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Blessings for Absolute Honor and Receiving the Silver Ray of Dream Weaving

The Emerald Mineral Kingdom through Karen Danrich June 1, 2009
祖母绿王国透过Karen Danrich传递,2009年6月1日

Translated by 流火 2009-7-24

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

It is the Emerald Mineral Kingdom that writes to you today.  Emerald is a very hard stone related to Ruby in the inner earth.  Upon the surface of the earth we hold the vibration of honor which is a silver ray that harmonizes the love between individuals or within nature.  Love and harmony create the thought-form of honor in the human dance of life.  Honor is a state of being in which one embraces the god goddess within oneself and all others; and as such recognizes the need to bless all others and all kingdoms out of love.  In the exchange of love between humans or kingdoms, honor is born.


Emerald  is one of four minerals that holds the silver ray of Absolute Honor in the Language of Light.  The three others include Moonstone which is related to the jurisdiction tone; Andesine which is related to the integrity tone; and Peridot which is related to the friendship tone.  These four tones define the quad tone of Absolute Honor and the movements associated generate the silver tone within one's field or Terra's field.








The silver ray is the ray of honor.  Honor is a state of being in which all each is looked after, each is respected in the truth that one expresses, and each is blessed and loved in an exchange of energetic flow that sustains a state of honor within the whole.  A state of honor was lost long ago by the collective of the human species.  Some nations held on to a state of honor longer than most others.  Lemurian culture was one of the last group experiences of honor in any human civilization.  Lemurian culture died in the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis and since this point in time, a state of collective honor has been lost upon each continent; although there are small pockets of regions that still exist in greater harmony than others.  Hawaii and Australia are two regions that still host pockets of greater harmony and this is due to the energetic movements upon the land remaining from the times of Lemuria. This occurs also due to the silver ray which flows as a vibration upon the land.


Lilliya has noticed how much more unity based the dreams in Australia often are and than in other regions that she has traveled unto.  Aussies appears to vie to get along; and vie to work together more greatly.  They are a friendly people that also welcome others into the fold, not unlike Hawaiian culture in recent centuries.  The underlying cause of why this is so is really associated with land based movements that contain the silver ray.  The silver ray takes discordant dreams and causes them to align together to be more harmonious and fluid.  As such humans respond to one another in greater fluidity and dance together rather than step upon one another's toes.


An example of this occurred a long time ago in Lilliya's recollection.  Lilliya and were having a lovely lunch at a cafe in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney.  A delivery truck with a load of beer upon it made too sharp of a turn and most of the bottles ended up broken upon the street.  In the US such an accident would require the police to show up, reports to be made and it would be hours before the mess would be cleared.  Low and behold locals minding the shops nearby came out with brooms in hand, cleaned up the mess, took a few cases of beer in exchange, and the delivery truck was on its way in a short time .  Lilliya and watched this and agreed that there was something different about this dream in Australia than in most other places that they had lived or journeyed; people appeared to pull together rather than blaming, pointing fingers and waiting for authorities to make decisions and help clean up the mess.  This is one example of the difference between a dream with the silver ray present and those dreams devoid of this vibration in present time.


What occurs when silver ray is lost is that the vibration that knits dreams together and aligns them in a common purpose that sustains the whole is lost.  Most humans today live in a very fractured dream.  The underlying cause of this is a lack of the silver ray.  Humans have one dream when they go to work; and another at home; and another dream with their spouse and one with each child; and another dream with each friend; and another dream for social occasions with others.  All told the average human today may exist within 36 or more fractured dreams that that move between in any given week or month.  The dreams are so separate that there is little relationship between one to the next.


There are also variant personality that function in relation to each of the 36 or more dreams that most humans exist within.  This is why one relates one way with the spouse or beloved, another way with each child, another way with the boss or workmates, another way with one's parents; another way with one's siblings, another way with each friend, and one relates in a variety of manners in association with each group that one dances with.  Each dream is driven by a group of fractured entities that do not know very much and also often exist in pain, fear, suffering, judgment, or poverty.  There is no fluidity or continuity between the dreams and the persona involved drive the relationships to be one way or another with each; whether they be harmonious, disharmonious or argumentative, loving or unloving in nature.


