except perhaps for a few forerunners who are necessary to clear the path for the rest to follow. Instead ascension shall be gradual and generational ahead, with humans and all other living things upon earth rising each cycle a little further towards photonic biology.  Ascension is a biological feat; one takes the form with oneself to the next dimension, or into nonphysicality with soul and form merging into a single vessel.


The Annanuki slaves were not in search for a savior at the time that the Anu were alive.  They accepted by in large their limitation of life span and thought-form along with their “enslaved” state of being along with the worship of their gods and goddesses.  Perhaps much as humans who are enslaved today by the current economic dance, the Anu slaves did not perceive themselves as enslaved.  For they believed they could go where they like and do what they want; however in reality this was not so, and is not so today for most humans either.


Most humans are bound by karmic contracts with the land and with the family and with the employer and with the bank.  Such karmic ties make it difficult to do anything but continue to work and live in the region that one has karmic bonds with.  Breaking out of these contracts requires ascension and settlement through forgiveness.  Then one can begin to carve a path towards freedom for oneself through evolution.


In parallel manner today, there are “gods” and “goddesses” that are worshipped for their wealth or fame.  These humans much like the Anu have less than spiritual principles.  Humanity today accepts the greed, judgment and hypocrisy of those of great wealth much as the slaves accepted such behavior in the Anu. Humans are so predisposed to worship that they give their power away to whomever they put upon a pedestal both individually and en mass.  It is the collective power that creates the famous one, guru, actress, politician or musician in the first place.  This is only a repeat of an ancient dream that has now become global.


As this dream is modified through legitimately ascending humans, all shall change.  Spiritual principles shall become the focus of human interactions again.  This shall not occur over night, but over the coming 100 years of continued global evolution.  As the masses ascend and retrieve all power given away over time, such forms of leadership and the worship associated shall cease to be in the coming times of change ahead. In so doing, a new dance of equality can be born.



So where did the concept of a savior come from, if it was not Anu, Anu Slave, Grand Master or Red Nation in origins?  Well this is interesting and earth would like to share some of the recent records recuperated surrounding the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  We began to write a little about the Pharaohs karma and history in “Tips for Retaining One’s Level of Mastery” earlier this year.  The Pharaohs existed 15,000-18,000 ago (60,000-72,000 human years) upon the continent of Egypt when it existed in a grid now suspended in Banff Canada upon earth’s surface.

那么如果救世主的概念并不起源于Anu、Anu奴隶、大师或红族,那会来自哪里呢?这个唔,非常有趣,地球很愿意分享一些围绕古埃及的法老最近所复原的记录。在今年早些时候的“维持所掌握水平的技巧”一文中,我们开始书写了一些有关法老的业力和历史。法老生活于15000-18000地球年(6万-7万2千人类年,译注,也就是“人类梦想历史”中Mahavishnu的时代)前的埃及大陆,那时候的埃及大陆现存于地球表面加拿大班夫地区(Banff Canada)上方所悬浮的晶格层中。

Over the past 18,000 years, the continents have long rotated to other regions carrying the pyramids with them.  The records for the Pharaohs history however are found in the Banff region of domain and not in Egypt as records are held in the energetic grids of earth and not in the land.  Land comes and goes over time transforming from mountains of granite to sand and dirt due to the weathering of water and wind.  It would therefore be difficult to retain records in the land as it is continuously transforming itself and as such would be a difficult media to save records upon.  Earth therefore records her records upon her energetic lay lines or in other terms, her global etheric body.


The Pharaohs extended their lives much as the Annanuki themselves.  The Anu stripped their slaves of grid work, chi, moving energy systems, and information to extend their lives up to 18,000 years.  As any moving energy system went sour or dissonant, they tossed it aside taking a parallel moving energy system from another slave or another group of slaves.  The end result was life extension the Anu and a shortened lifespan of the slaves.  Over 18,000 years, the slaves over time dropped to a life span of just over 100 years from the 500 years of life that they once lived at the point of original incubation.


Then following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu, the remaining slaves and red nations peoples alike spiraled down in genetic materials and life span with a massive fall in consciousness as the result.  The red nations people fell at this time from a 2000-year lifespan to under 500 years following the nuclear holocaust of the Anu. It was during this time period that the red nations peoples lost their crystalline blueprint, and failed to continue to regenerate adequately to live beyond 500 years.


It was after this time that the Pharaohs came to a state of dominion.  The Pharaoh lineages were half Grand Master and half Anu in genetic origins.  Innana and Zeus enjoyed sex with any human that they could manifest such an interaction.  Over time, Innana and Zeus each cornered a large headed human and seduced them.  The result were three children of half Anu and half Grand Master lineage with a large cranium.  The Pharaohs were the decedents of the two sets of lineages.


Much like the Anu themselves, the Pharaohs fell into patterns of stripping their following of genetic materials, moving energy systems, information, grid work and chi for the purposes of life extension. Many of the Pharaohs lived 600 to 1000 years or more as a result of such practices.  The Pharaohs also fell into the desire to be the primary god or leader of the nation of Egypt.  This was an Anu characteristic due to the nature in which they were god or goddess over their slaves.  The Grand Master nature would never seek to be a leader in dominion over all others as this is not of their archetypal patterning. The Pharaohs being a blend of Anu and Grand Master sought to rule through abusive power and applied their spiritual knowledge for this purpose.


It was during the reign of the first Pharaoh (Pharaoh Ramen) that the brilliant idea of gathering all the large headed humans into a single place occurred.  Pharaoh Ramen was under the guidance of the false gods that perceived that if the larger headed humans were under the ongoing influence of Pharaoh Ramen and all in one place that they would be easier to strip them to extend his life; this would allow the Pharaoh to live for many hundreds of years longer than he would be able to otherwise.


