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Blessings for Entering the New Dream

The Earth Mother “Terra” through Karen Danrich “Lilliya” October 11, 2008
地球母亲“Terra”通过Karen Danrich “Lilliya”传递,2008年10月11日

流火 译 2008-12-12

Dear Beloved upon the Ascension Path,

This article begins a new series of essays to be offered from the consciousness of Terra unto those who are ascending at this time in history with a focus of what it means to become the creator of one's own dream.  Terra is the consciousness of the body of earth much as you have a consciousness as a human that directs your life and ascension.  Terra is learning to direct her own existence as a creator just as many of you who are ascending are beginning to choose to intend and create your own dreams.  Becoming the creator is not easy as so much information has been lost over time that the nonphysical forces own and manipulate dreams in lieu of the global consciousness commanding its own dream.


A time is now underway in which we, Terra, can manage all dreams upon our global body, and are choosing to move all dreams towards unity, peace, love, honor and integrity between all kingdoms.  Earth is a consensus reality that is made up of all consciousness upon her.  We speak as a group as Terra is composed of many consciousnesses from all over the globe along with the inner earth that are working together towards the common goal of entry into the New Dream ahead.


The human dream upon the surface of the earth is the most distorted by extreme polarity of all other dreams.  The inner earth peoples have a very middle path dream that is better suited to returning into the Great Central Sun; although in recent times they have discovered as have we that they have failed to release the karma associated with outer earth polarity; and as a result are contributing to its cause in failing to forgive all that has occurred upon all of earth over time.  The inner earth people live in a bubble of more joyful relations and do not attune to or even acknowledge the outer earth human circumstance.  It is easy for the human species to become self centered and fail to acknowledge all the karma at hand to be forgiven in the choice to ascend.  This is changing at this time as the outer earth karma is now creating unconscious patterns of harm within the inner earth, and this then allows the n karma to come to the surface so that it may be forgiven by all ascending humans and not just those upon the surface of the earth.



The surface earth humans are experiencing in this moment a world mirror of economic crisis.  Why is this occurring at this time?  Partially this crisis is so due to human pyramidal dreams that over inflated over the past 25 years by taking dream from Terra’s global body that was meant for the ascension of the land.  As the human dreams inflated excessively, more and more of the global physical plane has been destroyed to create more and more goods that fuel a rising economy that has little or no bearing upon collective ascension.  Seven years ago Terra perceived what was occurring and rectified the circumstance by withdrawing the dreams that were meant for the physical kingdoms to ascend; and a restitution of sorts is now occurring as a result.  The largest pyramidal energetic formations that have lost the most dream are related to the monetary system known as banks along with stocks, commodities and real estate.  These dreams have expanded and expanded in value at Terra's expense; and now are shrinking and shall continue to shrink due to the movement of land based dreams back to where they belong.


The human economy will stabilize but at a lower level than before.  Humans  are also healing a collective pattern that occurred in the era of the Anu and within your more ancient history.  The Anu controlled the slave nations dream and economy.  Periodically they would shatter the slave dream and strip it for their own life extension, causing an economic collapse into a great depression.  This occurred six times over 12,000 years in the Anu era.  Indeed in our examination of the depression of the 1930s, this pattern recurred with those at the very top of all monetary pyramids and the wealthiest of your civilization shattering the economic dream leading to great struggle for most.  War was then used to press humanity out of its economic troubles and this too is an Anu dream; as it was the ongoing warfare between Merduk and Innana that would fuel the slave economy into a recovery following the last cycle of shattering.


At this time a similar pattern has occurred and the economic dream has been deeply shattered.  Terra is choosing to intervene and repair this dream as a huge economic disaster does not serve the lives of the incoming ascending human children who would then struggle to receive enough food or have a lifestyle that serves their well being.  Humanity also will not arise into war again to recover ahead, as the karma for warfare and more recently fission has been released and therefore the future dreams ahead are of those of peace only.  The economy therefore will move in a different and new direction due to the new dream we are weaving for humanity.



It is our assessment that the extremes of wealth and poverty have moved to an all time high again this cycle and not unlike prior to 1930.  The extremes in the human dream causes imbalance in energy flow that limit Terra's capacity to ascend as a global vessel.  The imbalances have to be rectified with the extremes in either direction brought more to the middle; with the wealthiest losing much of their gain and the poorest rising out of their impoverishment in counterbalance.  Already global economists are predicting a rise in economy in third world countries such as China while in the west a recession lies ahead.