A long time ago Lilliya noticed the incongruence of her dreams.  An example of this is when she would sit down to write.  The dream for writing was a dream for writing and included all the nonphysical of nature and earth that she would channel.  The nonphysical do not have to stop, rest or pee; and as such she would write and write for hours without end.  If did not make a little food and bring it into the computer room, Lilliya would not have eaten either.  She finally realized that this was odd and chose to  recast  her dream so that she could write for a while and then take a break to cook or take a walk or swim outside.  As she recast her dream for greater fluidity between activities, she also anchored the silver ray into her field.


Over time Lilliya and and those in their study programs learned to knit the dreams together for an entire day, and later for a month at a time.  The dream would flow throughout the day and night along with week to week with the focuses required to sustain their path and school.  The fluidity of dream made it easier to know what was needed next, and so the days work would flow between answering e-mail to writing to working with students over the phone, taking a walk or swim, and preparing meals or shopping the farmers markets for what was needed; and over the course of the month preparing for their next workshop and travel to the destination associated.  The fluidity of dream was far easier to exist within than the fractured state that was left behind.  Those ascending can also choose to apply the silver ray to knit one's dreams together in a fluid manner from morning until night and day to day as well.  All that is required is mastery over the silver ray to accomplish this task.



As one knits one's dreams together, one will also release the persona that exist only in a fractured dream state.  All humans are animated by the nonphysical that surround oneself.  The DNA creates an energy flow that creates the dreams that one is surrounded by.  Fractured dreams call a fractured set of nonphysical to drive the dream, and this Lilliya has called the persona.  The persona is not whole and complete and lacks understanding, and as they drive the human dream, humans also lack understanding and feel less than whole and complete.  Persona is also fearful as it does not know very much; and so humans exist within a state of fear as they channel fractured fearful entities out of the fractured dreams that they reside within.


Persona has driven the entire human dream since the fall of Atlantis.  Up until this time in history there was soul and also ancestors that participated in the human dream.  Humans were whole enough in their own field rotation and DNA to call a whole resource of nonphysical to participate.  As humans fractured in the nuclear winter following Atlantis, they fell too far to be soul infused any longer; and the ancestral planes were driven far away from physicality leaving humans with so little knowledge that they fell into what you have called the "dark ages".  The dark ages are being put behind humanity now as earth has chosen to ascend and piece herself back together, and also to help humans do the same that are known as the map carvers of ascension.


The map carvers are piecing together a whole and complete energy flow as it was known prior to the falls of Atlantis or earlier in time; and as such shall create a blueprint for the restoration of wholeness within the entire human species.  This is no small job to be a map carver, and those succeeding at this goal should be honored from the point of view of the Emerald Mineral Kingdom.  They are in service unto your entire species, and often give greatly without much acknowledgement from anyone but Lilliya, or the Earth Mother.  Many reading this information and who are map carving or following are also doing so for your species and without much acknowledgement or thanks; but understand that the mineral kingdom and all kingdoms upon earth do thank you and do honor you even if your fellow humans are too fractured to understand enough to do so.



As enough wholeness is mastered in one's dreams, then the persona falls away and gives way to allowing the ancestors to personify the life.  The ancestral planes have recently moved closer to physicality allowing ancestors to be more greatly present in one's day to day life than in times past.  Each reading this essay can also choose to become ancestral driven rather than persona driven in this lifetime, and allow the patterns at cause of why the persona are present to release so that an energy flow that allows the ancestor's presence can be constructed.  An ancestral driven life will have purpose; and will have dreams that can manifest that will lead to a state of fulfillment.  The ancestors also collectively know much more than the persona, and this is how the wisdom shall be restored unto the human species and through ascension.  Children shall be born ancestral driven ahead and shall know more and follow their truth more greatly as a result.  Ascending adults can also restore such a state of being, and in so doing shall also master the silver ray of honor.



Mastering the silver ray will bring up all the patterns of dishonor that one has yet to transcend as an ascending human.  Patterns of dishonor are associated with the seven polarity thought-forms that the persona were constructed to dance within.  These thought-forms are associated with dearth, pain, suffering, fear, rejection, judgment and poverty; and have their positive polarities associated with life, pleasure, excitement, peace, lust, and greed.  The fourteen planes associated with each of these thought-forms was devised for a limited slave nation that was bred in a scientific laboratory in the era of the Family of Anu.  The nonphysical that was fractured was imported to personify the slave nation in manners that the Anu desired them to be personified.  After the fall of Atlantis, humans so fractured in DNA that they fell into the limited planes cast for a very paired down human with limited DNA and limited holographic nature.