And so large armies were gathered and trained for the purpose of Pharaoh Ramen to conquer and pillage all neighboring red nations chiefs.  The soldiers were to bring back alive all large headed humans that they could find.  Over time 2000 large headed humans arrived and Pharaoh Ramen created a special island for them to live.  This Island Lilliya has called Pharaoh Island.  In any case, once all the large headed humans (Mahavishnu) were in one place, they were easier to strip, and this is exactly what occurred.  The life span of the Mahavishnu began to drop in equal proportions to the life extension of the Pharaoh.  At this time, the Mahavishnu knew a 500 years lifespan.  Over 3000 years, this dropped to less than 150 years as the life of each successive Pharaoh was extended.  Pharaoh Ramen lived to be 600 years of age as a result of these life extension practices.



It was during this era of the Pharaohs that the concept of the One God and the Savior was born.  Pharaoh Ra took over the reign of ancient Egypt after his father Pharaoh Ramen chose to seemingly ascend at the ripe age of 600.  Pharaoh Ramen entered the pyramids and the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber with the intent to ascend.  Alas there was no fourth dimensional body prepared to be ascended into that was photonic, as life extension practices are not the same as biological ascension.  The body combust into a pile of ash while all other humans believed that the Pharaoh had ascended.


Combustion is a horrible way to die.  The body burns up from the inside out.  The consciousness of the form is left trapped in a void of nonexistence until a future ancestor releases the karma through ascension.  The false gods however are inflated extensively in power and into greater dominion through combustion.  It was the combustion of Pharaoh Ramen that inflated the false gods into greater dominion upon earth.  Combustion also increases radiation much like nuclear war.  The radiation expelled from Pharaoh Ramen’s combustion set in motion enough radiation to begin a fall in consciousness for all humans within a 300-mile radius.  Each successive Pharaoh that combust in this manner set in motion more and more radiation, leading to such a great fall that the biology for the large headed humans was lost over time.


Pharaoh Ra was the eldest son of Ramen and took over the thrown after he combust.  Ra was already 250 years old himself at this time.  Ra was a believer in the “One God” principal.  The Mahavishnu had lots of gods, most of which were associated with the nature kingdoms and animals that had begun to be mummified and placed into different chambers in the pyramids.  Ra chose to believe that the animals were not gods, and demanded that all Mahavishnu not only believe in the One God principal, but bow and worship him.  Ra perceived himself as the one and only incarnation of the One God.



It appears that it was around the time that Ra turned 20 that a nonphysical force was created that has been called the “Mahatma” in present time.  The Mahatma appears as a wise and loving being of great wisdom and great light.  Ra perceived this being and was told that there was only one god.  He was further told he was the only incarnation of the Mahatma.  However the Mahatma is not a wise and benevolent being at all.  Over time and as enough humans on the surface of the earth ascended beyond the vibration of the Mahatma in present time (particularly those mastering full consciousness) it became obvious that this being was not something special after all.  Instead the Mahatma was being used by other beings on other dimensions to take chi and information from the human species due to the worship over its apparent light and loving nature.


More recently, records were recovered from the original spell that created the Mahatma.  In essence, the large headed Grand Masters had fallen in consciousness from 36,000 strands of DNA from the time of their original seeding 50,000 years ago to less than 12,000 strands by the time of the reign of the Pharaohs.  All the lost knowledge, chi and information from the fall of the Grand Masters was gathered up in a spell cast by Sananda creating a being of seemingly vast light and information called the Mahatma.  This entity is in essence a reflection of all lost human knowledge upon earth over time.


Ra was one of the first to perceive the Mahatma, and determined that it had more information than any nature kingdom or other god he had known since childhood. Indeed it did have a load of information as it was holding all lost human knowledge from a fully conscious state of being. Ra was convinced that this being was the One God and had come to earth to save humanity.  Later Ra was told that he himself was the incarnation of the One God.  This caused Ra to demand the worship of the Mahavishnu after he became Pharaoh as Ra believed himself the one and only incarnation of the Mahatma and therefore the one and only god.

Ra是第一批觉察到Mahatma中的一个并坚定认为,它比任何自他孩提时代所了解的自然王国或其他神,还要更博学。事实上,它的确拥有大量信息,因为它持有人类自全意识状态以来所有的丢失信息。Ra被确信,这个存在体是唯一神(One God),是到地球来拯救人类的。后来Ra又被告知,他自己则是唯一神的化身。这让Ra在成为法老后命令Mahavishnu来膜拜自己,因为他相信自己是Mahatma的唯一化身,从而也是唯一之神。

Alas, this created great controversy amongst the Mahavishnu.  Many aligned with Ra perceiving the Mahatma as god and choosing to worship the Mahatma along with Ra as the one and only god.  Many others kept their mouth shut out of fear of being persecuted.  Only 72 out of 2000 Mahavishnu chose to rebel and leave Pharaoh Island out of their understanding that no one being is the only god.  Within two years, all 72 had died of devastating psychic blows run by the Mahatma through the Pharaohs and the rest of the Mahavishnu.  This is the origin of the pattern of the crucifixion; if one stands in what one believes, one will be crucified.  This is also the origin of the belief in the one god or savior within the human species.



In the Tao’s analysis, the Mahatma was a collective lost consciousness of the Grand Masters who had fallen in genetic encoding held together by a spell and set in motion during the era of the Pharaohs.  The Mahatma has always had close ties with the false intervention, a group of nonphysical humans trying to sustain an eternal afterlife by stripping creation after creation of grid work, moving energy systems and information in order to accomplish the goal. Much like the Anu themselves, the false intervention is a group with a parallel goal of nonphysical immortality.