There is no manner of balancing the scales other than this shift beloved, however we shall modulate the dream in a manner that those who are ascending continue to be provided for, and this will also cause most others to continue to be provided for as well.  Therefore this is the best possible dream for the human species at this time.  We are casting a new dream for all Western based nations including Australia.  There is also a new dream that shall be woven for the East along with South America and Africa.  The dreams will allow for greater balance of resources and the birth of a new era where spiritual focus becomes the main focus of mankind.



Many of those choosing to consciously ascend find themselves limited in abundance or their capacity to manifest.  Why is this so?  Well it is simple really.  Each must balance the dreams within one’s own field.  There is a body level dream from which the template for the ascending DNA is cast and a life dream for one’s self expression upon the physical plane.  Both dreams must be recast recurrently and also remain in balance with one another.  This is the purpose of the healing temples for ascension.  There are many temples and we have spoken to them in earlier articles.  The temples have been relocated in recent months unto the solar aurora rather than Terra's aurora; and this is allowing for less distortion.  So when you attune to the temples please send your dream time self to the solar aurora from this point forward.  (See Tips for Sustaining One's Mastery for more information on the Healing Temples for Ascension.)


The body level dream must be full and thoroughly cast as otherwise one would ascend into disease.  So generally speaking a little more dream goes into casting the body level dream than the life dream.  If the life dream becomes excessive then it depletes the body level dream and this then could lead to disease in the continued ascent.  So the life dream remains at a level that supports one’s physical existence, no more or no less.  This can limit the life dream into less abundance; however generally speaking the ancestors and nature kingdoms will add a little dream as necessary if called upon in times of struggle so that there is just enough upon the physical plane.


For a very long time now Lilliya and have had no savings; all donations came in and are expended by the end of each quarter for their living requirements.  If there were savings, it is only because of anticipated need, such as car repair in any given cycle.  Lilliya and have long learned to live in extreme balance, as anything less would have depleted their body level dream enough otherwise that they would probably have died rather than transcended their difficult moments of disease in ascension.  It is for this reason that those walking this path of ascension will never have a lot, but will always have enough; and it needs to be this way or otherwise one will end up diseased ahead.


There are some due to life karma that may have more due to inheritance, real estate values, divorce or other circumstance.  Those that have more are settling karma in the exchange and this therefore does not take away from the body level dream or life expression dream in ascension.  Some may even discover that one has karma for inheritance or some other resource and can intend to collect upon it and allow the dance of life to better support one’s ascension along with the ascent of others.


There are some within SSOA with a little more that are guided to offer donations to those who struggle to manifest enough and this then settles karma and helps to anchor the paradigm of sharing amongst ascending humans as global thought-form.  This is necessary as the current cycle has moved into such extreme individualism that few share with others, and this is reflected in the rising homeless populations in the west.  The east is a little different as family is an important attribute of dream and so families are more likely to look after one another within the eastern system.  In the west, extreme individualism has been polarized in counterbalance, and this then leads to isolationism and the breakdown of family that you are experiencing at this time.



What is isolationism?  Isolationism is a part of the human dream that states that everyone should have their own home (or multiple homes), their own car, their own life and family and without sharing or relying upon anyone else.  Since the depression of the 30s, humans have moved increasingly into separation and isolation from one another; during the depression in counterbalance people pulled together to survive.  Lilliya’s father lived with his parents and other siblings and their spouses under a single roof in this time period.  He worked at a grocery store and brought home the food that might have been thrown away otherwise and helped to provide for the whole.  The depression caused folk to pull together and survive in this manner; and this is a greater dream of unity from Terra’s point of view than the isolation movement that humans have moved towards ever since.


In isolation, each family is on their own.  Parents each work and so they struggle to have time for the children.  The children are sent to daycare or preschool at an early age and receive little attention at home.  At home often the television is the baby sitter, further programming little bodies with greed based thought-form and self centered non spiritual focuses.  The children receive little guidance from parents who are too busy vying to pay the mortgage to have the time to really be and commune with their little ones.  From Terra’s point of view, this does not at all serve the ascending children entering the world ahead.


The dreams of the North American continent and Europe as well once held a very tribal type of dream that was more unity based.  Tribes pulled together in all manners to co-create enough to survive.  This dream is to be restored in the west and is one drawn from a Lemurian tribal blueprint in which people pulled together and worked together towards a common goal in more ancient times.  This will bring an end to the isolation movement that has prevailed this cycle.  So what might this look like?  It will give birth to unity and community within the human dance in the west.



