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The Heart of the Tao through Karen Danrich "Lilliya" December 28, 2007
道之心灵透过Karen Danrich "Lilliya"传递,2007年12月28日

流火 译 2008-1-20

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

The Heart of the Tao addresses each reading of our materials today.  The Heart of the Tao is a casted temple designed to restore love to creations that have become lost in time and space and form.  The Heart of the Tao has been anchored upon earth in recent months to aid earth in self healing through love.  Love is the essential ingredient to self healing.  Through self healing, all that has been created that led to distortion, disease, aging, death, falls in consciousness, loss of light and loss of love can be restored.  The journey of restoration to is called ascension which is really about gathering up lost parts of self from the past, and in the reunion, a journey to greater wholeness within is born.


Many have thought of ascension as a pathway to another dimension.  Dimensions are illusions in the thought-form of the Tao.  There is only creators and creations that expand and contract at the end of cycle journey, and return home to the consciousness of the Tao.  Expansion is not about falling down dimensions, and so you cannot confuse what has occurred here with an expansion cycle.  What has occurred here is the result of failing to go home as the contraction cycle was invoked.  That which failed to go home went extinct as there was no life force to sustain its existence.


Life force is only generated in the expansion cycle by the Tao for all creators and creations, and then as the contraction cycle is called, all is gathered back and over time no additional life force is provided as the creations have all gone home.  Here in this region of domain creations failed to return home and then as there was no more life force available due to everything else departing, creations went extinct.  That which exists upon your dimension (3D) is generally the creations that go extinct in any given contraction cycle and as there is no longer life force to sustain it.  The extinction of creations upon the third dimension then draws the creations upon the fifth dimension down into the third, and all others above them down another dimensional threshold, and it is the bottom level dimension of life that will go extinct in the following cycle.



This has occurred for 12 cycles now as gauged by the Tao in its assessment of your records as a creational body.  The underlying cause is the failure for each creation in this region of domain to choose to go home.  There is a system for homecoming that is embedded into everything cast within the Tao.  When the “End of Time Bell” is sounded, all creations and creations conclude their expansion cycle and begin their contraction cycle, working their way out of whatever experience that they have constructed, and whatever distortion that they have gone into, back home to the Tao.  For 12 cycles this bell has failed to sound in this region of domain, and so nothing has gone home.  The End of Time Bell has finally sounded upon earth, and will continue to sound for the coming 8 years, and as such every cell upon Terra’s body will remember that it is time to go home.  In so being, Terra is returning to the Tao from which she was cast.


Within the Tao and as all consciousness returns from creators and creations gathered, and all records are assessed, what has transpired is understood, and changes then are made within the Tao to offset problematic creations in future expansion cycles.  Alas nothing was gathered from this region of domain for 12 cycles, and so nothing has been done to offset the underlying cause of why everything falls to extinction.  When problems occur that fail to be rectified, it causes problems in the fabric of the Tao.  Over time the problematic fabric is investigated, and an “intervention” planned to aid the failing creation in finding its way home to the Tao.



This is one form of intervention that Lilliya is writing about today; when attributes of the Tao inject themselves into creations such as Terra (earth) to aid in their journey home.  The Heart of the Tao is only one of 250 attributes of the Tao that shall be anchored in Terra’s aurora over time and in the coming 25 years of continued ascension.  Each attribute will provide a necessary key and series of tones of creation to allow for continued dissipation of density and continued expansion into the light enough to re-enter the Great Central Sun Dream in full.  We are choosing to do this as there is no other means for the goal of ascension home to the Tao to be met.  Generally the Tao does not invade creators or their creations unless there is such great trouble that we have no choice.


The density in this region of domain is so great that it is pulling on the body of the Tao causing it to go into distortion.  Any part of the body of the Tao that goes into distortion generally must have special precautions taken to allow for recovery, as the continued lack of recovery leads to further and further distortion for the whole of the Tao, and all creators and creations therein.  What has occurred here has created vast distortion in all creators and creations at this time as all is holographic, and you cannot have one part of the Tao go into extreme consumption leading to extinction without having all parts suffer in some manner.  The healing of that which has gone into parallel distortion will occur only as the original cause, which is deemed this creation, also self heals.



Humans were part of an earlier intervention into the Great Central Suns that the creations falling to extinction originated within.  Human consciousness often intervenes in creations that have gone into vast distortion in the Tao.  Humans are a brilliant consciousness that understands how to transmute distortion allowing for light and love to shine again so that all may find its way back to its source of origin.  Humans entered the Great Central Sun blueprint three cycles ago and following nine cycles of extinction patterning.