Physical and nonphysical were always designed to dance together within the Great Central Sun that earth originated within.  No nonphysical force ever had existence without a physical counterpart that provided chi and a “home” or place of residence in time and space.  The false intervention has extended nonphysical afterlife from humanoid creations going back millions of years in the Tao’s examination.  Given that the nonphysical cannot be sustained without the physical, physical creation after physical creation has had to be consumed or  destroyed in order to sustain the false intervention.  The Mahatma is a pawn of the false intervention to strip creations for the purposes of nonphysical afterlife.


In late 2001, the Mahatma and all planes associated were dismantled upon earth.  (See Great Central Sun Transmissions for more information.)  The reason for this is that the Mahatma had become a mechanized force through which humanity and earth was being stripped of chi and information. The Mahatma was disbanded on the part of earth under the guidance of Riza.  The records of the Grand Masters were retrieved in the dismantling of the Mahatma in preparation for the ascent of the human species.  If the human species is going to ascend to full consciousness (36,000 strands) then the information to do so needs to be available.  If the information remained in the spell associated with the Mahatma consciousness, then it would not unavailable for humans to ascend into.


Alas, although the Mahatma was disbanded, the unconscious of the collective human species recreated the Mahatma in an even larger form.  This time the collective lost human consciousness and genetic information of 36 former human civilizations upon dimensions 3, 5 and 12 were united together in a spell into an even greater being of “light” and “love”.  Lilliya has called this being “Mahatma II”.  Why would humanity call such a being to the dance?  The collective desire for a savior is so great that humanity called another being of parallel origins to dance upon earth.


Over the past few years that the Mahatma II has been in existence, many humans visited this being in dreamtime.  Many were convinced that this being was the real savior and was going to carry them and earth “home”.  Alas this being just like the original Mahatma is only a pawn of the false intervention.  Many of those who were having a legitimate ascension up until the Mahatma II was anchored upon earth are now having a false ascension or splitting light and dark due to their involvement with this entity in dreamtime.  The numbers of humans in the new consensus have been reduced by 50% due to the manipulative nature of this entity.  Many reading this article may muscle test or pendulum that one has worked with the Mahatma II in dreamtime.  If so, then it is time to undo all the manipulations that have been instigated into one’s field to cause a split in light and dark, as one cannot legitimately ascend in this manner.


What might such manipulations be?  Generally the manipulations begin with an alteration of one’s inheritance; portions of lineages or entire lineages are swapped out.  Then the associated karma and thought-form along with machines entities curses,hexes and spells associated with the false lineages are inserted.  Because the karma for the etheric patterning is not one’s own, it will not release.  This causes one to press such patterning into the unconscious or splinter it off causing a split in light and dark in one’s field.  So the main manipulation to release if one has danced with the Mahatma II in dreamtime is to one’s tapestry of ancestry.  As one recalls one’s real inheritance, and returns what is not one’s own lineages or portions of lineages, then all the patterning that is false can be pressed back to its origins, and one’s real patterning can be retrieved so that it can be transmuted through real ascension.


The bottom line is that the patterning that is not one’s own will only make one ill in the long haul.  Such patterning does not allow the energy to move properly to sustain health or continue to ascend.  The associated machines will block the flow of chi in the meridians and etheric body over time, leading to portions of the form becoming cancerous or diseased.  Therefore it is important for those who muscle test or pendulum to have worked with the Mahatma II in dreamtime to undo all associated manipulations so that one can create a complete ascension in this lifetime.


At this time, the Mahatma II is also being disbanded.  The reason for this is that the energy flow of this entity is damaging to earth’s holographic movement.  The Mahatma II also has no prior association with earth and therefore has no karma to settle in the global return journey home.  Therefore the Mahatma II is being dismantled, with each part of its consciousness returned “home” to where it originated in time and space and form.



Why is humanity so bent upon requiring a savior?  What is it about finding a savior that is so comforting and important to the human species?  Humans desire to believe that somewhere and somehow there are those beings of great knowledge and light and that there is a place of perfection and ongoing beauty without all the struggle, difficulty, brutality and darkness that is here upon earth.  In reality, there are such places; and they are the result of splitting light and dark.  Humans have a remembrance of places where only light reigns as the darkness was separated off and stuffed elsewhere.  Humans upon Sirius before they were seeded upon earth knew such an existence; humans in Orion and the Pleiades before they came to earth also knew such an existence of only love and light.


Earth is a place that such other creations dump their unwanted darkness so that they can retain an only loving and light dance without violence, starvation or other forms of abuse and travesties.  The same human ancestries that experience the only light and love dance in other creations are now here experiencing only darkness and density that is the result of the splitting of light and dark.  Out of the memory of such a way of being, humans long for a light and love only experience again.  Many confuse ascension as a path towards an only light and loving existence.  In other creations that have ascended, such as Sirius, this is exactly what has occurred; Sirian humans moved into a light and love dance by sending their density and destruction to earth and 24 other third dimensional planets that they seeded human form upon and are now going extinct.


If earth were to ascend by splitting light and dark, she would have to destroy another creation that would be destined to take upon her density.  Earth having experienced what it feels like to sit in the darkness and density of others chooses not to do so.  She chooses instead to return darkness that is not her own to the creations of origin, and transmute the density that is her own, and in so doing, light and dark merge into unity or balance again.  This is the real path of ascension; to merge the light and dark within finding the unity or middle road and path of balance.


The middle road or path is not a light and loving only dance.  The middle road or path requires that one look inward at all destructive thought-form, and choose to release the associated karma through forgiveness.  In the forgiveness, the density and destructive karma can be dissolved; in the dissolution, one rises in vibration.  One does not however rise in vibration by divorcing the density and sending it elsewhere or into another’s field.


