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Blessings for Embracing Full Spectrum Love
and Transcending Codependence in the Dance of Life

The Heart of the Tao through Karen Danrich "Lilliya" April 3, 2009
道之心通过Karen Danrich "Lilliya"传递,2009年4月3日

流火 译 2009-4-13

<Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

The Heart of the Tao greets you today.  What is the Heart of the Tao?  It is a special part of the force that Terra (the Earth Mother consciousness) and all upon her emanate from that has entered her aurora to provide the missing tones of love to allow for her self healing and ascension “home” to where she was spawned.  The Heart of the Tao entered earth in late 2007 in spite of great struggles and shattering of earth’s energy field.  We do not withdraw if tough patterns occur that are designed to put us in fear; nor do we go into fear as there is nothing here that has not somehow come to be due to thought-form.


Thought-form is at cause of all experiences here and everywhere within the Tao.  Lilliya has called this part of herself that spawned her and Terra’s existence “the Tao”.  Tao translates into “infinite wisdom”.  It is so that we are providing the wisdom necessary for Lilliya, Oa, those in their association and Terra along with all kingdoms upon her to ascend into another state of being at this time in history.  Our understanding of thought-form is infinite due to all the experiences we have co-created in the 150 expansion and contraction cycles over time.  This is the 150th contraction cycle, and it is a cycle that is a completion of all cycles that have ever been.  It is perhaps for this reason that there are so many “lost” or “misplaced” creations to gather up, some of which have existed since the beginning of time and our first contraction cycle as creators.


The first creator cycle was not unlike what you upon earth experience in the now.  Oddly enough there are also the remains of some small and unknown forces here from the very first contraction cycle in the Tao.  Perhaps they were attracted here as the experience of non-love resembles what they knew in the very first cycle.  So you see we have experienced this before; and the first expansion cycle was with many problems that were sorted through in the contraction never to repeat again as we had learned our lessons as creators.



So what was the lesson of this first cycle of the Tao?  If you split light and dark, the light vies to go home but is incomplete, and the dark drops into increasing distortion and cannot return until both sides of light and dark are blended together into a single amalgamated set of realities.  This was the very first major lesson of the Tao and a very long time ago; so long in fact that it would be impossible to measure as you think of time in your region of domain.


Here upon earth you have an old lesson of splitting light and dark again recurring and from the very first cycle of creators in the Tao.  Alas there are new creators born each cycle; and some of the new creators have gone into the same dance of splitting light and dark, although this is a lesson that is supposed to be learned while in creator school.  So why are the creators of the Tao splitting light and dark?  Well the new creators desire a delicious experience of creation.  Therefore they split light and change with non-light and non-change and have an exciting time in their creations.  Alas they did not gather up all that they split into non-change polarity, as some fell into vast distortion; nor did they choose to share of what they had done as they knew already it was against the law.  And so they buried the darkness that they had cast in a region that would not be perceived for a very long time.


This region that earth is a part of has absorbed darkness from the same creators for 12 cycles in the Tao.  All creations here have fallen to extinction over time; only to have more cast in non-change at the beginning of each cycle only to fall again after the conclusion of the cycle.  There is no remaining chi between cycles in the Tao; and so anything remaining would go extinct or in other terms falls into disanimation.  For 12 cycles planets like earth fell into disanimation.  The records of the deceased holograms was an early set of information Lilliya gathered and this shows the Tao how so many creations have fallen into disanimation over time in this region of domain.


The creators associated with this experience have created a vast problem; and now they will be pulled from their exciting creations and have the task of aiding in the resurrection and reconstitution of earth; and this will settle their karma for what they have caused and they will probably never split light and dark to such an extent again.  Some creators are so distorted themselves from this dance that they have to be recast by the Tao before they can contribute unto the healing of earth.  However let us suffice to say that karma is karma and if you cause something, then as a creator the lesson is to un-cause it; or un-create the patterns associated so that all may be gathered up and go “home”.  Leaving something behind in any cycle is a vast infraction of Tao law; and yet it occurs from time to time due to unknown factors.  To have creators deliberately leave something behind and fail to request help to gather up what they caused is another level of law infraction; and it may cause some creators to lose the right to create ever again.