Perhaps two families or more will pull together and share one home in the dreams of the west ahead.  Now there will be four adults, two of which may still work full time, and the other two can attend to the children and also contribute in other ways.  Perhaps now there is time to plant a large garden and grow food year round obtaining a greenhouse.  The children could learn about gardening as well.  Perhaps now there is time to sew one’s own clothes or many other projects that are useful and also helpful unto children to learn.  Such projects may also create income at local art or craft fares or farmers markets.  The projects are a far better focus for the children and adults alike than sitting in front of the TV and receiving all the greed based programming associated.  This is the type of dream that Terra perceives as far more useful for family life within the west; and so it is to be the new dream for tomorrow.


Some may pull together within one’s own family and live under one roof allowing grandparents to help with the children.  This too is a part of the tribal dream we are anchoring.  However those focused upon ascension do not always get along well with certain family members, as perhaps they are of Anu descent and one is of red nation or grand master descent; and the patterns together obstruct ascension rather than support it.  This is less useful therefore for those focused upon the path than perhaps pulling together with friends that you resonate with to co-create a mini home based community.


Larger communities will also be born ahead as many may pull together to farm larger pieces of land or create a homestead together.  Terra has been looking at the patterns that obstruct harmonious community building and unfortunately the numbers of programs are vast.  The disharmonious patterns will tend to go off causing community to crumble and have many comings and goings.  Indeed those in our association that have lived in community are well aware of the pitfalls as well as gifts of such an experience; it is all the karma acting out just as if the Anu were still present that is the largest pitfall in community building at this time.  Those of Anu inheritance like to dominate and control everything as well as spin pyramidal dreams; and the pyramidal dreams put one on top and all others on the bottom; and this does not co-create unity in the dance of community.


Terra has compiled two workbooks to essentially address the issues that occur in community building and that are troublesome.  The first workbook has to do with creating a complete biological map along with basic focuses for managing the energy flow and dream in the path of ascension.   Group dynamics that communities go into are discussed in chapter 4. The second workbook focuses upon the emotional patterns at cause of why humans do not get along well in community.  It is perceived by Terra that those desiring to co-create community would greatly benefit from working with these materials in one’s own life; and sharing them with others who one would choose to live with.  In so doing, each could release those patterns at cause of disharmony within the experience of community leading to a group that pulls together rather than falls apart due to dissonant patterns within.  (See “Products” for more information.)



Many prefer to live alone thinking that this is better or easier.  Indeed in living alone one can do what one wants when one wants to and without consideration to others.  This is very much a pyramidal dream in which each individual is isolated in a triangular geometrical pattern separated off from one another.  The pyramidal dreams so dominate in most cities and suburbs that it has lead to each family living in separate houses, including extended families.  Families also spend little time together with each going off to separate jobs, school or friends and this too is a part of what triangular flow causes between humans.


Pyramidal dreams also lead to vast non-consideration of fellow humans in the dance of life.  Indeed Lilliya heard in the local Hawaiian news that the neighborhoods in Honolulu that had vacant buildings did not wish to open them unto homeless populations; that such communities would actually rather see the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks rather than have a place to be.  This is isolationism to an extreme in which no one offers a hand to help those in need.  This is sad indeed, and the Hawaiian Ancestors are looking into why this is so upon their own land, as Hawaii is the land of Aloha and resides under Terra’s heart charka; and this is not the natural flow of dream in this region.  Somehow due to all the real est2010-02-02ism, the dreams have formulated upon their land in the pyramidal flow of isolationism, and the end result is a great lack of care about others who have fallen into such great loss of dream that they are homeless.


Homelessness is about having so 2010-02-02e expression other than begging and wandering the streets.  As humans who are homeless begin to ascend, they will expand the field and then begin to catch larger and larger dreams; and then out of such a newfound state of being will work their way out of their homelessness.  We have had students who have been homeless in SSOA and have worked their way into other circumstances through ascension and the capacity to catch a larger dream.  Learn to manage one's dream and you will never be homeless beloved.



The isolationist movement has caused many humans to own many properties allowing for the experience of extreme wealth.  The more properties one owns, the fewer dreams for housing for the whole remains available.  If the landlords choose to rent the home to others, then the housing dream is restored unto the whole for its purpose.  If the landlord chooses to rent the home part of the year such as a vacation rental, then only a part of a dream for a home remains available; and to those who already have a home to live within.  The net result is that some humans will end up without a home at all as a result of vacation rentals.  Many wealthy have many homes that are rarely used; for each home that fails to be rented, then a dream for a home goes missing for another human or family.


