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Blessings for Learning a New Song of Love and Empowerment

The Earth Mother “Terra” through Karen Danrich “Lilliya” March 5, 2009
地球母亲“Terra”通过Karen Danrich “Lilliya”传递,2009年3月5日

流火 译 2009-3-13


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

The Earth Mother consciousness known as Terra would like to share a little more about the new music that we and humanity are moving towards as a collective.  This music we call Ohana as it is filled with the sounds and words of love between the two as well as the many.  Ohana is a Hawaiian word for extended family founded upon love.  Hawaii was one of the last places to resound in ohana music, and perhaps this is why the Hawaiians had the loving lifestyle that they knew up until recent centuries and due to the intrusion of other races.  As other races moved to the islands, some of the ohana music in the land was lost.  However there were small pockets of the music remaining and this is what Terra has drawn upon to weave a new music for the new dream that humanity is moving into that shall spawn a new tomorrow and golden era ahead.


There have been many predictions of the new era.  Those making the predictions were looking at a future possible dream.  In order to live this dream, many changes must come forth in relation to earth and the human species.  Those focusing first hand upon such changes are the map carvers of ascension.  This is the role of Lilliya and and their school; they work closely with the Earth Mother consciousness to ascend, expand and modify their fields and forms along with inner music in manners that are conducive to the whole.  In recent years the Tao, a force from outside of time and form that has extended upon earth to aid in her recovery, has assessed the human map carvers.  What was perceived was a vast lack of love within the path of ascension.


The lack of love is due to a lack of love upon earth.  The love has been moved to other creations vying to life extend in a light and love only dance.  Fully conscious species are at cause of how much of the light and love was lost in recent cycles; and most of this occurred due to fission and combustion associated with false ascension.  False ascension is being put behind Terra (the earth mother's consciousness) at this time as the karma for fission has been released now.  It is fission that underlies all patterns of non-love that the map carvers have come to understand in the journey towards full consciousness.


Non-love is a difficult dance.  Non-love is filled with judgment, hatred, rejection, fear, lust, greed, non-truth, non-freedom, and all the scripts that humans live that are less than fulfilling in nature.  Human scripts are vastly discordant and lead to the traumatic karmic relationships that most have known or know now as a result.  Scripts determine the dreams that humans live.  Edit the scripts and the dreams can begin to fulfill upon a journey towards wholeness; and out of wholeness love can be restored into the human experience.



Wholeness is something that those studying with Lilliya and are focused upon at this time.  Wholeness precludes the shattering and bitterness associated with the current human scripts.  Wholeness is not a state that has ever been known here in this region of domain, including when Terra was inside the Great Central Sun.  All that has been known is non-wholeness and it is for this reason that everything falls in consciousness.  Much of this is due to patterns in the Tao of which earth and humanity are not at cause of.


Recent revelations in the Tao show how creators drew upon many variant pallets to weave their creations.  The pallets were not whole and complete in nature, and as a result and because everything is holographic, this region of domain fell into non-wholeness due to the use of such pallets in the Tao.  Now due to the intervention of the Tao, a return journey towards wholeness is to be orchestrated; and this is to become a part of the map of ascension such that ascending little ones are born whole and complete within.


It requires wholeness and completeness to sustain love within oneself.  Love is a vibration and it vaporizes through holes and gaps in any field.  If the energy flow is non-whole then love ceases to be available and the experience of non-love then occurs.  Perhaps creations like Sirius that strip love from many other creations like earth experience love because there is so much that it fails to vaporize through the holes and cracks in all fields.  Regardless of how this may be so, the scripts upon Sirius and within the human dream are no more “whole” than those upon earth.  Humans upon earth inherited their scripts from Sirius; and so one is playing out the same dreams as played out within Sirian creation, but without all the love and light harvested from other creations.  This then leads to the difficult scripts that humans know founded upon non-love.



In every creation there is polarity.  Even upon earth have been some regions that have sustained the love.  Generally such regions are under earth’s global heart chakra, which today exists over the Hawaiian Islands.  At another time earth’s heart chakra existed over the Lemurian continent until it sunk due to nuclear annihilation of Atlantis.  Both Hawaiians and Lemurians lived a script founded upon love as a result.  It is the blueprints from Hawaii and Lemuria now that earth derives a new blueprint for loving human civilization from.  This blueprint is being anchored into the new dream that Terra is casting for the human species.