Ascension makes possible rising out of the dance of the persona and also beyond the limited planes and dreams cast by the Anu.  Most of the West has fallen into the fractured dreams of the Anu.  The East has also been influenced by the limitations of fractured dreams as well and have a parallel system that is fear based, although not associated with the Anu.  When DNA frays, dreams fracture that are cast by the frayed DNA.  So although the East was not at cause of the last fall of Atlantis, the radiation unleashed frayed the DNA enough to fray the dreams of all peoples upon earth to such an extent that soul could no longer extend into physicality, and ancestors were far away enough that they could not be perceived or heard or direct the human dream.


This last cycle has been the worst circumstance of a lack of direction for the human species, and has led to all the circumstances that you now find yourself within in which you are destroying yourselves with toxic overload and also the Earth Mother to near extinction.  Even in the era of Atlantis or the era of the Anu, humans did not pollute as they do today.  This is an oxymoron as earth was destroyed in nuclear warfare worse than the toxic overload upon her field; but she is still being destroyed nonetheless.  However humans now have an opportunity to rise in awareness and wisdom and do something about what they have caused; and this is the dream that the Earth Mother is casting for humanity ahead.  The new dream shall lead to an awakening of the need to take care of your mother earth and humans will then create all kinds of clean up programs as a result.



What does the polarity thought-from create in the dance of life that is so dishonorable?  Well look all around oneself and see what you see for examples of the dance prevail in the human dream at this time.  There are those who exist on the edge of life and death either due to circumstance or physical condition.  Life and death polarity causes life to be valued and death to be feared.   The fear of death drives humans to do many things that they might not otherwise.  The desire for life also causes humans to control humans by threatening their existence.  It is the fear of death that governments control the masses through.  This is also how the Anu controlled their slave nations; by threatening their lives.


Over time too many slaves overpopulated the region and so the Anu set up a concentration camp and killed those who were unhealthy or unstable by the billions.  As their police swept through the slave cities hauling off so many relatives and friends, those remaining went into deep fear; and this kept the slave masses from ever rising up against the Anu's dominion.  So this type of dream has played out in recent history and in the concentration camps in Germany during WWII and other genocide tragedies as well.  The dream for the fear of death also plays out in much subtler manners in most humans still working within the fractured personification system.  Why?  The persona are so fractured they do not have an afterlife and only exist as long as the body survives; and so it is the persona that fears death even more than the physical as then they lose the instrument through which they dance.  Release the persona and draw the ancestors into one's expression and the fear of death will subside; as after all each ancestor was once alive and died and carried on in consciousness, so what is to fear in death?


Lilliya has recently really come to understand why death should not be feared and in experiencing the crossing of an associate who went through the process of passing consciously.  Lilliya could experience the love and joy this associate expanded into and also all the afterlife work of clearing karma associated with the physical body, which Lilliya is familiar with due to her own ascension process.  Consciousness carries forward and expands into all the awareness of what all ancestors know.  Death can also be a choice if the body is in ill health and can take only a short time to create.  This initiate passed in less than 2 weeks through conscious focus and intention and in working upon releasing all her attachment to the physical plane.  As the body completed all its ties it naturally passed when she may have lived years longer otherwise.  The body was filled with cancer and so this was the best choice for their future.  Also this initiate has become a beacon of understanding within the school now, and Lilliya channels her regularly for her insights.  Soon earth will release some of these channeling to the web site and as this initiate is ready to handle the focus upon her as an afterlife consciousness.  However the experience illustrated unto Lilliya that life is a choice and death can also be a choice, and there is no end in death and so death is not to be feared; nor is ill health to be feared as one can simply choose to consciously pass.