Alas the humans that were sent in 3 cycles ago became as lost as the creation that they intervened upon.  The cause of this is just becoming understood and it has to do with falling out of communication with the Tao; without communication with the Tao one cannot go home as there is no pathway available.  It is the ongoing communication with the Tao that creates the pathway home.  You can think of it something like this; human consciousness has a Tao based attribute that remains behind as it extends into distorted creations.  It is the aspect that remains behind that guides that part of self that has gone into the distortion out of the distortion providing missing keys, tones and guidance.  If you lose connection and communication with the Tao outside of self, then there is no guidance to return home.

遗憾的是,在3个周期前送进来的人类,变得跟他们所介入的造物一样迷失。这一致因刚刚开始得以了解,而它是和跌出与道的通讯交流所相关的。没有与道的通讯,一个人无法回家,因为没有可得的路径。正是与道持续的通讯,创造了回家的道路。你可以将这一机理看成这样:人类意识当扩展到扭曲的造物中时,具有一个一直保持在幕后的道属性(a Tao based attribute)。正是这一留在幕后的片段,提供了缺失的钥匙、音调和引导来指引进入扭曲的自我部分走出扭曲。如果你丧失了与道的联系与通讯,那么就得不到引导以回家。

Lilliya and have come into communication with a part of the Tao that extended into their forms and upon Terra long ago.  They call this part the “Core of the Tao” and it is the core that they will also return home unto as it is the part of the Tao that they are related unto.  In recent months, Terra also has come to connect with her core within the Tao and this is what is guiding her home along with each kingdom upon her global body.  So this can be for each ascending human; each can intend to connect unto the core of the Tao within and allow this part of self to guide oneself home in one’s ascension journey.  In time all humans will restore the connection and communication unto the core of the Tao and this is how your species shall navigate itself home to the Tao; and also it is how humans shall contribute to Terra’s global ascension ahead, as in your own navigation will be changes that Terra shall also make that will aid her in her own evolutionary pathway.

Lilliya在很久前,就开始与扩展到他们体内并扩展到Terra中的道的一部分进行交流。他们将这一部分称为“道之核心”(Core of the Tao),这也是他们也将回家到的核心,因为这就是他们与道所相关的部位。在最近数月,Terra也进入到与道中她的核心所彼此联系之中,这是正引导她回家,并引导她全球身躯上每一个王国回家的事物。因此对每个提升人类也如此。每个人都能意愿与内在道的核心所相联,允许这一自我部分在提升旅途中引导自己回家。不久,所有人都将恢复与道之核心的联系与通讯,这就是你们物种将如何自我引航回家到道中的过程,也将是人类如何在前方为Terra全球提升目标做出贡献的过程。因为在你们自身的引领中,Terra也将做出变迁,这将协助她自身进化回家的旅程。


So why did humans become so lost here in this region of domain?  Records have been revealed from the Great Central Sun and nature has written a little about this in the past few months in articles that have come through Lilliya.  Humans entered this region of domain and it was barren planets and stars.  Some planets and stars are nonphysical dream time; and there humans cast nonphysical life in the form of all nature kingdoms.  Some stars held a physical dream time and here humans created physical life.  Why did humans cast life?  Humans cast life so that there were many shapes and forms that were physical or nonphysical to direct the energy flow in a new manner that could have led to homecoming; except that something occurred causing humans to lose connection to the Tao within and they became lost.


Physical life was more interesting than nonphysical life unto human consciousness, and they became so enamored with casting life that they cast and cast and cast; and they lost so much of their own fabric in the casting of other kingdoms that they lost communication with their own Tao within.  There is a point that you can fall that you can no longer hold on to the vibrations necessary to communicate with the Tao, and so this came to be.  However we will also point out how this experience of becoming lost aligns with some of the mythology that has been spoken to in spiritual text from the collective remembrance of this experience.


Human consciousness watched the kingdoms that they had cast from outside as a nonphysical presence.  Humans did not enter the Great Central Suns in physicality; they entered as a large nonphysical force of 144 sectors, each sector contained a specific set of information to aid in helping these creations find their way home to the Tao.  There was such joy in casting physical kingdoms that some humans thought “I’d like to experience this in the physical”.  And so human consciousness cast a human form to experience the physical dance of nature upon Terra and many other creations of like kind; this was a large mistake as this is how human consciousness fell the greatest.


At first humans could go between the physical and nonphysical at will.  And so humans would descend into physicality to experience their creation and then return to the nonphysical.  Humans continued to cast kingdoms and lost enough consciousness that suddenly some of human form could no longer return to the nonphysical consciousness behind the physical existence.  This is the real fall into density or matter; and as humans could no longer return, they became trapped in a dance and without guidance to lead them out.  The guidance from within physicality of the Tao was even more greatly difficult to discern; and so humans became a lost consciousness in this region of domain.