The Heart of the Tao extended into earth a little over a year ago.  The Heart of the Tao is a part of that which exists outside of time and space and form, but that Terra is a part of, and has returned now to aid us in this time ahead of self healing.  Self healing requires love.  Without love it is impossible to release all the karma or all the attachments associated with the past.  It is love that allows for a complete ascension and a state of wholeness to emerge at any level of mastery.  If there is not enough love, then incomplete ascension is the result.  If there is enough love, then a complete ascension becomes possible; and this will create a level of wholeness previously unavailable upon earth.


This is what those map carving in Lilliya and Oa’s association are discovering this year; the love allows for completion of karma on all levels and the release of all attachment such that a more congruent and whole field can be constructed; through which one ceases to lose love.  As the field is whole enough and does not wobble; then love can be sustained; and as love is sustained the experience of fulfillment and joy becomes an internal state of being.  Out of such a state of being, a very different dream is then woven for the life journey; and one in which the experiences of fulfillment can naturally gravitate towards those mastering wholeness through ascension.


The Heart of the Tao is making so much love available that it appears as an endless and bottomless stream that one can draw upon.  This Terra is discovering and filling herself with for the first time ever in her recollection.  Recent karmic releases has allowed earth to release so much density that she is now 60% light and 40% density when just a short time ago, she was 20% light and 80% density.  The net result is going to be a quickening of time along with increased pace of global warming unlike anything scientists have witnessed before.  Although this may scare some, those ascending know that the rising temperatures only support one’s personal continued evolution; and so it all serves.



The love is also available to draw upon personally through the act of blessing.  Blessing is an act in which love rises from the aurora and from earth and descends from one’s oversoul and then catches upon one’s heart lotus.  The heart lotus then expands and love pours through one’s etheric body and field out towards the land, sea, other kingdoms or humans, and then the land, sea, other kingdoms or humans with open hearts bless in return in balanced giving and receiving.  As the love flows, the inner music sweetens, the dreams lighten, and harmony is restored within and amongst those exchanging the blessings.  The net result is that the sweetness of life is restored in the love that is amplified as many bless together.


In a recent Intensive Lilliya and fostered, the thought occurred to “love bless larger than they knew how”.  This triggered a response held deep within the hologram of each human and each kingdom.  The blessings amplified and rolled over earth like waves through the duration of the event.  A lotus above and beneath the group formed that sustained the love over the event.  The event was a magical experience of unending love that was sweet to experience and filled with magical moments of personal and collective healing.  The intent to “love bigger than one knows how” opens the heart and triggers a special part of the Tao to respond known as the Spark of the Tao.



What is the Spark of the Tao?  This is a part of the Tao designed to set in motion the expansion cycle and then as all parts contract, each creator returns to the spark.  The Spark of the Tao is the place that emanates unending life force for the return journey home.  It is the Spark of the Tao that tracks each expansion cycle and then calls the End of Time Bell to create a contraction cycle ahead.  Alas in this time period so many creators are lost and in non-communication with the Spark of the Tao that the End of Time Bell is falling upon deaf ears.  Some of the patterns and problems associated with the Spark of the Tao also occur here upon earth; and so Terra is providing many missing keys to the resolution of the Tao’s own problems at this time.  It is wonderful to feel as though one is contributing, from Terra’s point of view.  There is a deep love now flowing between the Spark of the Tao and Terra as a result.


The Spark is infusing life force upon Terra so that she has enough will to carry on and fulfill upon her ascension.  The life force then interacts with the love flowing from the Heart of the Tao to amplify light upon earth.  Light is photon energy and photon energy is required to transmute density as well as create the self healing of the fractured state of being that Terra resides within.  The photon energy mends the tattered and shattered parts of Terra’s field; and this then leads to resurrection and reconstruction of the cellular structure of all kingdoms into a crystalline state of being.  Mass ascension now can be launched as a result and shall lead to the evolution of the whole; and the purification of earth enough that she can enter the Great Central Sun dream ahead and in full.