So what is wrong with these creators that they would do something like this and cause all the pain that it has caused in an experience of such non-change and the extinction that this creates?  Well you have all the mirrors of the nature of these creators in human form upon earth.  There are those in human form that so desire to perpetuate what they know that they would strip earth endlessly until she ceases to exist; and then fail to have a “home” to live upon going extinct themselves.  In parallel the creators in the Tao are so enthralled with their creations that they do not care if they destroy something in the process and to sustain their state of constant change and excitement.


In parallel there are humans that seek ongoing excitement in the material world and call dreams to themselves of this nature, whether it be the dream of the drug lord, prostitute, strip tease artist, or the cut throat financier, mafia or gang leader, famous musician or movie star, and so on.  The scripts for excitement are just as prevailing here as they are in the Tao; although they are limited to the human script.  Why is this so?  Humans are creators in the Tao and so the creator script falls upon the humans as associated with the creators in the Tao.


There are also those creators living in the dullness and non-excitement or boredom that are polarized into such an experience cycle after cycle, much like most humans today who are so bored that they attempt to fill themselves with the media or in purchasing too many objects to provide what they are longing for; however this really doesn’t provide for anything nor does it fill the human heart.  Even the creators in great excitement long for something, and call the dreams of ongoing change in an attempt to fill themselves.


So what is wrong with these creators and humans that desire to fill themselves so and do so through possessions or excitement?  Each of them have somehow lost full spectrum love, and as a result the dreams split between light and dark, excitement and boredom, hatred and love and in the scripts that humans as creators live within along with the creators in the Tao.  What is the resolution to this dilemma?  The problems associated with codependent love in all of the many and varied expressions will all sort themselves out as full spectrum love is restored unto the human dream and unto the creator’s creations alike.

那么,这些渴望这样做来充盈自己并通过财物或兴奋来这么做的造物者和人类,是做错了什么呢?他们中的每一个,都在某种程度上丧失了全谱的爱(full spectrum love),因此作为结果,他们的梦想就在光明与黑暗、兴奋与乏味、憎恨与爱当中分裂开来,并在人类身为造物者所生活的剧本以及道中造物者所生活的剧本中分裂开来。那么怎样才可以解决这一困境呢?在各种各样不同表达中与相互依赖的爱所相关的问题,会当全谱的爱恢复到人类梦想当中,并同样恢复到造物者的造物当中时,自我整理浮现出来。


What is full spectrum love?  An associate that recently passed the physical plane in the first conscious death that has been orchestrated for over 38,000 years (144,000 years as humans measure time) and has been sharing with the school what she perceives as an ancestor in her bardo.  The letters shall be posted in a few months for all to read; but let us suffice to say that in this ancestor’s observation, there are threads of tones that emanate from the Tao and into this sector of creation.  What she perceives is that the tones are incomplete to begin with and then are twisted and distorted, with much of the light spliced and sent elsewhere to creations such as Sirius; and what emanates unto earth is mostly darkness in tone and sour in sound.  This pattern of being consumed with darkness that has plagued earth in all her falls in consciousness is now being corrected and through the map carvers of ascension.


What are the map carvers doing that is correcting this problem?  You are anchoring the full spectrum of love sound and tone from another part of the Tao and are directing it unto this creation or earth through intention.  Full spectrum love has been anchored already within Terra’s aurora; and now it is the job of the map carvers to embody full spectrum love into your DNA.  This is bringing about many changes in the dance of ascension at this time that the Heart of the Tao would like to share a little about.


Full spectrum love is whole and complete with all tones aligned without holes and gaps.  All that each knows in this creation is incomplete love.  It is incomplete love that creates codependent thinking where one feels dependent upon another; or seeks to save another; or seeks to destroy another out of fear.  Codependent love creates all the scripts that humanity operates within today, good, bad and ugly.  As a complete and whole spectrum of love emerges, low and behold the scripts and DNA begin to shift.  The scripts shift to allow for non-codependence to emerge.  Non-codependence is what Lilliya and and all associated have been trying to ascend into for a very long time; and the more that they worked towards this goal the more it appeared to evade them; up until now.