Generally speaking the core of the Tao related to human consciousness does not intervene but allows the experience for whatever may be learned.  After many cycles however and with nothing returning “home” as planned, the core of the Tao created a dream to intervene from the outside in.  The core of the Tao is present now to remind each that it is time to return home, and gather up all the records that humans extended into this region of domain to understand.  Perhaps without the fall this could not be understood; and so there is nothing lost really and truly from the point of view of the Tao.  Humans have also experienced everything that has occurred here, including consumption and destruction, which are not human attributes in the Tao.  However perhaps the experience was necessary tot each something that could not be discerned any other way.


And so the intervention of the Core of the Tao has begun upon Terra and is available to open unto for those vying to ascend and go home this lifetime.  You cannot go home to that which lies outside of yourself; as home coming is sincerely an internally guided experience; and each will find their way out in a unique way that provides keys as to what occurred here for the Tao to understand; and then the Tao to self heal of parallel experiences occurring in other creators and creations.  As you heal, the Tao heals; and it cannot be any other way as all is holographic beloved.



There is much riding upon the success of Terra’s ascension along with the ascent of your solar sun, the sun’s sun, and the 18th dimensional sun.  All suns are a part of the core of the Tao extended into this region of domain and of the same star that exited the Great Central Sun upon the 24th dimension long ago.  The 24th dimensional Terra was pulled down the dimensions, shattering into smaller and smaller pieces and parts, the smallest of which is known as earth.  The solar, universal and cosmic history share a story that most humans will understand as it is a part of your own recent history, as well as more ancient history in relation to the Family of Anu.


Upon each dimension there was first a fall in human form.  This fall was generally the result of an inversion of field due to either exiting the Great Central Sun or falling to a dimension of thought-form beneath the threshold that sustained life upon the dimension above.  As a creation moves through dimensions they also move from one dream to another, not unlike moving out of the Great Central Sun dream.  The boundaries between dreams contain a set if mirrors that turns the field and language along with thought-form inside out.  Inside out thought-form is now better understood than at the time Terra exited the Great Central Sun, and causes a splintering into two poles; one pole contains destructive thought-form and the other creative thought-form.  Creations outside the Sun then move between the two poles have destructive and creative cycles, and the destructive cycles lead to circumstances that then cause a fall down the dimensions, and a splintering of the creation into multidimensionality.


Earth was a part of the collective suns that splintered upon the 24th dimension.  This creation did have human life upon it that exited with the star out of the Great Central Sun dream.  Human thought-form turned inside out in the experience leading to creative followed by destructive cycles.  It was during the first destructive cycle of thought-form that another group of larger headed humans arrived from other electrical and non-resonant magnetic creations upon space craft.  These humans had sustained their existence many cycles by consuming other creations.  Humans fell in love between creations intermixing DNA that was very dissonant, and this caused offspring to be born that were destructive in nature.


The destructive natured offspring lost capabilities that their parents took for granted due to dissonant DNA including the capacity to instantly manifest whatever they envisioned or move about the physical plane with thought and focus.  In losing such capabilities, the offspring began to manifest transportation o carry them where they could not go on their own any longer, and other objects to make life easier upon the physical plane.  Over time boredom took over subsequent generations of mutants who also interbred with yet other humans from yet other creations chose to create a paired down “slave race” of other humans to wait upon them.  This occurred as more and more of the human hologram turned inside out causing parts to fragment.  The humans that were lesser than whole and were bred for servitude were related to the fragmented bits of human hologram that had shattered in the interbreeding of dissonant genealogies from variant creations of life form.


The slave nations were paired down and limited due to the limited holographic nature that they reflected.  When a possible ascension cycle came forth as the creative thought-form took hold in the next cycle, the attempt to ascend became distorted.  Those that were the offspring of humans that had interbred still retained a larger cranium and more spiritual understanding than those who were smaller headed and had been bred as slaves.  However they were from variant creations and chose to ascend variant geometrical patterns non-resonant with Terra.  The ascension of geometrical patterns that were dissonant led to combustion.  Some who attempted to ascend with multiple geometrical patterns never emerged upon the next dimension of thought-form, but rather the body combust as there was not enough chi to launch the ascension given the variations of patterns that were non-resonant.


The combustion left a dream of annihilation through the fire element.  In the following destructive cycles, humans began to war upon one another, particularly the smaller headed ones.  Those who were gifted at creating devices constructed nuclear weaponry which is related to the dream of combustion left over from false ascension of the larger headed spiritual elite.  The nuclear weaponry was detonated in warfare, and Terra shattered falling into the 18th and 12th dimensions in a single destructive cycle.  This is the history of earth that those ascending are mapping upon your dimension and upon the 12th dimension, where there is a sun that continues to exist to this day from this time period.