Pain is a state of being in which the energy does not flow.  If the energy fails to flow in the physical, it causes physical pain and can lead to disease if not transmuted over time.  If the energy fails to flow in the emotional body or heart, it causes grief.  Pain is simply stuck energy that does not move.  Apply focus and move the energy and the grief dissipates; and also so will the physical pain as the stuck points release.  Acupuncture and acupressure along with the ingestion of certain herbs can be useful to helping the energy systems to free themselves up if a particular pathway or meridian has become stuck.  The mineral kingdoms suggest this type of treatment over allopathic medicine as it is far more supportive of ascension.  Ascension is about freeing up the blocked energy systems of one's ancestry enough to rise into another level of consciousness.  Therefore anything that supports the goal of freeing up stuck energy also supports ascension.  This is why also the kingdoms have suggested over time a gentle daily walk, mud baths, saunas, jacuzzis or a gentle swim to help move the stuck points that may surface upon any day or week of ascension and from one's ancestors who existed in the DNA one is embodying.  Pain therefore is an ongoing pattern to transcend in ascension and the more one learns how to release stuck points the easier the journey becomes.


Sometimes pain is feared and once one understands that all pain can be transmuted, then pain need not be feared.  However often initiates take on the pain of others trying to soften their circumstance.  Those that take on the pain for many others in the physical generally end up sick.  Those who take on emotional pain for many others often end up depressed and sometimes suicidal.  Those that exist in the positive side of the pain-pleasure circumstance often pass their pain on to others to be experienced.  Why is this so?  Well it is a dance of the Anu.  The Anu deposited all their unwanted vibrations and movements onto the slaves who took them on and experienced all their darkness.  Today the same dance has occurred due to the movement of humans into the slave nation system of dreams due to their fractured genetic structure.  In rising beyond such planes and choosing to piece oneself back together to another level of DNA that is more whole and complete, one can rise beyond the game of taking on pain of others, whether it be emotional or physical.  For some this may allow for recovery out of disease.


Lilliya has discovered that the dance of the Anu and how they pass along all the negative patterns of their own polarity based thought-form is only one piece of the pie.  There are other genealogies that appear red nation that also participate in the same game.  Such genealogies created the Pharaohs in the times of Ancient Egypt who attempted to ascend, but fell into false ascension patterning in which the same dynamics of the Anu were recreated.  The Pharaohs extended their lives by passing their pain and disease on to others or the masses who suffered as a result.  Most may not understand that the recent cycle of Pharaohs is not what we are speaking unto.  The recent cycle of Pharaohs in the past 10,000 human years was only a repeat of an ancient dream in which Egypt was an island chain near the region known as Banff Canada today.  Land has moved due to the continental shifts of Terra's plates; and 18,000 years ago (72,000 years as humans measure time) what is now the continent of Egypt existed in the North American grids of today; and also humans had not fallen so far as a collective consciousness.  The dream repeated in a more recent cycle of Egypt recreating a pharaoh class, but there was no focus of ascension in this cycle as too much consciousness had been lost even if a few retained larger craniums.


The Pharaohs are not the only genealogy however to participate in life extension practices. There is also the Gurus.  Those with Guru ancestry often also rise into power and extend their lives by passing on their pain and disease unto others.  Lilliya and the school have been discovering that the game of passing on darkness goes all the way back to the Grand Master seeding as well.  This is some of the karma that Lilliya and have been releasing in their personal ascensions to date.  The High Priests of Sirius came to pay visits to the Grand Masters and set in motion a series of planes and machinery to strip all the holographic knowledge and return it to Sirius.  In so being, the Grand Masters took on Sirian darkness of pain and disease and all but a few perished.  Those that remained moved into the inner earth and closer to the aurora and attempted to ascend, but ascended incompletely leading to yet other problems for the Earth Mother over time.  Such problems are also being sorted out as the inner earth humans carry on in their personal ascensions and understand what they have caused.


So the game of moving pain around has a long history upon earth. Ascending humans may be dealing with how their inheritance took on pain for others for a long time as a result.  However as each layer of cause is transmuted, then one does move beyond the pain and into the authentic joy again.  Authentic joy is such a rare experience as it is founded upon wholeness of dream.  The silver ray aids initiates in restoring  a state of authentic joy unto one's physical plane existence through restoration of a whole dream.  This is the gift of the silver ray.  The silver ray acts as a detoxifying energetic system that aids the sticky energies of the field associated with pain and suffering to dissipate more readily.  Therefore one can attune unto and run the silver ray to aid one in your process of transformation in ascension.