The Spark of the Tao is also available unto each ascending human that has learned to bless in the love of the Tao.  Many who are ascending lose their will to ascend.  So this has been so for Lilliya and and Terra too.  Terra often fills Lilliya and with her will so that they carry on and especially through difficult moments of health issues that manifest in recent years.  It was the lack of love that led to the health issues; and this is resolving itself as enough love is applied from the Heart of the Tao.  The Spark of the Tao infuses Lilliya and and Terra like with more spark; and the spark translates into the will to carry on in the ascension ahead.  Each may intend to attune to the Healing Temples for Ascension in the aurora where one will also discover the Temple of the Love of the Tao and the Temple of the Spark of the Tao.  Each temple is designed to aid the ascension by opening the heart and restoring the spark to one’s existence.


Spark is an internal flame that has been vastly lost here.  The internal flame has so minimized over time that Terra has fallen and fallen into the density and matter of the third dimension.  Spark can be equated with life force but also the music of power and love united.  As we unite power and love, it creates spark or will to ascend and evolve out of our circumstance.  Therefore learning the algorithms of love and power united as we spoke to in our last article is helpful to restoring the spark to one’s existence.  The spark emanates from one’s hologram that one is related unto.  Most holograms have lost their will to exist and this is why humanity is falling towards extinction.  As more receive the blessings of the Spark of the Tao, more will to ascend shall be restored unto the holographic planes, and this will foster the ascensions of more incoming little ones.  We invite each to receive these blessings at this time; and intend it so in meditation or prior to falling asleep, and so it shall be.  (See “Uniting Power and Love” for more information.)



Lilliya and and their organization have been learning Ohana music and offering this up to those attending events in any calendar year, even those not associated in their studies.  Anyone can attend Masters Conclave if you choose, and this does not require joining SSOA any further.  Conclave is continuing this year to focus upon aiding those attending in learning ohana music.  As the music of ohana is embraced, one begins to catch a new script associated with the new dream that Terra is weaving for mankind.  The new scripts are for fulfillment of one’s dreams upon the physical plane.  Fulfillment is vastly lacking in most human lives; and those dedicated to the spiritual path often struggle to feel fulfilled regardless of script you have inherited.


Scripts themselves are non-fulfilling except for those on the very top of civilization, who have so much dream that they can create so much more that this may lead to a sense of greater fulfillment.  Those ascending have often had a lack of dream, and that lack often catches in the dance of life as lack of funds, or lack of a beloved, or lack of a satisfying job, or lack of a satisfying place to live, etc.  Most outside of the very top of civilization receive a script for partial fulfillment in the polarity between dreams.  The net result is some fulfillment but more non-fulfillment than fullness of dream.  The music of ohana begins to shift this so that those map carving can create more fulfillment than non-fulfillment in the dance of life.



As one opens to the love and blesses, more dream is created.  Why is this so?  Love causes dreams to expand.  As dreams expand, they have greater capacity to catch in the dance of life and as one intends them so.  The love also alters the dream to call towards oneself that which is loving; loving unto oneself and loving unto others too.  The net result is a large shift in the scripts that humans can catch amongst those who bless, and the scripts allow for the heightened capacity to experience feeling “alive and well” as well as loved from within in physicality.


Most dreams are so lacking in the human dance that there is little chi; the result is often those who walk around like zombies; or live a mechanical existence in the workplace or at home.  The zombie like energy is also associated with the media and video games which program humans to be docile; however the script is one of boredom and depression along with listlessness and lack of chi.  Then humans vie to create excitement in taking drugs or drinking too much; or using herbs or caffeine to stimulate the body.  Alas the over stimulation will just weaken the overall countenance of the hormonal system and this will lead to ascending into disease.  Therefore a proper diet is recommended for ascension with only those herbs ingested that support and sustain the health each transformation cycle ahead.  (See Oa's Kitchen for some useful ascending vegetarian recipes.)


The new scripts are difficult to catch amongst those who still wish to participate in the media; whether is be in the focus of books, magazines, television, movies or surfing the web.  All of these focuses will draw an old script to the dance of life that is filled with the same dramas, traumas, discord and non-fulfillment of the past.  Therefore Terra asks ascending humans to give the media up; to focus inward upon your path of ascension and karmic clearing with your ancestors; and to take your spare time out into nature.  Nature is holding the new scripts for humanity through the new astrology for ascension.  The Native American Ancestors wrote about the new scripts in an essay posted a year or so ago “The Twelve Paths of the Red Road Home”.  In this essay the scripts are outlined that ascending humans and the incoming little ones are to hold ahead.