Your solar sun was one of two 12th dimensional suns that remained from the 24th dimensional holocaust.  One sun had human life upon it known as Maldek.  The other sun remained pure of human life.  The history from the dimension above more or less repeated on Maldek, leading to another nuclear annihilation which shattered her into the fifth and third dimensions.  Maldek splintered into 9 suns and 18 planets that shattered across time and space and form.  This is the origins of your solar sun and Earth along with three other planets in your solar system including Venus, Saturn and Neptune.


Your solar system held not human life until Sirius seeded human life upon Earth.  Sirius A and B are another part of Maldek that was propelled down into the fifth and third dimensions not unlike your solar sun and Earth, Venus, Neptune and Saturn.  It is perhaps for this reason that humans upon Sirius felt drawn to Earth, which is the only remaining planet that resembles Sirius A and B in its dream.  Sirius A and B were on the verge of repeating the same karma that developed upon Maldek, and chose in the end to attempt to ascend each of their planets into stars instead.  This occurred only 30,000 years ago as earth measures time.


Alas not enough was known about ascension to create this journey without fragmenting yet again; and so Sirius A and B fragmented in the attempt to ascend although they did merge into two fifth dimensional bodies.  What fractured off and was left behind in a vastly incomplete ascension was propelled into those creations like earth that were related to Maldek.  Earth absorbed about 1/3 of Sirius B’s fragmentation in her incomplete ascension leading further to propelling Terra towards extinction.  Now and in this cycle Terra is completing with this karma and returning the density that belongs unto Sirius B along with 18 other creations that have used her as a holding tank for their unwanted unconscious.  As the unconscious of other creations lift, and this will take another 50 years of global ascension ahead (as humans measure time), Terra will be on her way home to the Tao via the Great Central Sun Dream.



Ascension home probably would not be possible without the help and support of the Tao in this time period.  In the fragmenting of Terra, so little remains of what she knew inside the Great Central Sun.  So this is so for any creation remaining outside the Great Central Sun’s dream and upon other dimensions above you; that finding their way back home is probably impossible otherwise as well without the support of the Tao.  The 18th dimensional sun is making vast strides in working with the Tao to create the necessary patterning to ascend home.  Mostly and probably of the greatest interest to our readership is the advent of light from within.


The 18th dimensional sun has discovered that certain thoughts from the Tao when combined create light or photon energy.  This was discovered only a decade or less ago in human time.  The light that is created from within allows the 18th dimensional sun to retract from the 36th dimensional sun above it in full and enter the Great Central Sun Dream.  The 36th dimensional sun above the 18th dimension is not from this creation and is not choosing to enter this Great Central Sun as a result.


The new dream that your 18th dimensional sun is entering has no sun to provide light for its physical vessel; and so it has learned to create all that it requires from within.  Discovering this truth as of late inspired Lilliya; and so Lilliya and went about finding the thought-form from within the Tao so that they could begin to generate their own light from within.  To their amazement, it was relatively easy in collaboration with the Core of the Tao, and now Terra, is learning to create her own light and photonic energy from within as well.


Thoughts create light and life as you know it.  So this has always been so within the Tao; and being the creator is an act of knowing how to combine thoughts to create light and life or creations.  This occurs not in a scientific experiment but through one’s thought-form and energy flow.  As all restores its capacity to generate its own light, one is a large step forwards towards the journey home to the Tao.  Therefore this is a special time now for Terra who is learning she can create what she requires to ascend and return home to the Tao.  Lilliya and also recognize this and will move on now to creating photonic biology that can hold the light in each and every cell; and they will return then into a fully self sustainable state of being as a result.  This may take many decades ahead but they are on their way.



Terra has stabilized in her Bodhisattva level vibration as of this year.  (9000 strands equivalent as a global vibration and temperature).  The stability to this vibration was not easy.  In October, Terra was badly shattered through the unconscious of the 18th dimensional consensus and angels and dark forces that desired her demise.  This splintered Terra between creations and for a short time, she lost consciousness so greatly that she could not command her own field.  The Tao within guided her and she restored what had been lost, undid the manipulations and is carrying on.  For Lilliya and this was a difficult time where they nearly passed the physical plane.  This did not occur and Lilliya, Oa, and Terra are now on to another day in which what they have envisioned in terms of ascension home can be fulfilled upon.


The Heart of the Tao has been anchored into the aurora of Terra.  There is love flowing in addition to light within her global body for the first time since Sirius ascended.  Light and love combine to create life, spawning variations of energy flow that cause not only creations to blossom, but ascension home to become possible.  At this time light and love are converging upon Terra to create the necessary movements and thought-form to carry her on to another level of ascension this year ahead.