Suffering is also the result of sticky energy, but not energy that has entirely stuck as in association with the vibration of pain.  Suffering is energy that moves, but sticks as it vacillates from side to side.  If the sticky energy is within one's dream, it will cause one's music to sour and call the experience of suffering that is emotional in nature to be experienced.  If the sticky energy effects the etheric body, it will call the experience of suffering that is physical to the dance of life.  All sticky energy associated with suffering just as with the stuck energy of pain can be transmuted through focus and intention.  As the energy more freely spins, the suffering then ceases.  The silver ray aids sticky energy in releasing and restoring a freer movement of flow.


Suffering is an odd dance also within the human dream.  There are those that take on the suffering of others. Lilliya's grandmother was one of these and she would recurrently say "I want to die". This began when she was 45 and of course she lived until the ripe old age of 95.  What grandmother was expressing was the suffering that she was in and due to taking on her daughter (Lilliya's mother's) suffering. She also had the nature of taking on all the neighborhood suffering of her friends too; and such is the nature of extreme polarity which causes vibrations to clump together to be expressed through single individuals.


Those ascending may discover that your ancestry like Lilliya's grandmother took on the suffering of others.  In choosing to release the thought-form associated, Lilliya moved beyond the same patterning that she had inherited and had come down from ancient times as well.  Lilliya's Grand Master ancestors took on the suffering of the High Priests of Sirius and suffered until they chose to consciously pass the physical plane.  They could not dismantle the planes associated that had been set up in the unconscious of the High Priests.  Today and due to the aid of Terra (the Earth Mother's consciousness) all such planes are being disbanded at this time allowing Lilliya the opportunity to move beyond the consensus based patterns associated with life extension.  As such the truth of ascension is being restored unto the human kingdom.



Fear is a vibration that also sticks not unlike suffering, but vibrates enough to create internal discord.  The discord is experienced by the emotional body as fear.  Lilliya learned a long time ago to drain the fear down her grounding and rarely has experienced fear for any length of time as a result.  The point is that fear is only a vibration and can be released and transmuted by one's larger chakras in the aurora.  Lilliya's former psychic teacher always would say that fear was due to a lack of knowledge.  Restore the knowledge and the fear subsides. This is also so as when the body itself goes into fear, it is uncertain about what to do next.  Restore the knowledge of what to do and what steps to take upon the path next, and the fear then passes.


Restoring knowledge is an ongoing feat of ascension.  So much has been lost and so much has fractured over time that most humans exist in a state of fear whether they consciously acknowledge it or not.  Restore the knowledge through gathering up all the pieces and parts of self that fractured this lifetime or in one's ancestry and the fear subsides as now one knows enough to continue to walk one's path in ease.  Often the body is in fear of lack of enough to subsist; and if dreams are sparse as in these times of economic contraction, then humans go into fear.  As one chooses instead to expand one's dreams and gather back to oneself your lost dream weaving knowledge throughout time, then there is enough dream to subsist available and the body ceases to exist in fear.


Although Lilliya's channeling has been popular, there have been times that her dreams were also sparse.  Much of this was due to loss of dream to false gods.  Terra would weave her a larger dream for events and it would disappear up the dimensions and on to false god planes.  Neither Lilliya or Terra could see where the dreams went, and Lilliya would go into deep fear that her mission would fail.  Terra would take dream from elsewhere and recast the dreams for events and Lilliya would move out of her fear.  You see fear is really only the lack of dream as well as knowledge from the Emerald Kingdom's point of view.  Retrieve the dreams that one should exist within along with one's dream weaving knowledge and the fear shall subside as the body will know it is being taken care of.


Humans of great wealth along with the banks hoard massive amounts of dream.  This causes many humans to have so little dream that they starve upon the physical plane.  The lack of dream also causes certain nations to experience vast poverty.  The solution to this is to allow ample dream to be present to sustain the human experience outside of fear.  Much of the dreams have gone to false god planes upon dimensions above.  Terra is in the process of gathering back now all the lost human dreams that dissipated up the dimensions due to false ascension; and there will be more dream than ever available to those who are ascending.  So if you are in fear, run the silver ray and call back your dreams beloved; and your knowledge as a member of a fully conscious species known as human being.  Then recast and expand your dream and you may discover that your fears rapidly dissipate as such.