Lilliya is always surprised at the many homes nearby where she lives upon Kauai are rarely used in any calendar year.  Kauai became a place that many of extreme wealth invested in real estate beginning in 2000 and many of such a nature do not rent their homes and rarely visit as well.  For each home that fails to be rented or is only partially rented, there is one family that then has no dream for a home leading to homelessness.  This too is a pyramidal dream as within this system, there is only so much dream contained in the triangular flow; outside of the flow there is no dream; and homelessness is a vast lack of dream that comes from sitting outside of the pyramidal flow that contains everyone else.


The greater the wealth of a large group of humans who buy more and more property, the greater the homelessness as a result. However in the collapse of the pyramidal system, those who have had a place in the dream may fall out finding themselves homeless in the economic times ahead as well.  This is due to polarity reversals that are occurring in our continued global ascent.  Lilliya recently read an article on the BBC news about the new class of homeless in Santa Barbara California.  Such humans sleep in their cars or campers and have fallen out of the dream enough that they too have become homeless when they each held a rather comfortable lifestyle before.

一群购买了越来越多房产的人群财富越多,那么无家可归者也就将因而越多。然而,在金字塔系统的塌缩之中,那些在这个梦想中有一席之地的人们会跌落出来,发现自己在前方的经济时代无家可归。这是出于我们全球持续提升中所正发生的极性逆转的缘故。Lilliya最近在BBC上阅读到一篇有关在加州圣芭芭拉市(Santa Barbara California)出现的无家可归新阶层的新闻。这些人们睡在自己的汽车或帐篷里并已足够跌出了这个(金字塔)梦想,以至于他们也变得无家可归,而在此前他们每个人都拥有一种相当舒适的生活方式。

Often those witnessing homelessness in others are looking at their own circumstance upon a parallel plane of reality.  If the parallel plane inverts becoming the physical dream, then one may find oneself homeless just as those that one witnesses in such a tough circumstance in present time.  The path to offsetting such an outcome is to forgive one’s ancestral karma for lack of dream or for having so much dream that your ancestry caused homelessness for others, and enter a figure 8 dream by learning the movements in lieu of spinning a pyramidal dream ahead.



There is another dream that has prevailed over time other than pyramidal flow and continues to do so within the human experience.  Mostly this dream will be found in the countryside or open space and hosts a figure 8 movement.  In the figure 8 dream, dreams intersect becoming a flower.  Each flower intersects with each other flower.  In the flower dream, each has a petal to reside within and no one is left out.  In the flower dream, no one is much larger than any other, as each has a petal of their own, and petals cannot inflate excessively or diminish excessively causing each to have enough dream to subsist upon the physical plane.


Lilliya and moved to the Big Island for many years to experience this flower type of dream and to understand how it works.  Indeed businesses continued to flourish year after year, never earning too much, never too little; and many business owners would express this to Lilliya and if they inquired. “Oh, we have been here for 30 years, and we always do all right, never too great, and never too little”.  Such is the nature of the flower petal dream that remains in certain regions from the red nations peoples that lived upon the land and within such a dream long ago.

Lilliya曾搬到大岛(Big Island,夏威夷群岛中的一个)上很多年,来体验这种花朵类型的梦想并来理解它是怎样工作的。果然(这里的)商贸业一年又一年持续繁荣,既不会挣到过多,也从不会挣得过少。如果Lilliya问起的话,有很多商贸业主会告诉他们:“哦,我们在这里已经有30年了,我们总是一切都还好,从不会过多,也从不会过少。”这就是在某些特定地区一直保留的花瓣梦想的性质,它们来自于很久之前生活在这些土地上这样一个梦想中的红族人。

At this time Terra is calling forward the flower based dream to replace the pyramidal dreams that humanity currently lives within.  All things already exist in the flower dreams playing out in more rural regions global wide.  There are banks and credit unions and grocery stores and farms, schools, gardens, homes, and a variety of jobs to sustain those living in such regions.  Therefore there is no reason that life as humans know it in the west cannot carry on within a new magnetic energy flow that is a figure 8 based dream.  Some have called this pattern flower of life and indeed this is also related.  The flower of life gives birth to dreams that are more unity based as humans will begin to flow together rather than remain apart in the separatism of pyramidal flow.


As the flower of life dreams take off as the dominant human dream, everything will restructure itself ahead.  The restructuring will create greater equality amongst all humans causing the movement out of isolationism and towards community.  This is coming but takes time and may take upwards of 25 to 50 years to orchestrate in full.  The pyramidal dreams are to be diminished and then diminished again and then diminished again until they cease to flow in this type of formation.  As this occurs, the extremes of all dreams held due to the nature of pyramidal geometry will fade, and a new era ahead will emerge of greater sharing, caring, unity, harmony, and peace.