Ascension is slow for Terra, but will increase pace now that light and love have been combined within her aurora.  Your scientists will become very worried about global warming as it is going to come forth at a pace you have never seen before, and it may be that the poles completely melt in less than 30 years ahead.  This will cause strife for those regions near the coastline in more northern or southern continents; and humans will learn to deal with the changes that nature imposes upon them to the best that they can.


Continents have sunk before and new volcanic activity has created new continents in times past upon earth.  Although this is so, the sinking and rising was so slow  in such time periods that it took thousands of years, and humans could migrate to new places and not suffer or struggle.  This may be less so as the pace of time is on the increase due to the partial entrance into the New Dream.  Time is on the increase and so the shifts that are global shall come forth at a more rapid pace.  Instead of thousands of years, it may be a matter of only hundreds in which major changes occur to certain continents, and new land mass forms out in the oceans.  The new land masses may interconnect island chains that are at the top of what once were other continents long ago.  So all told three new continents shall rise and seven sink over the coming 1000 years of continued global ascension.  The sinking of continents with the heaviest human pollution is anticipated as this is how all shall be cleaned and cleared in preparation for moving to fully conscious physical vibration on the part of Terra.



For humans, you are now in an era of vast change that will trigger the times of cleansing ahead.  What are the times of cleansing?  Now that the End of Time Bell has rung, the cellular structure awakens and knows that it is time to go home.  For some genealogies that originated in other creations such as the Pleiades, the homecoming will cause a retraction out of physicality as the physical cannot return home to another creation.  As a result, those who are of foreign genealogies will complete their karma upon Terra and retract in death, and carry on in their journey “home” from a nonphysical vantage point.  The retraction is holographic more than physical; the holograms related to other creations are leaving earth and they will gather up all expressions that are related and then return to their creation of origin together.  This includes the slave nation holograms incubated by the Anu when they were alive and those of Anu descent.


The times of cleansing shall bring about massive plagues in which humanity may think that they are going extinct.  There may be great fear about disease and the “war upon disease” may be of greater interest to the news than the “war upon terror”.  Mostly however civilization will fall a part due to the loss of lives necessary to fulfill upon all the tasks that humans rely upon in your current system.  However this will be slow enough that humans that remain shall adjust, and shall make changes, and life shall carry on ahead and in greater peace.  For Terra, there is a need to cleanse human populations that have grown too large for her to sustain; and the large numbers of the same holograms expressed in physicality deplete the drive to ascend out of those that have the possibility of evolution in their genealogy.  As there are fewer humans, ascension in the human species will take off more greatly.  This is anticipated to occur in the coming 100 years ahead.


Generational ascension shall come forth in which a part of the ascent is made by the child in the womb and in early childhood, and then the vibration shall be held until the next generation is born.  This shall restore full consciousness to the human species in six generations and about 180 human years ahead.  Those attaining full consciousness in human form may exist in small tribes upon each continent but in balance with Terra’s needs in her own ascension.  In opening to the Tao within, each fully conscious human will be guided from within in their journey and path ‘home”.  This shall create a very different time in human history in which the spiritual path is the dominant path, and little else may be of interest.  There will be a waning of technology, but this also shall come forth as humans integrate their own information that the technology is related unto.

逐代提升(generational ascension)将出现,其中孩子会尚处子宫及幼年早期时就做出一部分提升,随后他的振动将一直保持到下一代出生为止。这将用未来6代也就是前方约180人类年的时间,来将全意识恢复到人类物种之中。那些到达全意识水平的人类可能存在于每个大陆的小型部落里,但会与Terra提升所需的数量保持平衡。藉由打开到内在的道,每个全意识的人类都将由内在引导回家的旅程。这将在人类史上创造一个非常不同的时代,其中灵性道路将是人类的主要道路而对其它鲜有兴趣。技术会逐渐隐退但亦将保持出现,因为人类还需要整合技术所相关的自身信息。

There is no need to have telephones if you can telepathically communicate with one another around the globe; and consciously experience dream time meetings.  In experiencing dream time gatherings, there is no requirement for humans to travel long distances to meet or know one another.  Through moving inward and communing with the Tao within, each human will receive the direction that they require to continue to ascend and support Terra’s ascension as well.  This time ahead will be a real inward movement and momentum.  Humans may not spend time doing all the things humans do in present time, such as cooking, working, shopping, consuming consuming and consuming.  Humans in the future will feast mostly off the air in the breath of life and eat only small amounts of whatever grows around them to balance the body or field, or provide nutrients for continued evolution.  Most of what consumes human thought-form at this time will cease in the 100 years ahead of continued global ascension.