Non-codependent love requires wholeness to emerge within.  How is wholeness born within?  Through examining the threads of love that one already spins in one’s ascending field, and then expanding upon or adding the full spectrum love until a fuller and rounder and softer field is what one constructs as an ascending human.  Lilliya and and their group have been experimenting with what it takes to integrate full spectrum love at their Intensives this year to date; and it is by in large only intention that is required for the love to begin to fill out and round out within.  Why is this so?


Well the Tao believes that long ago that the original human consciousness that extended into this region of domain understood whole and complete love as this was the nature of their existence within the Tao and before entry.  Everything that human consciousness cast to begin with including birds and bees, animals and trees, plants and flowers, insects and creepy crawlers and in the underwater worlds held a whole and complete love within the DNA and scripts for life, as this was the nature of the human consciousness that cast it.  So somewhere deep within the DNA is the remembrance and recollection of whole and complete love or full spectrum consciousness, no matter how long ago that it was lost.


We would say that whole and complete love was lost a long time ago within the Great Central Sun dream and most likely in the first fall of Terra.  It may be the first fall that then caused the human consciousness to cast a body to enter the dance to experience; and also to cast so many kingdoms in their joy of creation that they also fell into forgetfulness and failed to go home to the Tao.  Therefore in restoring full spectrum love, the map carvers are succeeding at restoring the state necessary to go home to the Tao; as everything in the Tao is founded upon full spectrum love.  It also appears as though the DNA remembers such a state and willingly accepts the love when offered.  This is perhaps the most beautiful understanding to witness at this time; as perhaps the self healing of Terra will not be as difficult as the Tao first thought upon entering this region of domain.



So what does it translate into to intend to embrace and embody whole and complete full spectrum love?  Well those ascending in Lilliya and Oa’s association along with Lilliya and themselves are learning what it takes to embrace whole and complete love.  Such a choice brings up all parts of self that do not desire to love.  For this equated to a choice to live or die and whether or not he would die for the big gurus currently incarnate.  faced his death and chose to live.  For Lilliya it has equated to the choice to save the whales by sacrificing herself for their incomplete ascensions; or choosing instead to bless their kingdom and allow them their journey even if it means no further ascension this cycle.


For Terra the choice has been to go extinct or to carry on and choose for her ascension home to the Tao.  Terra is choosing to go home this cycle and it is full spectrum love that has fostered the large lessons around extinction or death to surface for those mastering consensus based shifts at this time in history.  Lilliya and are involved with Terra in modifying the consensus scripts so that all scripts will shift for all kingdoms including the human kingdom towards full spectrum love.  In so being they have had to face karma from many dimensions of falls into death in order to transcend within; and in so being now full spectrum love can be anchored through them and through the aurora of earth.


Mastery is mastery regardless of level.  Aspirants face the issues of disease and death many times in the ascension path as so many ancestors died over time and in the attempt to ascend.  Always in the dance of death is a codependent pattern of one sort or another where one is assuming responsibility for many other’s karma, patterns, thought-form, decay and disease.  This is the script of the savior and often those persevering upon the spiritual path have this script as a part of one’s genetic inheritance.  In transcending the patterns of the savior, then the karma, patterns and thought-form associated with disease of others can lift, and one can then tend to the legitimate karma and patterns that are one’s own and transcend and complete.  This Lilliya and have done countless times in their ascensions to date.



Why is the script of the savior so prevalent upon earth?  Earth is a savior planet.  She has sunk and sunk and sunk to the lowest denominator of life as she has given up everything for the dimensions above; and taken on their density and disease in the exchange.  This is what occurs when one splits light and dark; one ends up absorbing the darkness and the other remains in the lightness; and for every pattern of splitting light and dark there is also the middle or grey patterns that appear middle of the road; but are not really; they are only the result of the fracturing of light medium and dark into separated off bandwidths of vibration.  Full spectrum love allows for the reunion of light medium and dark within; or in other terms what Lilliya has called amalgamation.


What does the script of the savior look like in an amalgamated path?  Well it is not savior at all.  Lilliya is embracing this path as the script of the savior is one of her “Achilles Heel’s” in ascension.  The new path that she is carving is one of becoming a beacon of love that shall allow the blessings to flow continuously to wherever they are required in the human dream to allow the new dream to take off.  This is one of many scripts that Lilliya is correcting at this time; as is Oa.  So what does the script of the anchor translate into for in full spectrum love?  The full spectrum anchor offers blessings of truth continuously unto the consensus so that truth may be restored into the new human dream.  Then love and truth can unite into a new awareness within the human species that shall lead to a collective awakening due to Lilliya and Oa’s own transcendence.