For ascending parents, we ask that you take the media away from your children.  The media will only program your child with a mechanical dream and ultimately this will make them ill rather than allowing them to ascend into the next level of dream ahead.  The mechanical dream will cause the DNA that they ascended into in the womb to dissipate; and they will experience a fall in consciousness; and the fall will be into diseased or discordant DNA.  This may be why so many indigos are disturbed and then drugged at this time and are unable to focus; they have fallen and lost a portion of the DNA that they had brought in with them this lifetime.  In removing the media and then intending a recasting with the ancestors and earth, the DNA can be restored and will not be lost again; and the indigo’s can return to the purpose for which they entered the world; which was the ascend and carry on in the ascension helping to anchor the new dream ahead.


Many adults, even those reading this web site, have not given up the media.  Perhaps one thinks “Oh the media is not really so bad”.  “Oh, I cannot miss my favorite show, movie, book, magazine, etc.”  “Oh, I cannot help but shop the net or read so many web sites”.  For each book, show, movie, magazine, or web site visited, even those that are metaphysical in nature, one loses chi, loses information, loses DNA, and more importantly than all of this, one loses love.  How do you think those of high positions of wealth, power and fame have so much dream?  Those of fame or fortune have dream because each watching them upon the media gives of one’s love and all the love attracts a larger dream.  The lack of love of those who give of their love through the media then causes a listless and boring dream of life to manifest in which one feels unfulfilled and unhappy.


It will be very difficult for those choosing to open the heart and love and bless to retain the love if the media is still a major focus in one’s life.  Love will dissipate more rapidly than it can be anchored.  Journeys into nature in lieu of media focus will be different as nature will bless you in return.  The television, book, movie, magazine, and computer cannot bless in return.  So one’s blessings vaporize into those of fame and fortune, who only use the love to manifest more more more; more power, more dream, more money, and leaving the masses in deeper lack.  This is the mirror of the economic crisis; the economy is in crisis as more dream flows to the ones of great wealth leaving the remaining with less overall.


The journey away from the media fear over the economy is to cease watching the media; and then focus upon opening the heart and learning to bless.  Then bless one’s dream and one’s field and one’s etheric body and one’s body level dream.  As the love flows from within, it will fill one’s dreams with love, and as one’s dreams are filled with love, there will be enough manifest upon the physical plane, as this is what love does; it calls a dream that is loving to experience which will translate into enough; enough to pay the bills; enough to self heal of any affliction; enough to treat oneself to that which one desires; enough friends to enjoy one’s time with and in a nurturing manner, and enough dream to move someplace that brings the body joy and perhaps closer to nature.



The new music of ohana is a shift that the Tao is helping to orchestrate at this time to press the human dream towards love.  Ohana music is a song that sings in the hearts and fields of those who have mastered enough field rotation in the ascent unto about 2200 strands that allows for a script of love to begin to catch upon the life expression.  What is a script of love?  The script for love is a new book of life that is offered unto each who is ascending at this time  in history.  The book of life is a holographic blueprint that is anchored in the heart.  As the heart opens, and this begins at about 1800 strands, the book of life is triggered and a new script begins to take off in the life journey.  The book of life has been edited in recent years due to focus of the map carvers from a book of death.  The book of death has been erased and replaced with a book of life; and the book of life now holds the new scripts for ascending humans founded upon love.


Each can intend to anchor the new book of life and receive the blessings for a loving script ahead.  How do the script change within the book of life?  The scripts alter to be that which supports completion; completion with those dances that do not bring one joy and the anchoring of another dream that is more one’s own heart’s desire.  There is a need to create a fulfilling dream amongst those who are ascending as this has become such a cycle of discord and struggle.  The struggle does not serve really as it only causes the field to be filled with tones of creation that are dense, sticky and do not allow the field to spin freely.  Ascension requires a spinning up of ones’ field; and this occurs as there is more love and joy in the dance of life; and out of the love and joy one expands and in the expansion ascends.



There are many songs sung between humans that lead to depression, joylessness and sticky fields that are difficult to spin or ascend.  Most of such songs create a trading of thought-form that is not one’s inherent truth.  It is in hosting thought-form of others and truth of others that any field does not spin well.  Why is this?  The thought-form of others is non-complimentary unto one’s energy flow as it belongs to another inheritance.  The net result is a sticky field that can lead to disease in the ascension ahead instead of love, fulfillment and joy.  What is the nature of the old songs?  We would like to give you a few examples of this.  Also we refer you to a Dolphin Whale article from the past year “Singing New Music of Truth Peace and Joy.”