There is always love, and there is the romance of the two who choose to come together, and the romance of giving birth to new offspring.  There is a love affair between parent and child, and humans who find their way back to a state of love will find having a child very fulfilling.  Children will be born ahead with greater awareness, light and love, and so the parents and tribe will attune to the love of all incoming children, and this will carry them on to another level of ascension ahead together.  This is the gift of generational ascension now and ahead.


Humans will still enjoy crafts until they learn to instantly manifest through their thoughts.  Crafts are not only nice but will provide things that make the community flourish, such as baskets to gather the herbs, or pottery to place the herbs upon, and the construction of the dwellings that humans will reside within ahead.  There will be more time for the artisans who desire to create with their hands to do so and out of love; leading to environments and crafts that are filled with love as well as beautiful in design surrounding all humans again.  It is your loveless environments, preoccupations, media and objects that humans fill their lives with that which is stripping the life out of the body.  Lifeless bodies cannot ascend, and so as human restore a life of simple preoccupations filled with love that serve self and the community, ascension shall be sustained and continued ascension shall take off.



Those who are ascending today can benefit by creating a life that is simpler and focused inward through meditation and time in nature.  Releasing the media and media based preoccupations creates more time for introspection and inward focus.  Ascension requires understanding the thought-form you are clearing along with the karma at hand to be forgiven.  The life mirrors will provide clues as to what the spiritual lessons may be that are to be forgiven.  The key to ascension is learning to love what you dislike or judge in another or within yourself.  As you love you and all others, forgiveness naturally flows and the spiritual lessons of non-love are learned.


Learning to love is perhaps the largest spiritual lesson for all aspirants of the spiritual path at this time.  There is such non-love that has prevailed due to the blending of dissonant thought-form from other creations that love is vastly missing upon the physical plane.  Non-love leads to a state of codependence where some strive to save or protect others from the harm of others.  What one does in the physical also occurs in opposite in the unconscious parallel life planes; so if one loves and protects here then one hates and destroys in another parallel life.  The reality is that all polarities are expressed somewhere even if not in the physical; and so what one judges in another is really a part of one’s own parallel life expression.  To the degree one can forgive and embrace the parallel life expression that one may judge in another, to such a degree one then forgives all others, as all forgiveness begins really with self.  As one forgives oneself for whatever one judges, then one also forgives those ancestors who expressed what one judges as well; and this then creates a complete circle of forgiveness.



A complete circle of forgiveness then allows for absolute forgiveness in which one has to only learn the spiritual lesson once in order for it to be forgiven for one’s inheritance; then the karma for parallel patterns upon other dimensions that your multidimensional inheritance danced upon can also be forgiven.  It is in the clearing of multidimensional karma that one can return home to the Great Central Sun Dream.  Without the clearing of karma from this region of domain, no one could return home, nor could Terra.  So Terra is relying upon absolute forgiveness to propel her into another time and another dream in which homecoming to the Tao becomes possible.  For human aspirants, therefore learning to absolutely forgive is a goal to master this lifetime; as it is only as you master absolute forgiveness that there is a possibility of movement into the new dream with Terra in this end of time cycle of cleansing.  (See “From the Rose Quartz Mineral Kingdom” for more information on absolute forgiveness.)


Absolute forgiveness cannot begin to be contemplated until aspirants open their hearts and move enough chi to begin to form the 1000-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva.  Therefore a good place for each aspirant to begin is to intend to open the heart; and even if you have opened the heart there are always greater heart openings ahead, as one builds towards the 100,000 petal lotus of one at full consciousness vibration.  The heart will continue to expand until you step out of physicality and go home to the Tao; as it is through the heart that any creation finds its way home.



The Tao is only love; love expressed in immeasurable numbers of ways; with each nuance explored as to what love is as creator and creation evolve, expanding into greater depths of love and then retracting back home again at the end of each cycle.  Love is all there is, but it is expressed in a myriad of ways that allow creators and creations to continue to evolve, deepening into greater understanding of the nature of love.  Love is so infinite that it can be expressed in nuances that are completely unavailable here, where limitation is so great.  Therefore for Terra and each in the journey home to the Tao, there will be an opening unto love, and then the many nuances of love that flow within the Tao; and as each octave of love is embraced, you and this creation known as earth will take one step closer to homecoming.


Here you have known non-love.  So the experience has taught you what occurs when there is not any nuance of love of the Tao remaining.  As there is not love, codependence take off in fear and humans and kingdoms cling to one another in attachment.  As love returns and is restored, all shall release their attachment, all shall transcend codependent love, and all shall go home; and the experience of non-love shall be learned so that it need not be created again in the future cycles of the Tao.