Lilliya and are not the only beacons offering something unto earth in full spectrum love.  There are those in their program choosing this path and are anchoring other attributes of full spectrum love into the human dream.  This has been over a year project; to create beacons of Tao love through ascension mastery so that the love can begin to flow into the human dream leading to the birth of a new era.  The reality is that more love beacons are required; so many more that it is one of Terra’s projects to create many ascending incoming children that will be born beacons of one part of the full spectrum love to aid in restoring love unto the human species.  All told 144,000 shall be born this year alone with this goal; and over time into the millions over the coming decade or more.  As this occurs, love shall be restored as a new operating system and foundation of humanity.



Those who are reading this information can also intend to become a beacon of full spectrum love in your ascension ahead.  What is required to do so?  Just the intention is required and then the willingness to clear the codependent patterns that arise as a result of such a spiritual goal.  What types of patterns may arise?  Well like Lilliya and it may be a life and death issue.  However for many it may simply be about how one fails to do what is your truth upon the physical plane and how you bend your will doing what everyone else desires and to a point that one self sacrifices.  This the Tao perceives as one of the underlying patterns in the current human scripts, as there is so little permission to be who you are and simply do what you desire in any given moment as a human being or as a spiritual aspirant.


Several hundred years ago and in a place like Hawaii, there was far greater freedom to live as one desired to live and do what one desired to do with less overall pressure from the family or society at large to do something else.  So this was so for most native or indigenous cultures.  This is the nature of red nation scripts which are about doing enough to gather provisions from the land and sea; and then the rest of one’s time is up to one’s own choice and whatever gives one pleasure to participate within.  As the white man overran and dominated; so did the slave scripts of long ago in which most were enslaved to long working hours with little compensation unto the descendents of the family of Anu; who dominate again today as the head of all organizations and generally are compensated far more greatly as a result.  It is only the Anu that have a right to be or express or do what they love; as the rest are all slaves including the red nation’s peoples and are to wait upon them hand and foot.


The slave scripts shall decline ahead and with the edition of full spectrum love into all scripts; as this is Terra’s intention.  There is nothing loving about the master slave script; and it enslaves spiritual aspirants to working hard to survive and then not having enough time for introspection that the spiritual path requires.  This shall change ahead; and the new scripts shall lead to a time where each may fulfill upon the projects that bring them joy; and have enough time and abundance for the introspection required in order to fulfill upon the spiritual path.  How may this be accomplished?  Mostly the Tao perceives communities gathering and co-creating the necessities of life together and in so being there will be the opportunity to express in many ways for each therein; and also the time for spiritual focus.



Lilliya has written several times about the Amana Colony in the Midwest.  This colony was made up of 100 German families that co-created community together in the early 1900's.  To pay the taxes, they assembled Amana appliances which sustained them.  They raised their own food and did everything more or less for themselves including clothing making, arts, crafts, dance, music and so on.  They even opened a restaurant to serve outsiders of their bounty.  The restaurant may still exist today although the families have long sold out their stakes and moved on to other endeavors.  The former members stated that no one worked more than 4 hours per day when the colony was in full swing; and had the rest of their time unto themselves.

Lilliya已经写及过位于美国中西部的Amana聚集地好几次(Amana Colony,译注:是在1855年到1930年代位于美国爱荷华州、由德国人根据农业社区理想创办的聚集地。自1930年之后成为旅游胜地)。这一聚集地,是由100个德国家庭组成的,他们一起在1900年代早期共同创建了社区。为了支付税收,他们还组建了Amana设备公司(Amana appliances)来维生。他们自己耕种食物,并多少自制一切,包括做衣服、创作艺术、工艺品、舞蹈、音乐等等。他们甚至开办了一家餐馆以款待外来者。这一餐馆可能今天还存在,尽管那些家庭早已卖出股份,并迁离去做其它工作。据前成员们说,当这一聚集地处于鼎盛时期的时候,没有人会每天工作超过4个小时,并且拥有其余的所有时间来供自己支配。