Most upon the path of ascension would prefer to divorce the density and send it elsewhere.  “Let someone else take on the destructive thought-form and karma and then I will be free!”  Alas, this is what the Anu and Pharaohs alike did; they never faced their own destructive nature and simply sent it elsewhere.  As the destructive nature built up and built up and was never addressed, healed or transmuted wtihin, then it acted out in a big way leading to a nuclear holocaust along with their own deaths.  Sweeping one’s destructive nature under the carpet does not work; it only causes the darkness to rise again, either in one’s own life or in one’s region or in another country and act out as war, torture, abuse or other travesties.


En mass, humans sweep their darkness and press it into certain regions in each country along with certain countries global wide.  The Middle East, Africa and South America have absorbed most of the global darkness for warfare, disease and rebellion.  Within any country, there are those places that are host to the darkness of all that choose not to face their own darkness within.  This is the underlying cause of the inner cities, the ghettos or the regions where drug abuse, disease and homelessness prevail.  As each human being begins to take responsibility for their own darkness rather than displacing it nationally or internationally, the experience of warfare, disease, poverty and homelessness will begin to disappear.


As ascension has been launched in recent decades, humans have gone into old ascension patterns of long ago.  Many humans have launched false ascensions by which they displace their darkness rather than integrate it.  The collective darkness then increases and increases and then acts out in a large way.  This is what caused 9-11; the collective darkness of all humans having false ascension both upon the surface of the earth and within the inner earth.  As a result of this manifestation, earth has had to take a stand that each human being must take full responsibility for their own unconscious density and darkness.  As a result of this stand, the collective darkness that would manifest as World War III has been disbanded.



Why is it so difficult for humans to look at their own darkness?  Each wishes to believe that they are innocent, pure, “of the light”, and somehow not like those that one views within the world mirror that are war mongers or perpetrate violence in one manner or another.  Alas, for each who is non-violent in the physical, one has many parallel lives that one is just as violent as the dance that one witnesses in the world mirror.  To believe that the violence is outside of oneself is a vast lie; for there are billions of records of ancestors related unto oneself that participated in all forms of violence, from beating children to raping women to killing upon the battlefield to torturing others for information.  There is nothing that occurs now in present time in the world mirror that is brutal that one has not also participated in within one’s ancestry.  To believe one is somehow innocent is therefore a vast lie.


The desire for a savior has to do with wishing to wash one’s sin’s away, as if what one’s ancestry has perpetrated can somehow disappear without forgiveness.  Beloved, no one can wash anyone’s karma away.  Disowning karma and sweeping it under the carpet or pressing it upon another does not work.  Disowning karma only creates destruction elsewhere, and then one will inherit the karma for this on top of all the destructive karma already associated with one’s ancestry.  Sirian, Pleiadian and Orion humans have incurred so much karma for the destruction that they have pressed upon earth that it will take them eons of time to clear it.


The only way one can work one’s way out of the dance of destruction is to forgive.  God Goddess or Christ cannot forgive for oneself; for forgiveness is an act of internal love in which one states “I understand how you and your ancestry have trespassed upon me; I also understand that my ancestry has trespassed upon yours in parallel manners many times; I choose to forgive; I choose to open my heart and love what is unlovable.  In so doing, I wipe the slates of karma clear so that I may ascend home.”


Forgiveness requires understanding.  Sending the karma elsewhere creates an ascension where there is no understanding.  The end result is that the same dance one ascended out of one will ascend into at a higher frequency.  Sirian human civilization will one day end up in the same violent mess that they seemingly ascended out of.  Why?  Because they failed to understand why they as humans were violent in the first place as the karma was never processed in their ascension.  Instead the karma was disowned and pressed upon earth and 24 other human civilizations on other planets.  Sirians failed to fully forgive all the karma for destruction that they had created in the eons of time that they existed in the third dimension.  Karma is a broken record; karma insures a repeat of whatever occurred to create the karma until it has been forgiven in full.



Earth does not wish to recreate the past 24 billion years of falls again.  The only way off the merry-go-round therefore is to understand; and through understanding to forgive.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe; love can transmute and transcend any difficult pattern or dense level of thought-form.  Love however is only powerful in the act of forgiveness.  Outside of a state of forgiveness, love becomes less powerful than brutality and force.


Humans have long forgotten how to forgive.  As a result, brutality and force reign in your civilization.  Earth has also forgotten how to forgive; it is why the brutality and force of humans have desecrated her so and forced her into a downward cycle towards extinction.  Earth has recovered her ability to forgive; in so doing love is returning as a most powerful force again.  This being so, soon all that is non-loving or abusive shall perish from earth’s embodiment.


Ascending humans must learn to love again; they must open their hearts and learn to forgive again.  The path of real forgiveness is not an easy path; one faces one’s largest innermost demons and the greatest darkness of one’s ancestry.  As one faces one’s own darkness and forgives, the dance of love extends outward again allowing love to be the reigning force rather than fear.  This cannot occur if one sweeps the karma and darkness elsewhere or on to others.  It can only occur if one is willing to go inward and seek; seek to understand what one’s ancestry has done that is non-loving and caused pain unto others; and then to forgive.  In the forgiveness, the brutality currently playing out on the world mirror can begin to fade, as love will emerge as a more powerful force than fear.


How many will it take in human form to forgive the atrocities of the past in order for love to be reborn in human relations?  It will take as many as needed to release all karma incurred in 50,000 years (200,000 human years) of falls in consciousness of your species.  Some of the karma cannot release here upon earth as the individuals at cause were from another creation.  The karma of the Anu cannot be released here; the Anu consciousness and all karma associated is being bundled up at this time, and those related will return with it to the Pleiades to settle the original cause.  One can only settle the karma upon earth if it occurred upon earth.