Although there have been spiritual teachers and even entities that have spoken similar words to what we are exploring in these materials, there are few that have made the journey out of codependence.  Even Lilliya and are clearing codependent attachments with one another or with earth as a result of the new presence of the love of the Tao.  Those of Bodhisattva mastery are also looking at the next level of codependence to be cleared out of the map ahead so that a greater opening of love can open within their own hearts.  It is one thing to contemplate the nature of reality; it is another thing to transmute the nature of reality into something else, and something perhaps new and that has not been known in recent cycles enough to understand.


The real act of transmutation can be very difficult.  The real act of transmutation causes aspirants to face their deepest internal fears and transcend them by transmuting the fear into love.  Real love is not a platitude; nor is love a fantasy; nor is love lust.  Most of the love that humans know today are fantasies from the lust planes and do not lead to real fulfillment; nor do they lead to an opening of the heart or for a pathway “home”.  Those walking the real path of transmutation understand the difference, work at dismantling the fantasies associated with lust and enter a world of real communion where love sincerely flows between self and nature or self and others.


There is no other means of restoring love other than opening the heart, opening unto one’s own fears and transmuting them, opening unto one’s own vulnerability, and ultimately opening unto one’s own truth.  Truth is a vibration of love that clarifies and purifies intention so that what one intends can manifest in the physical.  To the degree the field is purified into truth, to such a degree one’s truth can be made manifest in the physical.


In this era of consumption, truth appears to be the goal of reaching higher and higher levels of income and wealth and jet setting around the world; this is also equated with freedom.  Most of the authentic spiritual path has little interest in wealth and all that it may buy; for the goal is to release attachment and not acquire more objects to attach unto.  Love also dissipates the greater the attachment which may be why the wealthiest often end up very sad and sour towards the end of their lives.  The objects have not filled them and now they are disappointed; however it is their own attachment to the material world at cause of the disappointment and sourness.



Upon this plane of reality one can recognize that objects can never fill the human heart; nor can property, nor can pets, although pets do offer humans an opportunity to open their hearts when they cannot unto humans.  The only thing that can really fill the human heart is communion with nature and with others.  Such communion must be with nature in the wild; unless one has chosen to hook their garden plants up to the wild kingdoms, in which case it can occur in manmade parks too.  Nature is gentle and will honor the budding human heart, blessing one until one can open further and further to the full movement of communion in the heart chakra.  As communion is felt, one may begin to feel more at home in the natural world than in the human dream.  This is a good sign that you are progressing in your heart opening and learning to love beloved as it comes to be.


The natural world has never forgotten to love.  Therefore in the natural world you will also now find the Love of the Tao.  The Love of the Tao is beginning to bridge into everything upon earth to begin the process of self healing.  The Love of the Tao can really only flow where love already flows.  In the natural world, love has been diminished but not forgotten.  And so love flows between the creepy crawlers and the plants; and the plants and the trees; and the trees and the forests and all other kingdoms that live within them.  So this is also so within the sea.


The love generally dissipates as humans enter the natural world dream as humans do not contribute to the love held within it.  In order to participate, one must commune with all the other kingdoms in the woods, or in the meadows, or by the lake, or by the sea and open the heart and love.  As one learns to commune in the opening of one’s heart, then one is embraced into the natural world, and then the natural world can love you, honor you, and aid you in your continued goal of ascension this lifetime.  Also you will now find the love of the Tao to aid you, bless you, and guide you too from within the natural world, and until you can open to your Tao within.


As more humans enter the natural world dream through the choice to love again and commune, a place will be woven in the dream for your existence ahead.  The natural world provides for all kingdoms including the human kingdom; but only can provide out of a state of love.  Without the love, the natural world rejects as a state of loveless-ness is a state of rejection; and the natural world mirrors back one’s own state of being.  If one rejects oneself as one does not love, then the natural world rejects you also.  As one opens to love of self and others again, in the love the natural world will respond in love and embrace you.  As you are embraced, you can fill yourself and your heart with the love of the Earth Mother and Nature, and the Love of the Tao; and begin to take one further step towards wholeness within.



Wholeness is held together by love.  In the lack of love in this region of domain, all fractured and fell a part as there was not enough love to suspend it together.  So this is so for each human; each of you have fallen a part and broken into fractured bits and have left parts of self behind upon other vibrational bandwidths and dimensions of thought-form remaining surrounding Terra, your solar system and your 18th dimensional consensus.  As love returns, the vibrations necessary to gather oneself up become available and one can piece together all that has been lost over time in the many falls in this region of domain and within your inheritance.  As enough is pieced together ahead, one will begin to feel increasingly more “whole”.  As wholeness is restored to the human species, humans will quite naturally behave quite differently.