Most ascending humans are of Red Nation or Grand Master ancestry and this is why you are focused upon this path.  It is Red Nation and Grand Master nature to give of oneself; give ones’ love away; give give give.  The songs one sings internal to oneself are a reflection of one’s internal giving nature.  Giving so much is not useful to ascension as one then loses information and genetic records to construct a whole and complete ascension.  Therefore it was the Tao’s advise as of the past year or more of ascension to have the map carvers edit  the music that they sing with others.  The net result has been a cessation of giving so much away that they would create an incomplete ascension ahead otherwise.


Below are some examples of the types of music that are sung between Red Nation’s humans and those of other descents that are Anu, Pharaoh, Guru or High Priest in nature.  The Anu, Pharoah, Guru and High Priest each stripped those of Red Nation and Grand Master nature to extend their lives upon the physical plane as well as to rise into power, fame and fortune.  There are many of this ancestry today and some will hold positions of great power, fame and fortune.  However lineages have so shattered in the many falls in this last cycle and since the nuclear annihilation in Atlantis, that there are those of this nature in any group of 100.  Generally those rising to power in the group of 100 will hold lineage of this nature in any group.  So each church, each school, each company, and every town will have those of this nature in power; therefore every human has crossed the paths of those that tend to strip dream, chi, love and information to retain the power over others.


Inner songs occur as Duets that resound back and forth between two or more fields.  There is also a music that plays in any group as well.  Generally the conductor of the music is the one in power.  If the one in power is Anu, it will be a song related to Anu power that is sung back and forth with each.  If the one in power is Guru, Pharaoh or High Priest, then the songs are slightly different but have the same effect of losing consciousness and information.  As one chooses to consciously edit the music in a new manner below, then the dance of exchanging so many parts of selves with others can come to closure.



The Anu Sings:  I am the one in power
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you are the one in power

The Anu Sings:  I receive all the dream for myself
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you can have my dream

The Anu Sings:  I receive all the information I need to be in power
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you receive all my information and power

The Anu Sings:  I am one truth and receive all the information on truth
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you receive all my information on truth

The Anu Sings:  I receive all the life force to regenerate
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you receive my life force to regenerate

The Anu Sings:  I give you my dark and sour dreams
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I take on your dark and sour dreams

The Anu Sings:  I give you my non-congruent information
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I take on the information that is non-congruent

The Anu Sings:  I give you my disease
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I take on your disease patterns

The Anu Sings:  I give you my karma
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I take on your karma and transform it for you

The Anu Sings:  I give you my aging
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I regenerate you

One can notice in this exchange that one is trading light for dark.  It is for this reason that so many of red nation inheritance sit in such dark dreams of lack, loss and disease.  Each era in which red nation peoples were invaded by white nations people of Anu descent, disease flourished often wiping tribes out by the millions.  So this occurred for the Native Americans this last cycle and upon the North American continent along with the Hawaiians.  Each fell into vast disease due to this type of music that only began to be played as those of Anu descent arrived to dance with.  However the original songs began long ago and when the Family Anu were alive who deposited all their unwanted dreams of disease and death or other darkness upon the Red Nation’s Peoples, and en mass.


Those who are ascending today will find that they sing this type of song with certain Anu relations in your life circle.  It may be useful to analyze whom one plays this song with, as it will not be with everyone; only those of Anu descent.  However in the observation, one will begin to map the archetypes of others around oneself so that one can begin to more consciously direct one’s karmic completion upon the physical plane.  Earth has compiled two workbooks to assist with understanding the human archetypes along with the history and karma associated; and in assessing the music that one shares with others, one will better understand the dance of archetypes currently underway in all ascending lives.  (See Complete Ascension Workbook I and Workbook II for more information.)


There is another song one can embrace with those of Anu inheritance.  This song will not allow for the exchanges one makes in the unconscious between energy fields.  The map carvers did notice that as they reprogrammed their inner music in each exchange with anyone of Anu ancestry, all the programming and other thought-form that required clearing also surfaced.  Choosing to edit music therefore may be an easier manner of ascending out of one’s fear based thought form as a result.