In the figure 8 dreams ahead, everything will restructure itself for greater balance.  Banks will restructure themselves to be more regional in nature serving the community as in the form of a credit union.  The credit union will house the savings of the community and make wiser lending choices to those that apply for loans.  Housing will decline in value to reasonable cost that families living together can readily afford.  Food values will increase as they have been devalued too greatly over time and must come to balance in the other direction.  Any part of the dream that was also too small must rise to come to balance in the new flow ahead.  Homelessness will fade as each will have enough dream and a place within the flower of life geometry.


The higher costs of food will cause families to choose to create gardens of their own.  This is important unto Terra, as it is often in working with the land that one then feels the Earth Mother and nature’s love as well.  Ascending children will find great solace in connecting to nature and earth and this may well easily occur through the family garden.  It is for this reason that Terra is weaving this into the new dream for the west ahead.


Children also need one another and as families choose to live with one another there will be more little ones and this will allow for play time together as well as learning from one another.  Children today in the west are terribly lonely; do not often know how to relate to others due to living so separately; and in their hearts long for friendship and co-creative projects that bring each joy to experience.  The television is no replacement for real friendship in Terra’s estimation; for in the friendship is the real love that then sustains the ascending biology.


In the times that Lilliya and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, the neighborhood provided the friends that they each played with.  There was not the fear about violence or other problems of today; and the kids would gather together to ride their bikes, swim or roller skate down the sidewalk.  Lilliya recalls how her group of young friends loved to play in a playhouse in the backyard; and also produce little ballets that they would perform in front of all their parents out of joy.  These sorts of experiences are some of the fonder memories that Lilliya has of her childhood.  Having many children in a single space will create similar co-creative endeavors that will bring all joy, including the parents who will vicariously relive their own childhood through their own children.  This can allow for a healing of isolated experiences through time in which one felt rejected or not embraced by the group.



The new dream will cause a resurgence of the need to take care of earth, recycle and clean up toxic messes humanity has caused.  The figure 8 dream has always held a certain level of sustainability built into its own flow.  The flow itself requires all petals in order for the dream to remain in tact.  As a result, the petals of any flower of life dream also contain the dreams for the natural world as they are a part of the dream of the whole.  This is not so with pyramidal dreams; pyramidal dreams sit separate from the natural world as they are drawn from a geometrical pattern that came from another creation that does not resonate with Terra.  As a result, the pyramidal flow dream has the effect of separating humans from nature; and it is only in a separated off state that one could possibly harm the natural world as humanity has.


In the unity of a figure 8 flower dream, there are petals that include nature.  Nature is therefore a part of one’s ohana or family and not something outside of oneself.  One would not harm the ohana and so would also not harm nature as this would be equivalent to harming one’s own children.  Indeed the Hawaiians lived for a long time with such a dream.  Although they hunted wild pig they also worshipped pig as a god allowing pig to have its special place within their dream.


The natural world will assert its needs in the sharing of the flower dream with humanity.  Over time the pyramidal dreams have so dominated that nature has literally had little say in most of the dreams spun in the west.  Nature has subordinated unto the human dream as such, and has been used, violated, polluted, harmed and ultimately destroyed.  If humans resided in the flower dream, they would feel the destruction of land based harm as the experience would exist within their own dream; in separating off through pyramidal dreams, humans can make the land sick and tired and ill and not feel the consequences within their own bodies.


Alas humans are also sick and tired in their own bodies and partially from all the toxic substances in the land and waterways from which one drinks, and in particular for those living in the density of your cities and suburbs.  When Lilliya lived in Hercules California, the water was so highly toxic that she spent years soaking in mineral springs and having mud bathes in Calistoga to detoxify enough to ascend.  Removing oneself from toxic environments is very important for ascending humans as there is a far greater chance of becoming ill in the journey ahead otherwise.  For others who are less aware, the rising death tolls due to failing body systems ahead will draw the attention to the requirement for humans to clean up their toxic messes.  This too is a part of the dream Terra perceives ahead.



Although there may be many businesses collapsing ahead in the financial turmoil of the diminishing pyramidal dream, there will also be businesses that will take off in the figure 8 dream in counterbalance.  The new businesses will have a different focus of personal and planetary healing, recycling, creating resonant substances to fuel human technology, organic farming and a return to nurturing the soil rather than treating it with chemicals.  Humans will learn to live alongside nature in the flower dream and nature will assert its needs into the dream causing a refocusing of human endeavors into serving the greater whole.  Already read about a new form of jet fuel created from algae as developed by a team in the Netherlands; and this is one example of a rising figure 8 dream that will prosper ahead.  There are also many other dreams to be caught and those innovative enough can ride a wave of prosperity in the figure 8 dreams2010-02-02 creating non-toxic substances or technology to sustain human life in the current experience.