Although the original cause of human violence cannot be settled upon earth, all the times that these patterns repeated in three other eras can be released.  This is what the map carvers of ascension are working upon; releasing the karma for three eras of violence, one of which occurred in Ancient Egypt 18,000 years ago in the era of the Pharaohs (72,000 human years); another which occurred in Atlantis 10,000 years ago (40,000 human years); along with the current era of violence underway.  These are the key eras that set the stage to the current state of human life; as the karma for all three of these eras has been erased and transcended by a few mastering their upper initiations in this lifetime, the dream for humanity can be recast.  The new human dream will be one of unity, joy, forgiveness and peace; this is the birth of the golden era that many prophets have predicted.  This future dream will only manifest if enough release the karma that would create a different future otherwise.



The belief in a savior precludes forgiveness.  The savior is going to forgive for oneself and then suddenly one is free of all karmic debt.  In reality, those who are gurus in present time and play this game simply transfer one’s karma to someone else or to a group of others living already difficult circumstances due to taking on collective human darkness.  One may then cease to live the karma from one’s inheritance and create a better life; this resolves nothing as your future relations then have an even heavier bag of karma to clear than would be if one had taken responsibility for ones’ own karma to be cleared in this lifetime in the first place.


Each human is born with a bag of karma to be cleared in this life.  The karma sets the stage for the circumstances one is born into.  Was one born into a family of relative affluence with enough food and shelter?  Then one had no poverty karma.  Those born in poverty are settling poverty karma.  Even if one was not impoverished, was one beaten or molested or suffered other difficulties in childhood?  Then this was the karma that one was born with.  Perhaps one’s ancestry beat or molested children; now one creates the consequences of one’s ancestor’s actions by experiencing the same first hand.  In this life of ascension, one can now choose to forgive; forgive the one who beat or molested oneself in the greater understanding that one’s ancestry perpetrated the same.


Many have learned to press their birth karma on to others.  This has become a big game in the metaphysical movement in particular.  Let us lift your karma off of you so that you cannot settle it; and beloved you also cannot ascend without settlement of the bag of karma that you were born with this lifetime.  The ascent to 3000 strands of DNA clears all karma from this lifetime and one’s ancestry back to the era of Atlantis.  After transcendence of 3000 strands, one begins to work upon a whole other bag of karma, and often as a result there is a whole new life that is born as a result, as the old ties are dissolved in full from this lifetime.  This is the gift of ascension; however it will never be accomplished in disowning one’s ancestral karma; it can only occur as one forgives the karma that one was born with and releases it in full.



Many would prefer the good life to the real karma that one was born with.  Alas this does not serve.  Earth is in the process of returning all disowned birth karma to each human.  The scrambling of karma was a plot of the dark forces that desired to see ascension fail.  Scrambled karma will have the affect of causing few if any to legitimately ascend, as the karma is not present to be released in the inheritance.  Earth has been long aware of the karmic games of the dark and has been pressing to reinstate all birth karma for the past 3 generations of humans born.  This is now coming to be so; and as a result some humans who have disowned their karma may find that life changes now due to the return of their real birth inheritance and the karma associated.


For those that are ascending, and in particular those traversing beyond 1800 strands, ancestral reviews and the retrieval of lost karma and the returning of false karma is a part of the ongoing dance of ascension.  This is not the first era in which karma has been scrambled.  In three other eras karma was displaced upon certain inheritances; such inheritance are also often the truth bearers and the one’s destined to map carve ascension.  As one discovers displaced karma in the tapestry, then like occurrences in other time periods are also searched for allowing a clearing to go back hundreds if not thousands of generations.  This allows the load to lighten to be only the legitimate karma that each ascending human must address in order to ascend.


There is also karma that has been transferred on to humanity that is not from this creation; there have been 18 creations that are human that have displaced karma upon humanity.  This too is returned as it was not incurred upon earth and cannot be settled here as a result.  The game of karmic scrambling is one that accompanies a split in light and dark; those entering the light become karma free and those entering the density absorb so much karma that the darkness seeks to extinguish the remaining light and life force in such regions of domain.  This earth has suffered to an extreme and so she understands it greatly.  So have humans suffered karmic displacement from elsewhere to an extreme; and now is the time that the great sorting out may come to fruition, in which all that does not belong here can be sent home; that which originated here can be retrieved; and through the balancing of light and dark, earth can return home to the Great Central Sun.


The Great Central Sun has received many creations that had split between light and dark over time.  This has caused great distortion within the Sun; perhaps as much distortion as earth understands in her current predicament of manipulative dances conducted by false gods and other dark forces. Earth therefore brings keys; keys for the Great Central Sun to understand its own distortion due to the receiving of other creations that were light only due to a false ascent of splitting light and dark.


For the souls and humans that ascend through the splitting of light and dark are not harmless; as they never forgave the harm that they participated in during their ascension; they only disowned the harm pressing it upon other creations that then went extinct. Karma will act out again if it has not been forgiven in full; therefore the Great Central Sun now finds itself filled with harmful humans and harmful souls that never fully transcended harm in their ascension, and the harm is shattering the Great Central Sun from the inside out.  Perhaps this speaks greatly as to why splitting light and dark in ascension does not work.



Most humans recall a loving and light environment where there is no karma.  Perhaps this feels better than being so weighted with karma that the space between has expanded and expanded to a point that there is little light conducted down the lay lines or meridians of the etheric body, particularly for those at 2 strands of DNA.  Here there is nothing but darkness.  This leads to a very depressing existence, and earth has been in a depressed cycle for over 50,000 years and before humanity was seeded here.