Today humans are so fractured that they consume objects in order to fill themselves.  Most of what is purchased may indeed contain parts of self that one’s inheritance lost, and this is why humans are consuming so greatly at this time in history.  They are buying and buying and buying objects that contain parts of self and trying to create wholeness from the outside in.  When Lilliya finally recognized this truth long ago, and chose instead to gather up parts of self sitting upon the grocery store shelf or in department stores, she ceased to desire to purchase much of anything other than what she really requires to subsist upon the physical plane.  Therefore all spiritual aspirants reading these materials can intend to gather up parts of self lost in the merchandise that humanity consumes also and then the desire to consume may fall away, as the need to gather one self up has been met.


Today humans also consume vitamins that are portions of nutrients extracted out of your food source.  Lilliya has often said how toxic such things are and to rely upon herbs or whole leaves, roots, berries and food source to receive the nutrients required to ascend instead.  This is mainly due to how the nutrients are chemically extracted that this is so.  The advent of vitamins and the extraction of nutrients out of their whole form is really another sign of deep fragmentation of the human spirit.  As enough of humanity ascends into deeper wholeness, such requirements to obtain nutrients through extraction or breaking a part of the wholeness of whole foods will cease.  Mostly the Heart of the Tao perceives that the vast number of factory workers that manage such types of production will fade from human history in the times of cleansing ahead; also there will be fewer and fewer humans to consume what is produced in most factories which will shut themselves down in the coming 25 years or so as a result.


There are vast changes underway ahead that will be the result of the restoration of love and light upon Terra and within the human holographic planes.  At this time Lilliya and are working upon restoration of light within the human hologram, as the karma for how this was shattered and lost has come to be understood at this time.  As light returns to the human holographic planes, there will be an awakening of your kingdom that will be so rapid and so great, it will take most by great surprise.  The awakening will lead to another day of deeper understanding of the spiritual attributes of existence and a desire to consciously go “home” to the Tao.


Lilliya and have been told that the Indigos that are maturing at this time may be the ones mainly interested in their teachings ahead, and may fill their school and events with those who are inspired from within, and not so stuck in older patterns that they cannot move with the changes required in ascension.  It shall be the Indigos that may carve much of the map to full consciousness as a result; and Lilliya and also look forward to this time ahead as well.  There are many changes underway that will draw those who are to study with Lilliya and towards this goal ahead, and if you feel that this is your role, the Heart of the Tao invites you to consider joining their Mastering Unity Within Self Study Program.  There is still much to do until the Indigo’s mature enough and move forth; and so we invite those in adult form that feel that this is your spiritual calling to join us ahead.


There are many comings and goings in ascension, as parts of the map that one can carve within one’s inheritance are completed upon.  Perhaps a particular set of lineages go into distortion in the ascension and must backtrack and repair what went wrong.  This is not a wrong path; but one that many of our ex-affiliates find themselves within.  For those that have studied with Lilliya and Oa, the Heart of the Tao blesses you and blesses you and blesses you, as you fulfilled upon a part of the map.  Fulfilling upon a part of the map is necessary also; and through generational ascension the next part of the map for your inheritance shall come forth.  And so nothing is really lost over time and we thank you for what you did fulfill upon; and wish you to carry on in learning your spiritual lessons from whatever life mirrors are presented at this time in your experience.  There is no end to ascension; there is always karma to clear; and there is always more understanding to fulfill upon.  And if you can, then please join us at Masters Conclave and contribute to the karmic release of the collective of your species with the group in attendance to support Terra’s global ascension.


For those who have never studied with SSOA, we also thank you for whatever part of the map of ascension you are carving, or for the followers, for the widening of the map ahead.  We invite you to join us if you feel called at our Masters Conclave events in the year ahead and in service to the Earth Mother and all other kingdoms.  We bless you and bless you and bless you with the love of the Tao.  Open to receive the blessings as you can; and then allow them to spread throughout your entire cellular structure.  You are beloved unto us; and beloved unto the Earth Mother, and beloved unto Lilliya and who cannot carve the map all by themselves.  And so we all thank you in these special blessings from the Heart of the Tao.


Generally we also offer a world mirror review in our Winter Solstice Blessings.  This year we are not choosing to focus upon the world mirror as much as the needs of the spiritual aspirants choosing to ascend at this time.  There is much to accomplish and no much time; and the world mirror will alter as more humans open to the love by opening their hearts and learning to commune again.  As enough ascending humans commune with nature and earth, all humans shall awaken to the need to take care of this global vessel that is your space craft going home.  As humans open to this truth, they will naturally attempt to repair what they have polluted or harmed.  The pathway out of such a dance cannot occur any other way other than through more awakening and ascending into the love; and so we invite each to simply carry on in your ascension and open to deeper and deeper states of love and communion within.  As you love and enough of you love, then all shall verge upon love again within the collective of your civilization; and then all may self heal and go "home' to the Tao.


Blessings 祝福
Namaste 合十致敬
The Heart of the Tao 道之心灵

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