What would one do with hours that one does not have to work for another?  has discovered the joy of cooking.  Although Lilliya and have not land as of yet to grow their own garden due to all their travel, they procure beautiful ascending vegetables from the local farmers markets upon Kauai.  Lilliya enjoys writing to stimulate her own healing and also to provide healing to those reading her materials from the web site or within the school.  Lilliya also enjoys some creating projects such as making her own mineral necklaces or lotions and potions.  There might be more projects but time moves so rapidly in their experience that the next thing that they know is that they must pack to travel to their next destination for events.  Living on the road sometimes precludes other preoccupations that they might enjoy; however they envision a time of a slower life and upon a homestead with many other ascending aspirants moving to full consciousness thought-form; who will pull together to do what it takes to create most everything in sovereignty.  This is the new dream of ascending community; and full spectrum love shall allow the scripts to alter to create greater peace amongst all associations within such an experience.


Mostly today those gathering to create community struggle with all the scripts that are codependent.  The codependence causes some to become diseased and some to be very healthy but at another’s expense; it also causes some to work harder than others due to perceived value.  The scripts do not align well to sustain a state of equality and collaboration where each contributes equally unto the next, and no one takes so greatly that they end up having a free ride.  Often the one with the free ride takes most of the chi of the group; and then barters it away to forces that use it in manners that are non-supportive of earth or the group in community.  This is the difficulty with the current scripts that give all the chi to the Anu descendents; and then the Anu who do not require all the chi barter it away to the nonphysical.  The net result is there is never enough; and there shall be those who feel in lack or who feel that they are starving even in a circumstance where everything is provided for; and the lack may express in many ways but especially in feeling rejected or unloved within or in relationship unto others.



Love has turned inside out in the codependent scripts that have developed over time and in the many falls of the human species.  Inside out love causes humans to search outside themselves for the beloved or relationship rather than searching inward into your relationship unto yourself.  It is only in healing the relationship unto yourself that full spectrum love can begin to take hold.  Lilliya and have utilized the concept of inner family and inner beloved to be a mirror for how they each relate unto themselves within.  A sour inner beloved relationship denotes a problem within between the male and female attributes of self.  A problem in the inner children or teenager indicates patterns that need to be transcended from various ages of your own life experience.  As the inner family comes into harmony and balance, and the inner male and female love one another, then full spectrum love can resound in any human field.


Healing the inner family is an ongoing project in Lilliya and Oa’s own experience along with those devoted to ascension within their program.  One day the male and female and children may all be in balance and the love flows and it is a glorious day to experience.  The next day another layer of fear based patterning may be up to be cleared, and the inner family is all in disarray and the inner beloveds are not speaking to one another.  In focusing inward, the patterns can be cleared and the harmony of the inner family and beloveds can be restored.  Such days may be “couch days” in Lilliya’s own experience where most of the focus is inward rather than outward in any other preoccupation.  Sometimes patterns are so enormous requiring transcendence that it becomes a “couch week”.  Lilliya had one of these as of late due to her karma; but it passed and the attention and inward focus allowed the transcendence to be relatively rapid.  Such is the dance of the inward momentum of ascension, and it is for this reason that those ascending require the time to focus inward upon the path.



The further that one ascends the more rapidly karma comes up and sometimes can literally roll over oneself.  This can be a really bad ascension day or week where one may feel quite ill until the discord is cleared that has surfaced within the DNA and energy flow.  Learning to love and bless the difficult moments has a softening effect upon the struggle to ascend.  The love highlights karma that is not legitimately true unto one’s inheritance so that it can be returned to wherever it originated; and this then lifts a portion of the patterns one is struggling within to transcend.  The continued blessing then allows for the original ancestral karma to surface so that it can be forgiven and the lesson learned from the exchange.  This is the gift of love and how it aids self healing at this time of ascension home.


What if the heart is so compromised that now one fails to bless?  Ah, Lilliya had this experience as of late; and so she had to focus upon healing her heart’s ability to move the algorithms of full spectrum love first.  As her shattered heart mended, the love was restored and in a sudden burst of release, all the rest was blessed in the intention to love and bless larger than she knew how; and she recovered in a day from that point forward.  Mending the heart took two weeks however; as it was so badly shattered.  So she is working upon an energy flow that does not allow for such a fracturing of heart to recur; and this will prevent the struggle that she experienced as of late.