Depression comes from too much density that is not one’s own and one does not have enough light or chi to transmute it all.  Then the density presses and presses upon one’s field and etheric body to a point of splintering it; then more density can be added into the fractured pieces that once held a complete circular energy flow.  The more that one fractures, the denser one becomes; not due to one’s own thought-form, but rather due to the density depressed from others and other creations.


Ascension brings about a lightening up due to the return of the density that is not one’s own unto its creation of origin; and the healing of the fracturing of field into wholeness again.  The wholeness experienced in real ascension is not like the opposing dance where light and dark are split due to the displacing of karma elsewhere.  The lightness of being from real ascension and real wholeness comes from the balancing of light and dark.  Darkness or the space between has a structure and a function in the third dimension and all dimensions that sustain physicality.  The density carves the pathway through which the light moves to sustain life; if one loses all density, then suddenly one also loses the pathway through which the light and energy flows which creates a form of chaos.


Everything has a place.  Density has a place to hold the pathway for the light to flow.  Karma has a place.  Karma is present to teach one a spiritual lesson that one’s ancestry failed to learn or understand at the time that they existed in physicality.  Karma will teach each that seeks the path of ascension the lessons that it holds.  As the lessons are learned, and forgiveness embraced, then the karma has no place in the life any longer.  As this occurs, the karma ceases to skew the dream in an undesirable manner.  Then one is free to weave a new dream to one’s better liking.  However, one has learned something in the experience, however difficult one’s creation may have been.


Those divorcing themselves from their karma reap the “good life” and learn no spiritual lessons along the way.  The Pharaohs are the main reason that this patterning still exists to this day.  The Pharaohs displaced all their density in an ongoing manner upon the large headed Mahavishnu.  This caused the Mahavishnu to live very difficult traumatic lives of abuse, rejection and disease.  And yet the karma for the experience of abuse, rejection or disease was not incurred by their inheritance; instead the Pharaohs and their favored displaced such karma upon the Mahavishnu.


Those related to the large headed Mahavishnu continued to suffer long after the Pharaohs ceased to exist or reign in Ancient Egypt.  For the patterning set in motion simply repeats each time the paths of those of Pharaoh ancestry cross with those of Mahavishnu ancestry.  Lilliya and are examples of Mahavishnu lineages that have crossed the path of many a Pharaoh lineage in their organization over time.  Those of Pharaoh lineage always strip them of dream, information, moving energy systems, and return in their place disease and difficult karma.  Over time, Lilliya and have settled their karma with those of Pharaoh lineages, and now stand beyond the game.  So must each of Grand Master and Mahavishnu inheritance do the same, as those of Pharaoh lineage will prevent one’s ascension otherwise.

那些与大头颅Mahavishnu的相关者,在法老消失或不再统治古埃及后,仍然长久遭受折磨。因为被启动的模式,每一次只是不断重复那些法老血统者和那些Mahavishnu血统者相交叉的路径。Lilliya就是Mahavishnu血统的例子,随时间他们的组织与很多法老血统者的路径相交叉。那些法老血统者总是剥夺他们的梦想、信息、能量运作系统,并回之以疾病和困难的业力。后来Lilliya和oa 解决了此业力,现在已超越了这一游戏。所以,每个拥有大师和Mahavishnu的血统者都必须做同样的事情,因为否则这些法老血统者将会阻止你的提升。


The Pharaohs were perceived as saviors by the masses at the time that they reigned.  They were perceived as perfect and beyond dispute.  This occurred due to the manner in which their fields split light and dark; all light remained with the Pharaoh and the light of the following was given unto them; all dark was displaced upon whomever within the following chose to take on the darkness.  Those taking on the darkness generally became ill, were rejected and removed from Pharaoh Island, or found themselves in some other form of distasteful dilemma.


Today and at this time of ascension, the pattern of the Pharaoh is again in full swing.  There are those spiritual leaders that appear to be “god like”, perfect, beyond any darkness and so on.  The reality is that the lineages of these gurus are no different than anyone else; they have the same brutality and abusiveness in their ancestry as any other human.  Such gurus only appear light because they have displaced all their karma and density upon their following who in turn have become diseased, have been rejected by the group, or found themselves in some other form of distasteful dilemma that was not the result of their karma, but rather was the karma of the guru.


Those who are legitimately ascending will require pulling themselves out of the dance of the guru, or one will find oneself becoming ill or living a life of travesty instead of ascending.  The reason spiritual aspirants seek the guru is out of the belief in the savior; somehow the guru is going to dissolve all the pain of the past and they will be reborn to a new tomorrow.  In the truth of the matter, the guru may take one’s karma, good and bad, and give it to another.  Good karma is karma that one can collect to procure a good job or a beautiful place to live.  Gurus like to take good karma and give it to their favored.  The Guru can also take bad karma for violence or distasteful experiences in the ancestry and give it unto another; however this is the foundation of the spiritual lessons one is to learn in this lifetime.  Give the bad karma away, and one cannot evolve.


Therefore we invite those reading these materials to cease to seek a savior consciously or unconsciously.  Saviors or those one places upon the pedestal thinking that they know more than oneself only appear so powerful as one has given away one’s power unto them; they only appear so knowledgeable as one has given one’s knowledge unto them now and over time in one’s inheritance.  Retrieve your power beloved; retrieve your knowledge; return the karma that is not your own, good and bad, and retrieve the karma that is.  Then intend to settle the karma through understanding and forgiveness, for this is the only way that you, earth or anyone else can ascend.