Businesses ahead will be very different and function more like an extended family in the flower dream.  Within the figure 8 dream, there is no one on top or bottom; each contributes unto the whole and receives equal in exchange.  There will be also more equal distribution of wealth amongst employees bringing an end to the extremely highly paid CEO and all the workers that are paid so little in contrast that it really is a slave dream that one lives in such a circumstance.  As such, those businesses rising ahead and prospering within the flower dream will be in greater balance; and this is necessary to entry into the new dream of the Great Central Sun.  Therefore such businesses will also transition into the new dream along with Terra.


The Great Central Sun’s dream is powerful and as it is entered, new magnetism presses upon formations that do not resonate.  For the pyramidal flow, this is a flow that does not resonate.  By 2016 to 2018, Terra’s field will move fully into the new dream.  Pyramids will invert and cease to spin in such a point in time.  If one relies upon the pyramidal dream for one’s life expression, then one will have no life thereafter and will starve or wind up homeless.  If one relies upon the pyramidal dream for one’s body, then one will also have no dream after this point and cease to exist.  It is for this reason that we anticipate the greatest level of cleansing of the human species following this time period.


However leading up to this time, there is ever increasing movements of magnetism that are being anchored in preparation for entry.  These movements shall continue to diminish the pyramidal dream until it ceases to spin altogether.  We are modulating the dream to not allow for an entire collapse into chaos and rather are diverging energies into the magnetic figure 8 dream to equal proportions to that which is diminishing within the pyramidal flow.  This allows for a rising of the human civilization into another way of being as more catch the flower dream ahead.  The reality is that all archetypes can catch a flower dream; as all archetypes exist already in regions that spin only figure 8 dreams to begin with.  So no one need to be left out; however it may require choosing to bring in one’s ancestral information on how to exist within the flower of life geometrical patterns in order to be fulfilled upon.


For those in the flower dream already due to your ascension into magnetic biology, there is more dream to catch.  The more dream that is diverted from pyramidal flow into the flower of life magnetism, the more dream will be available for those flowing with the new dream.  As a result, for those who have struggled with prosperity, one may discover that now you have more than before; and life actually becomes easier upon the physical plane.  For those who have had too much and have been on top of the pyramidal flow, the exact opposite may occur and they may discover themselves impoverished for a time.  Winding up impoverished or in any other difficult circumstance only requires learning the spiritual lessons behind why this has come to be and forgiving the karma associated; and then the dream can change.  It may be also the difficult circumstances that triggers the awakening of many ahead; and so such dreams do have a purpose even though they may be difficult to experience.


Rising human consciousness will cause humans to begin to look after one another more greatly.  The flower dream will tend to cause others to embrace one another rather than cast them out on to the streets to beg or starve.  Strong friendships and spiritual families may form out of such circumstances and will be beautiful for Terra to witness; as it will begin to reflect the restoration of love within the human dream.  There is a new wave of a new dream.  Each can choose to catch the new wave or not.  Each can choose to master the movements by drawing upon them from your more ancient ancestry to fulfill upon momentum into the flower of life dream.



The flower of life dream is also to be cast in the east.  The east does not spin pyramidal dreams as much as box shaped dreams.  The boxes intersect causing everyone to feel interconnected.  In the interconnection, there is a sense of family.  However often some family members dominate to such a point that others may live dreams and lives that are not really one’s truth and one has little to no say within such a system.


As those ascending within the east leave beyond the box pyramidal system and move into the flower based system, the sensation of having no truth of one’s own or life expression outside of the family will also cease.  Many in the east have moved to the west to experience greater independence that the pyramidal flow can foster.  Some have even left behind box flow for triangular flow in so doing.  Regardless of what flow one is running, in order to enter the new dream one must master a rotational flow that resonates with the magnetism of the Great Central Sun.  Both boxes and pyramids must be left behind as a result.


Just as the pyramidal flow shall diminish in the west, the box pyramidal flow is also diminishing and shall continue to diminish in the east to make room for the flower based dream ahead.  There are also many rural places in the east that naturally spin flower of life dreams and those living within them carry on in all human patterns known in the more largely populated regions.  As such there also is a blueprint for a new dream in the east that is being drawn from the land of Tibet and the Himalayas; and this dream is to be inflated over the east to replace the box dreams currently in dominion.  Regions have their specific differences, and it is easier to draw upon a blueprint that is regional but parallels as a result; and this the ancestors in particular have been researching for some time in order to press humanity in a new direction of unity.  And so it shall come to be and more rapidly now perhaps than in prior decades.