The Anu Sings:  I am the one in power
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you are not in power over me as I empower myself as an ascending human

The Anu Sings:  I receive all the2009-12-19/> The Red Nation Person sings:  No you do not receive my dream as I require my dream to ascend

The Anu Sings:  I receive all the information I need to be in power
The Red Nation Person sings:  No I require my information and power to ascend

The Anu Sings:  I am one truth and receive all the information on truth
The Red Nation Person sings:  No I need my truth to become my ascending truth

The Anu Sings:  I receive all the life force to regenerate
The Red Nation Person sings:  No I require my life force to regenerate myself in my ascension

The Anu Sings:  I give you my sour dreams
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you can keep your sour dreams as I dream weave my own dreams for ascension

The Anu Sings:  I give you my non-congruent information
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you can keep your non-congruent information as I research my information through my ancestors

The Anu Sings:  I give you my disease
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you can keep your disease patterns and I will release my own disease patterns through forgiveness

The Anu Sings:  I give you my karma
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you can keep your karma and I will release my own karma through forgiveness

The Anu Sings:  I give you my aging
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you can keep your aging as I regenerate myself through embodying crystalline DNA

There may be many patterns that surface as one goes to reprogram one’s music in each exchange with any Anu relation in one’s life.  However as the patterns surface, one will have an opportunity to release mechanical and shame based thought-form and integrate the Language of Light more fully.  It is the language of light that allows for the new music to take hold in any field.  Those mastering 2200 can begin by integrating the first 10 notes which is enough to allow the new music to take hold.  (See Language of Light for more information.)


The music is so similar between Gurus and Pharaoh lineages that the duets sung between Red Nation or Grand Master ancestry are almost the same.  In recent explorations of karma, those within SSOA have been also exploring High Priest karma.  The High Priests visited the Grand Masters from Sirius and stripped their knowledge leading to their deaths and falls in consciousness amongst the descendents thereafter.  The High Priests left two children born unto Grand Master females who were seduced.  The relations in present time will carry High Priest lineage and tend to rise to power and sing the same song as those of Guru or Pharaoh nature.  Each can choose to examine your life in relation to those who you sing this song with; and understand that they most likely have Pharaoh or Guru or High Priest ancestry.



The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am the leader of the group
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you are the leader

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am in power over the whole
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I give you my power so that you can be in power over the whole

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I the keeper of the truth
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I give you my truth

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am the keeper of the information
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I give you my information

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I know it all
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you have more knowledge than anyone else

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I give you my karma as I am beyond karma
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I take on your karma

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I extend my life as only I am worthy of life
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I regenerate you

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I give you my disease as I am beyond such patterns
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I take on your disease

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I give you my death as I shall live forever
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes I take on your death

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am larger than the group
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you are bigger than life

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I use your field as I wish
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you can use my field

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am larger than earth
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you are larger than earth

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I use earth’s field as I wish
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you direct earth’s field

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am God
The Red Nation Person sings:  Yes you are God

Many of Guru and Pharaoh or High Priest nature that have risen into power have controlled earth’s energy field for a very long time.  This is now coming to conclusion as Terra is no longer allowing those of great fame of this nature to construct global energy patterns that control her elements, weather, or tectonic plate movements along with temperature.  Earth has completed with her karma with those of this nature as of last year, and this was one of the focuses of the map carvers within SSOA.  Giving closure to the power of those of global Guru or Pharaoh or High Priest nature was imperative as the interference of dark forces through such humans was preventing further ascension; and has shattered Terra in recent years so greatly that she had begun to cool rather than heat up.  This has shifted now due to the love of the Tao; and Terra’s temperature will begin to be perceived as rising again by human scientists ahead.


Some reading this information may have studied with or attended courses with or read books by the big Gurus and Pharaohs or High Priests in power at this time.  If so you may discover that you sing this inner song each time you focus upon them or read their information or attend classes associated; or even sing the inner song with others who are devoted to such humans in this lifetime.  There are however those who rise into power in each circle that will also be of Guru, High Priest or Pharaoh ancestry as such is the nature of groups in present time human circles.  So one may also discover that one sings this inner song with the leader of small to medium sized groups; and those that rose into their power have done so due to how everyone sings the same song with them giving of their dream, knowledge and truth.