It is out of fear that humans do such horrific things to one another.  During the fall of Atlantis and as the DNA frayed due to a nuclear annihilation, humans would kill one another over a drink of water or a bite to eat.  A perfectly organized society fell into great dishonor in this circumstance.  Fortunately a nuclear annihilation is not a viable future dream for Terra to experience again.  The map carvers of ascension have forgiven the remaining karma associated with fission though-form last year, and no possible dream of nuclear war now looms over humanity or earth.  Therefore we are on to a day of restoration of wholeness instead and the release of all fear based thought-form in the human dream and through ascension.



Rejection is another experience that many human hearts fear the most.  Express that you love another and have the other fail to love in return, and rejection is experienced.  Rejection is really a vibration that suppresses love.  As love is suppressed, then there is a lack of love to be shared, and humans then reject one another.  Love is suppressed through tones that dissipate love's energy movements.  Why would anyone desire to dissipate love?  The dissipation of love is actually a result of a thought-form in which love translates into hate.  Those humans from the Pleiades such as the family of Anu, or those carrying Pleiadian DNA today in one's genetic structure, host a thought-form in which love has inverted into hatred.  As a result, the inverted thought-form of love dissipates the movements of love within as well as between individuals or within groups.


Here you can see the problems of having mixed genealogies as many who are ascending do have at this time.  If you are white and of red nation ancient inheritance, you most likely have mixed genetics of Pleiadian and Sirian thought-form.  Those parts of the field that are drawn from Sirian blueprints will love; and those parts of the field drawn of Pleiadian blueprints will dissipate love; and this causes the emotional experience of non-love or feelings of rejection.  If a part of the body drawn from Pleiadian thought-form dissipates enough love, the cells will fall into death and disease.  The solution to this is to transmute all Pleiadian DNA into Sirian formats drawing upon templates from one's ancient ancestry.  As all Pleiadian DNA is transmuted in the ascent ahead, one will cease to reject oneself, and the experience of rejection will also cease in one's life experience.  The Earth Mother has written two workbooks, The Complete Ascension Workbook I and II to aid humans in constructing a complete ascension into Sirian based DNA and thought-form.  The mineral kingdom invites more reading the web site to work with these materials if you are serious about your ascension.


Today the ancestors have more available genetic blueprints than ever.  Over 9 billions ancestors lost in false bardo from pre-Atlantean times of greater unity biology have recently been recovered.  There are many more pathways into unity biology and consciousness now available for all ascending aspirants.  Intend beloved to have your ancestors research the best possible ascending DNA to move into at this time and due to the recovered blueprints.  Also intend that the blueprint you ascend into is of loving ancestors that knew how to bless upon the physical plane.  Love is an internal state of being.  As love is restored, humans cease to reject themselves or others and a new dance of acceptance and honor can be born.


The silver ray aids in unifying love and power in one's energy field.  As love is empowered the dance of rejection and lust can be put behind oneself.  Lust is the opposite of rejection and causes humans to separate their hearts from their sexual flow.  As sexuality is devoid of heart movements, love is also dissipated in the dance.  As sexuality and love reunite and as the heart is included in the flow, love is empowered into a new vibration that no longer lusts after or rejects another, but embraces oneself and all others with the blessings possible between two or the many.  As blessings flow between others and between humans and the land or sea, harmony and unity is restored into the dream.  This is another gift of the silver ray as it flows through the act of shared blessings.  We invite each to learn to run the silver ray and allow the fear of rejection to subside and the dance of real love through the act of blessing to be born.


How do blessings occur?  As the sexual energy includes the heart and expands, it touches upon the Earth Mother in the aurora and one's oversoul above; as the love of the earth and the love of one's oversoul unite, the energy expands through the open heart and heart lotus to reach out and bless and touch others.  The blessings send love to wherever one directs one's attention; if it is out in nature then the trees and other kingdoms receives the experience of being loved in the blessings received; and then return blessings unto oneself so that one also feels loved in return.  If one blesses those that also can bless in the human dream, then one receives the blessings of love in return and feels loved by the individual blessed.  Those that cannot return the blessings are humans who yet to have open their hearts enough to do so.  Intend to learn to bless beloved; as it is the only manner in which love can be restored unto your kingdom as a whole.