In South America, figure 8 flow actually is far more greatly dominant already as a geometrical pattern.  It is perhaps for this reason that many countries in South America are beginning to have an experience of greater prosperity; for more dream is moving from the triangular flow and box flow into flower of life dreams at this time.  So this is also so for Africa.  Where each of these regions suffer the greatest has to do with where pyramids or boxes and figure 8 flow intersect and do not move well together.  The two flows create extremes of poverty and greed, leading to great inner cities where humans feel starved for enough.  As the pyramids and boxes cease to intersect over time and as the pyramidal flow fades, the regions held in such extremes will level out; and there will be a return unto enough for all, as such is the nature of purely figure 8 dreams.


Violence and violent dreams are related to inverted pyramidal flow.  As pyramids invert as they are doing due to the requirement to downsize their global presence, some of the flow may implode.  As pyramids implode greatly, they become black hole dreams.  Black hole dreams create the experience of murder, abuse, torture, warfare and all other types of violence when experienced.  It is black hole dreams that have rolled over any war torn region in the east, west or middle east.  Earth is releasing black hole dreams that come from other creations; and in time this will cause the world to begin to move into a state of peace within the human dream.


The reality is that humans could choose to uninvert the black hole dreams and then cease to experience the violence around oneself; but most are too unconscious and do not intend this; and so live to experience the trauma nonetheless.  Those ascending however can choose to help uninvert black hole dreams wherever one lives and this will diminish the violence that might seek to be dreamt otherwise.  In so doing, one can retain greater peace surrounding oneself as an ascending being.



Many adults may not be able to master the changes in geometrical patterns ahead; however the ascending little ones to enter the world in greater and greater numbers ahead will.  As the children master, so will the parents to the degree that they can, and over time more will sit within the flower dream than not.  Terra is vying to have this occur before entry further into the Great Central Sun dream by 2016-2018; as the more that resonate the easier it will be for the entire world to transition forward.  If there was no diminishing of the pyramidal flow at this time, Terra would combust upon entry and this could lead to extinction ahead if great enough; hence the requirement to modulate the flow more greatly in preparation for entry.


There is vast support entering at this time from the Tao; and many new keys and information that aid us in this time of transition.  For this Terra is vastly grateful for as the possibility of an ascension home is now viable as a result.  Ascension home means that humans also must come along for the ride and bear with the changes associated with this goal.  For those who are more consciously ascending, you can use the financial crisis as a personal mirror for your own transformation.  Here are some intentions that may be useful unto each at this time.  As the karma for extremes in greed and poverty is transmuted, the world will move towards a new type of economy where there is enough for all.  This is Terra’s hope and dream for humanity and will resolve many of the problems that each currently faces as a result.



·       I intend to release the karma for extreme polarity within my inheritance.
·       我意愿解除在我遗传中极端极性的业力。

·       I intend to come to the middle road of unity and master balance.
·       我意愿来到统一的中道并掌握平衡。

·       I intend to forgive those ancestors who created such great wealth that it polarized future ancestors into great poverty as a result.
·       我意愿原谅那些创造了如此巨大财富,致使将未来后代极化到巨大贫困当中的祖先。

·       I intend to forgive those ancestors who suffered from great poverty.
·       我意愿原谅那些遭受巨大贫困之苦的祖先。

·       I intend to forgive those ancestors who acquired too many homes causing others to experience homelessness in the dance of life.
·       我意愿原谅那些得到了太多住房,造成其他人在生活之舞中无家可归的祖先。

·       I intend to forgive those ancestors who experienced homelessness and struggled as a result.
·       我意愿原谅那些经历了无家可归并因而挣扎的祖先。

·       I intend to forgive those ancestors who existed in a pyramidal dream (whether triangular or box shaped) that was non-resonant with the natural world.
·       我意愿原谅那些生活在与自然界不和谐共鸣的金字塔梦想(不管这个金字塔是三角形还是盒状)中的祖先。

·       I intend to forgive those ancestors who separated off from nature and in so doing destroyed her.
·       我意愿原谅那些从大自然中孤立出来,并在这么做中摧毁大自然的祖先。

·       I intend to enter the new dream in which I share in the dance of life equally with nature and all others.
·       我意愿进入到我与大自然及其它万物在生活之舞中一起平等分享的新梦想当中。