There is another song one can begin to sing in association with those of Pharaoh or Guru or High Priest nature.  The new song will allow one to retain one’s own power information and truth and stand as the god goddess in form that each ascending human really is within.  The map carvers of SSOA and in particular those mastering Bodhisattva level discovered that they could complete with the karma with those of this nature as they edited the songs sung with each in their association over time.  As such ascension need not be a continued merry-go-round of losing and then retrieving information, chi, power, moving energy systems, DNA or truth.



The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am the leader of the group
The Red Nation Person sings:  No each ascending human is a leader in the dance of equality in the new dream

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am in power over the whole
The Red Nation Person sings:  No I retain my power for my ascension and no one is in power over the whole

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I the keeper of the truth
The Red Nation Person sings:  No I have my own truth as an ascending human

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am the keeper of the information
The Red Nation Person sings:  No I have my own information as an ascending human and it comes from my ancestors

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I know it all
The Red Nation Person sings:  No each knows what they know due to one’s level of mastery in ascension

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I give you my karma as I am beyond karma
The Red Nation Person sings:  No each processes their own karma and must forgive it through ascension

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I extend my life as only I am worthy of life
The Red Nation Person sings:  No each regenerates themselves in ascending into crystalline biology

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I give you my disease
The Red Nation Person sings:  No each releases their disease patterns through forgiveness in ascension

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I give you my death as I shall live forever
The Red Nation Person sings:  No each releases their death karma through forgiveness in ascension

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am larger than the group
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you and I are only as large as we have mastered in our ascensions

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I use your field as I wish
The Red Nation Person sings:  No I manage my own field and boundaries and no one uses my field

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am larger than earth
The Red Nation Person sings:  No you are not larger than earth

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I use earth’s field as I wish
The Red Nation Person sings:  No earth directs her own field

The Pharaoh or Guru Sings:  I am God
The Red Nation Person sings:  No each is god goddess in form including humanity, dolphins and whales and nature along with earth herself


The new songs allow each ascending human to learn to empower themselves from the point of view of the Tao.  Empowering oneself is the first step towards become the creator within.  Most of the problems ascending humans have experienced are the result of not recalling that you are the creator, and as such you can choose the dreams that you live in each experience with another or a group of others.  It is the music that calls any dream into the dance of life.  As the music is edited, then the dreams alter accordingly.  All creators in the Tao work with music and language in order to manage their creations.  The human creation is no different, and so in learning to manage your inner music and language, you also will master your dream and life too.  Then the dreams intended will not flow to another, and the information required to ascend will remain long enough within one’s field to assure a complete ascension ahead.


We invite each reading this information to explore the music and language that you sing within.  Music within is an audible melody and song in each circumstance if one is gifted at listening within.  Some will learn that they play the company jingle when at work.  There are also group songs that we will explore a little more greatly in another essay ahead.  Each song can be edited to support and sustain ascension, and allow ascending humans to remember that they are the creator of their reality and dream.  This is the purpose of this particular essay from the Tao’s point of view.



Terra strives to share the key highlights of each year of ascension of the Map Carvers within SSOA upon this web site.  We do so for each human that is ascending but not necessarily in our association.  There is only a limited number that Lilliya and can work with and each in the school is of a particular ancestry that requires special focus to create the map.  If you feel this is your role, we invite you to the dance.  The school is also expanding with other teachers who are managing some of the healing offered in each cycle so that a larger organization is forming.  (See Group Mastery Program for more information.)


Even if you do not desire to join the group, we invite you to consider joining us at Masters Conclave this year.  The purpose of this is to learn a new group song related to ohana.  Ohana music restores love and communion between body, soul and earth and other humans along with each nature kingdom.  The joy in resounding ohana music cannot be underestimated.  This is also the direction that the new dream shall carry humanity.  However long before this can come to be so, those ascending and map carving must master the ohana music within; and then inflate it into global energy movements for all others to begin to attune unto.  This is the goal of our Masters Conclave events ahead this year.  (See Upcoming Events for more information.)


For those who have worked with us in the past and still continue to read our information, we bless you in the love of the Tao and thank you for your contribution.  If you feel you would like to contribute again, write Lilliya and and Earth and we will see what is required in order for this to be fulfilled upon.  There is much more understood now than at earlier times in the dance of SSOA.


Until our next communication 下次交流再见,
Namaste 合十致敬

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