Judgment is an energy that causes love to polarize into acceptance or denial.  "This one I can love as I judge them worthy; this one I cannot love as I judge them unworthy."  Real love embraces all others and all other kingdoms without judgment.  The act of judgment therefore denies blessings to flow to all.  Those who fail to receive the blessings of love due to judgment against them then feel rejected.  Deny anyone of the love and soon you will deny yourself of the love as this is the nature of polarity beloved.  Judgment is a system also through which the love flows to some and not to others collectively.  Those nations denied the love starve or fall into poverty level dreams; those receiving more of the love have a more affluent and abundant experience of life as there is more dream. Love commands the dreams and if there is little love, then there are fewer dreams to be made manifest.  Lack of dream leads to poverty in all of its expressions upon earth, including a lack of love within and all the feelings of unworthiness that this creates.


Where did the judgment come from?  Judgment is a fractured expression that comes from the fractured state of being of the persona.  Attune to the ancestors and you will hear a nonjudgmental understanding of another or any circumstance you may find yourself within.  Attune to nature and you will receive guidance that is also nonjudgmental of others or self and about the path of ascension you are walking and what requires addressing to forgive and transcend within.  As a fully conscious species all humans are at choice about what consciousness you will or will not allow to participate in your dance of life.  Lilliya came to understand long ago that in simply choosing to cast out or even shatter anything that desired to judge her or another and then the game of judgment came to a halt.  Judgment is also associated with unconscious harm, and it is as you point fingers at others that energetic barbs are also sent their way.  This is the problem with judgment and is one of the reasons that in order to move into a state of honor, one must learn to cease to judge.


Judgment also occurs due to looking at only a part of the truth of the experience.  Many judge the qualities or characteristics of others without realizing that one's own ancestry participated in expressing the same characteristics; and that one also expresses in such a manner upon a parallel plane life.  If one takes what one judges and allows the dance of forgiveness to unfold, one can forgive each ancestor that expressed in a manner that you do not like; and also each part of self upon a parallel plane that does the same.  As one forgives the ancestry and oneself for whatever is expressed, then one can easily forgive the other for the same behavior.


Difficult human behavior also has a cause of limiting genetics and the creation of a fractured slave nation on the part of scientists that does not understand enough to act in any other manner.  Humans have vast karma for pairing themselves down in holographic wisdom; and this karma expresses itself in the dance of life of the map carvers and followers as those that are less than aware and then act out in ways that are less than harmonious or loving in nature.  A paired down heart cannot love; a paired down genealogy cannot understand.  So those with greater wisdom can forgive the human species for creating a part of your own kingdom that has less than enough awareness to love or ascend.  As enough map carvers and followers forgive the dance of creating paired down slaves, such genealogies will be phased out of the human expression and all shall rise into a greater level of wisdom for the return journey "home" ahead.



Poverty is a vibration that dissipates dreams.  It is only if one has not enough dream that the experience of impoverishment occurs.  Greed is a vibration that hoards dream to excess then depriving others of enough dream to subsist.  So what is it about the human condition that moves dream about or dissipates dream in one region only to have excessive dream in another?  The imbalance associated with poverty and greed is really a magnetic problem.  If magnetisms work in balance, then dreams are directed evenly to all such that all have enough.  If magnetism is too great in one region and not enough in another, one region receives way too little dream and another way too much.  Underlying the problems with magnetism is variant genetics that create different pushes and pulls in the energy flow of each human or kingdom that do not work well with one another.


For those experiencing struggle to manifest, and often this is an attribute of those map carving or map following ascension, one can look inward at the magnetism of field and in particular that which sustains the layer of dream weaving within the energy flow.  Dreams catch upon layers upon the field to cause the living dream.  If the field has holes due to mismatched magnetic pushes and pulls, portions of the dreams one desires simply fall through and flow to someone else.  Vibrations also of non-love will dissipate dream within one's field.  Therefore in searching our Pleiadian DNA and transforming it to become Sirian based, the magnetism will more greatly balance and the non-love movements will cease to dissipate dream allowing more dream to be present day to day for manifestation purposes.