Earth cannot save you.  Earth does not wish to be substituted for the guru that one is giving up.  Nor does nature or any kingdom wish to be substituted for the savior that one is consciously or unconsciously seeking.  Nature cannot save you either.  At best nature and earth alike can point one in the direction of understanding the spiritual lessons behind the seeming travesties one has created in the dance of life that are the result of one’s birth karma.  Earth and nature can provide intentions for transcendence and dream weaving so that one creates a different and more harmonious circumstance next time.


In reality, earth and nature are looking for partners in the path of ascension.  Earth and each kingdom have their own difficulties and struggles to ascend.  As an ascending partner, then you can contribute to our ascension, and we can contribute to yours.  Your contribution to us may be the clearing of human patterning that prohibits the ascent of the land in the region that you live or regions that you may visit in any calendar year.  As you agree to participate in the global ascension of earth, one becomes an equal partner in the task.

Equality and the dance of the savior or guru are at odds with one another.  The guru or savior wishes to be perceived as perfect, beautiful and all-powerful or all-knowing.  Of course they appear that way as each that follows the guru gives their power, light and knowledge unto them.  There is no room for equality in such a dance; for the guru is on top and all others are underneath in a pecking order or hierarchical structure.  There is also no way to move into the dance of unity in such a game; for a hierarchical structure and unity are at odds with one another.

Unity is much like the structure symbol in the Language of Light; there are circles within circles within circles.  The structure symbol is also symbolic of holographic flow.  Holographic flow precludes domination or subordination; each is a circle within the circle of holographic flow; each contributes to the flow and each benefits from the dream of the whole in equal to what is contributed.  There are no lesser and no greater beings within the whole; only each that is contributing what one best offers to the sustenance of the whole.  This is the flow that earth, nature and humans must master in order to be prepared for entry into the dream of the Great Central Sun.


Lilliya and have transcended into a working partnership with earth, nature and the elements of air, water fire and earth.  The partnership includes translating information that the kingdoms or earth or the elements wish humans to understand as well as assisting in fostering global ascension in all that they do.  This is world service in action.  Humans long lost the ability to exist in world service unto earth.  Now through ascension humans may master, a working partnership with earth can begin to master world service again.

Lilliya已经提升到与地球、大自然,及气、水、火、土元素的工作伙伴关系中。伙伴关系包括将大自然、地球或元素希望人类所理解的信息进行翻译,并尽可能帮助培育全球提升。这就是运作中的世界服务(world service)。人类长久以来已遗失了生存在为地球进行世界服务的能力。现在透过人类所掌握的提升,一个与地球一起工作的伙伴关系可再次开始掌握世界服务。

World service translates into the greater good of the whole.  Whatever Lilliya and do serves earth and the greater good of global ascension.  Any personal desires that would be in conflict with global ascension or their personal ascension are put aside or surrendered.  Everything that they do, speak or contribute therefore serves.  This requires an absolute surrender of ego to accomplish as well as negative ego.  Ego wishes to “do it my way”.  Negative ego wishes to sabotage and undermine causing whatever one does to fail.  In a state of surrender, one neither fails nor goes one’s own way; one comes to the middle ground of working in collaboration to the greater good of the whole instead.


Failure is not something that Lilliya or entertain as a possible dream in any given year.  Their successes against sometimes great odds speak to this truth; in surrendering their ego, earth assures their success by providing the backdrop of support required to handle the task asked of them to be accomplish.  Therefore large successes under great odds occur at Lilliya and Oa’s events each year due to the choice to collaborate in all that they do with earth as a global consciousness.  For Lilliya and Oa, there is no other way to be any longer, and they have proven to themselves that they can count on earth if the dance gets rough or appears to be failing along the way to pull things through.


For those willing to work with earth, then like support shall be provided.  However do not expect earth to amass one a fortune or to provide one a dream come true circumstance all of the time.  Amassing a fortune is at odds with ascension; it creates more attachment and ascension requires releasing attachment.  Dream come true circumstances are not always possible due to the ancestral karma one is carrying; at least until the karma is released.  The karma is also the necessary backdrop for the learning of many a spiritual lesson; and so if earth caused each dream to always manifest as desired, no spiritual lessons would ever be learned.  Therefore this is not an agreement that earth can make, for only agreements that support evolution and ascension will ever be made with earth.


We had an initiate recently leave the school who thought that working with earth was going to amass them a fortune so that they could construct communities.  Beloved, communities will form as those willing to co-create gather and hold the dream.  Earth does not require some initiate to amass a fortune to fulfill upon this.  Earth will support the dream for the land and the building for those willing to gather and this is how the dream will come to fruition.  Such visions of amassing fortunes for earth are only illusions that the dark perpetrate to cause one to fail upon one’s path of ascension.



Those trying to amass fortunes to make the spiritual path “comfortable” or “easy” are only trying the play the role of savior.  The savior will provide for all who they save.  This is the drawback of playing the role of the savior.  For many, this role is very subtle.  We will give you examples from Lilliya and Oa’s life.  was the family savior.  He earned a large income so that each could have the lifestyle that they wished; the wife wanted her fur coats from New York; the children their trips to Brazil each summer.  worked hard to provide for the family the life style that they preferred at his own expense; for the work with computers was making very ill.  Had not left his computer-oriented career at the time that he met Lilliya in 1998 and ascended beyond disease, would not be alive today.


Lilliya also was the savior of her family.  For Lilliya, this role did not involve providing financially as much as healing everyone in the unconscious.  She was forever harmonizing her out of control mother along with her out of control angry brother when they worked together in the family printing business.  It became obvious after four years in the family business that Lilliya was going to die if she did not leave; and so she chose another career in real estate until her work in ascension took off.  Lilliya also played the role of savior with her son; over time it became apparent that this too was going to kill her or prevent further ascension if she did not separate.  And so she chose to separate and go her sovereign way.