·       I intend to master the flower of life movements required in order to do so.
·       我意愿掌握为了达到这一点所必须的生活之花运动。

·       I intend to draw forth those ancestors that understood the flower of life dream and request that they teach me how to exist within the new dream.
·       我意愿召唤来那些懂得生活之花梦想的祖先,并请求他们教导我如何生活在新梦想之中。

·       I intend to bring to balance any part of my life that cannot flow with the new dream.
·       我意愿将我生活中无法随新梦想一起流动的任何部分都带入平衡。

·       I intend to master unity this lifetime.
·       我意愿在此生掌握平衡。

·       I forgive those ancestors that existed in isolationism and separation that the pyramidal dreams create.
·       我原谅那些生活在金字塔梦想所创造出的孤立主义与隔离中的祖先。

·       I forgive those ancestors who had no compassion and therefore failed to aid others in need at the time that they lived.
·       我原谅那些没有同情心,从而未能在他们在世的时代帮助需要帮助的其他人的祖先。

·       I intend to master compassion in action and do what I can for my fellow humans.
·       我意愿掌握行动中的同情,并为我的人类同胞做我所能做的一切。

·       I intend to work with earth and nature to aid the human dream as I can.
·       我意愿和地球与大自然一起工作,来尽我所能帮助人类梦想。

·       I intend to invert black hole dreams in the region that I live and for as far as my field reaches to allow for less violence.
·       我意愿逆转我所居住地区以及我能量场所及地区的黑洞梦想,来允许更少的暴力。

·       I intend to help my fellow humans by taking them in dream time to the recasting temples to receive special healing and a new dream from earth.
·       我意愿通过在梦想时间将他们带到重铸圣殿去接受来自地球的特别疗愈和新梦想,从而来帮助我的人类同胞。

·       I intend to recast my dreams nightly so that I always have enough to ascend and subsist.
·       我意愿每夜重铸我的梦想(译注:梦想包括身体层面梦想与生活梦想),以便我将一直拥有足够来提升和维生。

·       I intend to share with others, but not at my own expense.
·       我意愿和别人一起分享,但并不以牺牲我个人为代价。

·       I intend to master a state of abundance this lifetime by mastering my living dream.
·       我意愿通过掌握我的生活梦想而在此生掌握一个丰饶的状态。


The world mirror of the current crisis calls to the attention of those who are ascending the requirement to come to balance in an economic sense.  Perhaps those reading these materials will choose to give away or sell off possessions that you really do not need; and in so doing provide for someone else in need.  Perhaps you will choose to sell or lease properties that you cannot live within and provide another with a dream for a home.  Perhaps some will consider volunteering in a homeless shelter and forgiving the mirror that those of this nature present so that you need not experience homelessness in the changing tides of time ahead.

当前经济危机的世界之镜,唤起了那些提升者对需要进入经济意义上的平衡的注意。也许,那些阅读这些资料的读者,将选择来送走或卖掉你并不真正需要的财物,并在这么做中为某个需要中的其他人提供了所需。也许你将选择售卖或租借你无法居住的房产,并提供给别人一个住家的梦想。也许有些人将考虑在一个无家可归者收容所(a homeless shelter)里做义工服务,并原谅这种性质者出现所带来的那些镜子,以便你不需要在前方的变化浪潮之中经历无家可归。

Mastering one’s dream is perhaps the greatest gift one can give to oneself as an ascending human.  As one understands how to manage the dream enough, one will always create enough.  Earth will assist, and as long as the karma is released that stands in the way of the dream that one desires, then one can fulfill upon whatever one envisions ahead.  However the path of ascension is not about extremes of any nature; and so fame, fortune, winning lotto, living a permanent vacation, having too many possessions etc. are not dreams suited to ascending aspirants.  They would simply create so much imbalance in the life dream that the body would not receive enough dream to ascend, and then death and disease is assured in lieu of ascension home to the Tao.


We have produced a lovely meditation CD to aid in conscious dream weaving.  See “Mastering Dream Weaving” for more information.  We also recommend the two workbooks that have been brought through over many years now and aid with all ascending focuses that are useful to one’s personal transformation and dream weaving.  See “Products” for more information.  We have written other articles over time about the nature of conscious dream weaving, and refer you in particular to an earlier Earth Mother essay “Mastering the Living Dream”.  Also two articles from the Hawaiian ancestors “Intending Your Life and Dream” and “Transcending Democratic Slavery”.


We hope you have found this information useful upon your path at this time.  This is the first of a series of articles from Terra that is pertinent to the current dream of the ascending map carvers.


Until our next communication, 下次交流再见,
Namaste 合十致敬



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