Those who are homeless are so fractured that they can no longer catch a dream for a home and live upon the streets or between shelters.  If such humans chose to ascend, they would rebuild their field to a point of catching a dream for a job and then a home.  There are some associates that experienced homelessness and ascended out of it that have participated in SSOA over time.  For those who have built an ascending field already, sometimes one becomes fractured in a karmic interlude.  In such circumstances, one can lose dream to another or to a group of others not unlike a homeless person.  The solution to this is to release the karma through forgiveness and then retrieve one's dreams and recast the field.  If this is done rapidly enough, the dreams stepping down will not be short changed into less full of an experience.  Sometimes however it takes time to get to the original cause and one may continue to lose dream even after calling it back and recasting.  It is best then to request that your ancestors research the original cause so that you can forgive it and end the game of giving dreams to others.


Sometimes ascending humans take on poverty karma for many others.  Poverty karma is karma that says you must lose dream as you stripped dream from others at another time and therefore there is a debt to be settled.  Poverty karma will cause one's dreams to move from one's field to another.  Return the poverty karma that is not your own and forgive that which is your own; and retrieve your dreams and then enough will manifest to carry you forward in your dance of life.  Fill your dreams with love and you will always manifest enough as this is the loving dream to catch.  This is the gift of opening the heart and learning to bless more greatly; as then the love will fill one's field calling loving dreams of abundance unto oneself.


Greed is a state of being that magnetizes too much dream towards oneself.  Mostly it is those of Pleiadian thought-form that hold a magnetism that is too strong for this creation as it has an electrical undertone.  Those that one dances in life with may have such a magnetism and tend to draw your dream into their own fields to be experienced.  Although this is frustrating for those ascending, one can learn to create a Language of Light magnetism more powerful than such individual's electrical magnetism and then retrieve your dreams so that you can experience what you intend upon the physical plane.



The silver ray aids in synching and recasting dreams.  Dreams pour down from the first manifestation plane and catch upon one's field.  The silver ray will synch the dream with one's field so that the dance of life has greater harmony and synchronicity.  What is synchronicity?  One example is that one is searching for a parking spot to shop and one opens up just as one enters the parking lot and right in front of the store.  The other is failing to bump into objects around the workplace or home.  Bumping into objects or tripping up is a sign that one's dream may not be synchronized between oneself and the other dreams around oneself.  Learning to synchronize between dreams is one way to avoid accidents; and this running the silver ray more greatly resolves as it helps each syncopate dreams together.


The silver ray aids in knitting dreams together that have become torn or tattered due to karmic encounters or encounters with false gods or other violent nonphysical forces.  Therefore if you are having a bad ascension day, intend to run the silver ray to reunite one's  field and dream to recover.  The silver ray also aids in gathering back lost dreams of oneself or one's ancestry.  So run the silver ray to gather back your dreams lost over time.  Also the silver ray assists in helping initiates hold a larger dream so that one can manifest greater fulfillment upon the physical plane.  The silver ray is a special vibration associated with the Language of ONE and Tao Languages that are beginning to flow more greatly upon earth.  Therefore one will find a more abundant supply of the silver ray within Terra's aurora.


The silver ray enhances the vibrations associated with the Love of the Tao.  There are new vibrations entering Terra's field and aurora at this time and they come from her Tao; the part of her that spawned this experience and has returned to aid earth in her homecoming.  The vibrations of the Tao ride into earth upon the gold and silver rays.  Silver is considered masculine and gold feminine.  We will be writing about the golden ray in our next quad tone ahead.  For today we focus upon the silver ray and all that is aids ascending humans in self healing and our planet in transforming.  We invite each reading this essay to learn to work with the silver ray and transform the parts of self that do not resonate within.  As the parts of self that do not resonate with the silver ray are transformed, a new dance of love may emerge within one's life experience, as this the silver ray shall also help cause.


The command of Absolute Honor will invoke the silver ray.  Absolute Honor is a state of being founded upon love, love of self and love of all others in the dance of shared blessings.  Absolute Honor therefore is the first command of the Tao to begin to restore love unto the human kingdom and earth herself.  As each ascending human masters the Absolute Honor command, love will begin to be restored into one's life dance; and as enough master Absolute Honor world wide, love will be restored within the collective consciousness of the human species.  It is the goal of the mineral kingdom to support the emergence of love within the human kingdom and upon earth ahead.


We bless each that has taken the time to read this information and in the love of the Tao.  May your journey lead to an open heart and loves and blesses yourself and all others.


Namaste 合十致敬
The Emerald Mineral Kingdom 祖母绿矿石王国

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