Over the years, Lilliya and have found themselves placed into the role of savior again and again with the students that they have gathered.  Those who could not transcend the codependence of hooking into their fields to pull themselves upwards in vibration without pulling their own weight have been removed again and again from the school; as they prevent the ascent of Lilliya and and will never learn to stand sovereign otherwise.  Those therefore who tend to play the role of savior will find that others hook into one’s field expecting one to carry them upon the ascension path, either consciously or unconsciously.  On the other side of the coin, each “savior” will also hook into another that they perceive as their “teacher” or “role model”.  Therefore the dance of codependence goes two ways, with the savior desiring to be saved as much as they desire to save others.


The reality is that no one can save another.  Each must do their own inner homework to understand and forgive.  In the forgiveness possible through real ascension, the patterns change, the density lifts, the joy returns, and hope is reborn anew.  No one can do this for another.  At best perhaps much as earth and nature offer, one can shine a light upon the spiritual lessons that another is learning so that they can understand and can forgive.  This is what Lilliya and try and focus upon in any consultation; the spiritual lessons that others are learning so that they may understand and forgive and ultimately ascend.



The savior is also recurrently crucified.  Lilliya and have had many bouts with cancer in their personal ascensions; this can all be looked upon as a form of crucifixion from their following.  If one is the savior, then one is to be crucified.  If this does not play out consciously in some manner, then it plays out unconsciously as disease.  How do the gurus get away with not being crucified?  Most gurus displace the pattern of crucifixion upon another that is close to them; the other then takes on this pattern and ends up dead of disease or an accident.


The karma for crucifixion of the savior goes back to the Mahavishnu that left Pharaoh Island in rebellion to the One God principal of Pharaoh Ra.  These 72 humans were energetically sacrificed to make a point of the power of the Mahatma, who bombarded them with shattering blows until each had perished in physicality.  The red nations humans did not understand what would cause all 72 large headed humans to die within a few weeks of one another; they subsequently mummified the bodies to preserve the genetics.  Through the preservation of the genetics, the records were saved and how these large headed humans died could be decoded.  Their deaths set in motion the pattern of crucifixion of the truth bearers and those having the ability to legitimately ascend.


Christ was crucified due to the karma of the Mahavishnu; Christ’s ancestry went back to the large headed humans.  Christ tried to stand in his truth and was destroyed for it.  This pattern has played out again and again in history.  If truth bearers were not destroyed in the physical dream through some travesty, they died of one disease or another over time.  It is time to end the pattern of crucifixion.  It is time to take Christ off the cross.  The path of evolution need not lead to death; but in order for this to be so one will require releasing the karma for being the savior and how the savior is crucified.



These are some recommended intentions to allow one to transcend the pattern of being the savior, desiring to be saved, or ending up crucified in the dance of life.


1.I intend to transcend the pattern of the savior now and throughout my ancestry.


2. I intend to cease to allow others to depend upon me.


3.I intend to allow others to carry their own weight and ascend themselves.


4.I intend to release all patterning that causes me to allow others to depend upon me.


5. I intend to cease to search for a savior, consciously or unconsciously.


6. I intend my true birth inheritance.


7. I intend to release all karma that I was born with in my ascent to whatever level I can master in this lifetime.


8. I intend to return all karma that is not my own unto its source of origins.


9. I intend to retrieve all karma that is my own.


10. I intend to return all lineages or portions of lineages that are not my own to their source of origin.


11. I intend to retrieve all lineages or portions of lineages that are my own along with the associated karma.


12. I intend to transcend the need to be crucified.


13. I intend to cease to take on the disease karma of others.


14. I intend to cease to put myself in circumstances that benefit others but destroy my physicality.


15. I intend a preoccupation and living environment that supports my choice to ascend.


16. I intend to release all karma for warfare and disease in my ancestry.


17. I intend to look at my darkness rather than attempt to disown it.


18. I intend to forgive anything that my ancestry perpetrated that harmed another.


19. I intend to forgive others that have harmed me in this lifetime in parallel to how my ancestry harmed others at other times.


20. I intend to forgive myself for harming others in this lifetime in any manner, conscious, subconscious or unconscious.


21. I intend to balance the light and dark within by dissolving the density so that I may rise in frequency.


22. I intend to allow the density to hold the space between so that there are pathways to conduct the light or chi through my etheric vessel and field.


23. I intend that the density not overrun the light snuffing it out, but rather that the density hold its proper structure and function to support my health and well being along with continued ascension.


24. I intend that the pathways of light continue to increase in size and amount of chi conducted through them in my continued ascent.


25. I intend that my ascension come fully into the physical with the biological modifications to the crystalline form occurring in all organs, glands and systems.


26. I intend to release all patterns, entities, curses, hexes and spells that get in the way of a complete biological ascension in this lifetime.



We invite each reading this material to intend to transcend the pattern of the savior.  As each releases the ancestral savior based patterning, one can then create a working partnership with earth upon all planes of reality, conscious, subconscious and unconscious.  Earth is holding the gates to real ascension open for those that can master.  Earth provides healing temples that assist with the process of ascension.  In order to receive of earth’s temples, one must be in a working partnership with earth in the ascent.


Lilliya and have created many audio meditations for the purposes of learning to create a working relationship with earth for the purposes of one’s ascension and personal mastery.  These meditations were created by earth for this purpose.  Please avail yourself to these meditations for this purpose.  (See “Products” for more information.)


Until our next communication, 下一次交流再见
The Earth Mother地球母亲



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