Why do forces focus upon shattering the heart?  Well in the Tao’s perception such forces are after the love; and in stripping the algorithms of the Tao they think that now they will have endless love.  Well this is a delusion as the love movement can only be fostered through physicality and an open heart and vessel that is learning Tao language.  Outside of Lilliya’s vessel, all that was stripped and given to ascending whales failed to have the effect of generating love at all; as the whales did not understand Tao thought-form; and if they did they would not require taking Lilliya’s heart to generate love; they would generate the love on their own and from their own movements.  You see whales much as many humans are also inside out and seeking love from outside movements rather than embracing full spectrum love and learning new movements within; from which an endless stream of love can be generated within one’s own energy flow.


This Lilliya has proved along with Oa; and now earth is beginning to generate her own full spectrum love in her aurora; and so will each species in time generate their own love along with the land and sea; and then a restoration of love will be complete; but not concluded.  What do we mean by this?  Well the love will continue to expand and expand over thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years until the love of the Tao is matched in frequency and pitch; and then Terra and all upon her will leave this delusion behind and go home.  So love will continue to expand and as it expands, all that is codependence will one day be left behind in all the myriad of expressions that it causes; and real love will be restored to deeper and deeper degrees; until the love of the Tao shines bright and allows for a homecoming within of each sentient species along with earth as a whole.



What do we do with forces that cannot learn the love or do not wish to for whatever lost delusion that they rest within?  For physicality such as the whales, learning to love may become generational as love based genetics are recovered then allowing each genealogy that is related unto this Great Central Sun to ascend further into the love.  But what about non-physicality?  Well by in large Terra is discovering that non-physicality also requires a new script so that they too can restore full spectrum love.  This Terra is anchoring this year ahead, and many forces that are not from this sun and cannot receive the new love will be departing.  Some will carry on in other creations where they originate and be a part of a homecoming similar to what is being orchestrated here upon earth; and some will return to the Tao as they are so caustic in nature that they would prevent ascension of the whole otherwise.  The Tao is reabsorbing some forces of this nature and shall continue to do so as required to allow for the homecoming of the whole.


Many forces humans attune unto are a part of a group of forces that really require reabsorbing on the part of the Tao.  Why is this so?  Non-physicality has dumped it’s darkness upon the human scripts and then tethered dark forces unto the human species that cannot be transmuted in the act of ascension; and mostly because such forces never originated due to human cause.  These types of forces are going to lift as the scripts for the nonphysical are altered enough and in the year ahead; this shall allow for a lightening and brightening of the human dream and more love to flow from nature and the Earth Mother along with Tao through the human experience.  This shall begin to foster greater human awakening unto unity based concepts of the Language of Light and Language of ONE; and from this a new era will begin to dawn.  (See Language of Light and Language of ONE for more information.)


There are many changes that shall be fostered as more love becomes available upon earth.  The darkness will lift and full spectrum love shall be anchored.  The full spectrum love will fill in the holes and gaps previously occupied by all the density and darkness; and therefore it will all fade, gradually and consistently over time; until the darkness ceases and a new era of amalgamation into the middle path and road emerges upon earth.  This is no small feat to orchestrate; and the more humans that can choose for full spectrum love, the more that will contribute to the shifts ahead possibly speeding up the time that it may take otherwise to fulfill upon the golden era.  Therefore we invite more to intend to embody full spectrum love and release that which is codependent, until one by one each script that one lives becomes a loving experience in the dance of life.



There are many scripts and by in large those ascending live 75 variant dreams in the evolution to 2200 strands; by 3000 strands the scripts expand to 100.  By 6000 strands 144 scripts are experienced; and by 9000 strands this expands again to 175 scripts.  Scripts are small and large in terms of how they drive one’s dream; some are for very small actions such as cleaning the sink; others for larger actions such as cooking; and yet others for more expanded manners in which one relates unto oneself and each within the dance of life.  As all scripts contain full spectrum love, one’s relationship to all others will shift in a new direction that honors self and all kingdoms in the dance of life.  Unity will only really be restored upon the physical plane as full spectrum love and scripts become the only available experience to be dreamt.  One day this will be so for your ascending future ancestors; but for now and for those carving the map, you must first create the destination within; and then it will become so for all others.


And so the Heart of the Tao invites each to choose for full spectrum love, and choose repeatedly and as a daily intention; and then allow the transformation that then becomes possible as one integrates the entire rainbow, thread by thread and until one is whole and complete within.  What does wholeness and completeness look and feel like?  We do not believe that anyone really knows, not even Lilliya and and all that they are integrating at this time.  Wholeness and completeness is such a far off possibility due to the fractured state of the twisted tones that have only been available here and for a long time.  Even the twisted tones that Sirius receives, for all their greater light, are not whole and complete.


Therefore it will be up to the map carvers to define what it feels like to experience wholeness within; and then from such a state begin to define what it means to dance with others in community out of wholeness.  It will be the wholeness that will allow for a dance with others that can ascend; as without this the polarity only rips some in the group apart to allow others to rise into dominion; and this will never lead to real ascension home; only to a repeat of what has already been known and for a long time in physicality.  Therefore this is a new experience, the dance of wholeness; and one that has been forgotten for so long it may not be recalled.  However each that vies for this destination and is intent upon releasing whatever blocks oneself from finding one’s way to wholeness will define what this means, and how this causes the life to change in its dream and dance with others.  This shall become a new script of wholeness that each map carver shall define for the map followers and incoming little ones to embody, and is important work to foster.


Many in Lilliya and Oa’s program share of their ascension experiences in written materials posted in the Community Journal section of the site; and also share of their thoughts and journey at our annual Masters Conclave events.  Please join us ahead if you feel called, as we will be focusing upon anchoring full spectrum love into the sound of ohana music for each joining us at these special events ahead.  There is much to alter within to receive full spectrum love; and this is another goal of the work of this organization and their events ahead.  (See Community Journal and Masters Conclave for more information.)



The work of the map carvers never ends.  It is a life devotion that will carry each focused upon this goal until whatever time one may feel complete within; and then like the associate who consciously passed as of late, into a conscious death by choice as one’s mission may have concluded.  This need not require becoming ill; although if illness strikes and it cannot be transcended in this life, then conscious passing is a viable option.  In the conscious passing, the love expands and forgiveness of all remaining ancestral karma then becomes possible.  This is not wrong and may also be a part of the journey ahead for some map carvers.


Physicality in and of itself is a difficult dance; in some respects this initiate is finding greater joy as an ancestor than they ever knew alive.  So feel not sorry for her; she finding her way to her truth but as an afterlife consciousness.  This is not wrong; and each can be assured more greatly that the choice to pass is now available amongst those map carving when it was difficult to orchestrate before.  This is something that the Grand Masters of long ago knew; that they could lay down and in a short time pass the physical plane if this was necessary and the dream that they chose.  And indeed many were shattered so greatly this is what they chose in that moment; as they knew not how to repair themselves for continued life in health.


So we invite each to fear not death; and push forward in your ascension ahead and into full spectrum love.  For this is the new goal of each map carver and follower ahead; and in the fulfillment of this goal a new era shall emerge for the human species at large.  You will know that you are contributing to this goal in the journey and regardless of the life outcome.  After all what is there really and truly to do otherwise other than to ascend, to transform, to expand into a larger dream and to open the heart and restore a state of love again?  There is nothing greater that you could possibly contribute your life unto beloved; and your ancestors stand around you in joy as this is your focus.


We leave you with these thoughts 我们在这些思想中离开你们
Namaste 合十致敬
The Heart of the Tao 道之心

This is a part of a series of articles through Lilliya and the Heart of the Tao to address the patterns and issues of becoming a creator in human form as well as a steward of this space craft known as Terra ahead.  We hope each enjoys this information as it pours forth.  We also highly recommend the “Heart of the Tao Audio Suggested Meditation CD Special” to aid those who are choosing to enter the New Dream ahead and in coming to balance in your energy flow and life.  We also recommend working with the “Complete Ascension Workbook” to foster as complete an ascension as possible this lifetime.  A complete ascension without schisms is necessary to the sustenance of health in the new dream.  Workbook II has been released and focuses upon the emotional issues of separation and imbalance in ascension and how to bring them to a new state of unity and integrity within.



(更新日期: 2009-12-18 )
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