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Blessings for Catching a Larger Dream in the Dance of Life

The Hawaiian Ancestors through Karen Danrich “Lilliya” March 14, 2009

流火 译 2009-4-2

Dear Beloved that is Hawaiian at Heart,

It is the Hawaiian Ancestors who greet you again today.  Today we would like to speak to the delusion of the economic crisis that so many are focused upon in your current human dream.  What is the delusion?  The delusion is that somehow the dreams that humans live are growing smaller.  In reality the dreams that humans live are growing larger; it is just that the banks and wealthiest are losing dream as ascending humans reclaim dreams around the world.


Lilliya has long observed that the banks have had most of the dream in the current human system.  Humans then believe that they require a loan to create their dreams that they desire; or rely upon a credit card, or bank account to have anything.  The reality is that dreams have nothing to do with money or banks and are actually something that one can intend to manifest separate and apart from the monetary system.  How and why is this so?  The Hawaiian Ancestors will further explain.

Dreams are an etheric possibility that arises as a movie or script that catches upon the field rotation of your energy flow.  The fields of humans vary in size founded upon mastery over ascension.  Ascension is the process by which humans are beginning to evolve into another state of being that is more unity based and related to one’s ancient ancestors.  Ascension is not to be feared as you are really only retracing yourself backwards in time and embodying genetic information and energy flow that your ancient ancestors knew when they were alive.  As you ascend, you evolve into a larger field rotation than you knew before, and the net result is that you have a larger energy body to catch a larger dream.  Therefore those who are ascending will have even more dream available unto themselves then those who are not.


In the islands those of Hawaiian descent are by in large ascending, and we have worked with Lilliya a long time to bring this forth.  The Native American Ancestors are working with those upon the mainland of the United States and Canada to foster ascension too.  As a matter of fact there is not one continent that the ancestors related unto the land is not working with those living in such regions to foster human ascension. As humans ascend, you will embody genetic structures from more ancient times that were more loving, more harmonious, more beautiful, and more capable of bringing forward ancient wisdom that was lost this last cycle and in particular since the Fall of Atlantis.  (See a lovely essay about Atlantis from the Native American Ancestors “The History of Atlantis” for more information.)


Ascending humans in Hawaii are catching more dream and not less.  This may seem like an oxymoron as the economy is declining as more humans upon the mainland go into fear and cease to travel to the islands.  And yet it is so that the larger fields of those ascending in Hawaii are catching a larger dream; and so this is so for all ascending humans global wide.  The problem is not the larger dream that is possible for such humans, it is the belief that you require money to fulfill upon any dream.  As a result of this belief, the dreams although available to be lived are limited.  So this is so for many humans reading this web site and it is why the Hawaiian ancestors speak to this truth; as long as you believe money is tied to every dream, you too will fail to fulfill upon all dreams possible to catch as your field expands in ascension.


Why is it that money is tied to all dreams at this time?  Ah this is an ancient script that came from a limited group of Pleiadians that came to earth to strip mine her of all gold; and created a slave civilization to do so.  It is the slave civilization that anchored a monetary dream just as humanity is living in this time period.  This civilization also believed that all dreams were owned by the Pleiadian family of Anu and that they owed in order to receive anything.  Today humanity is leaving the same script from this time period and also believes as a result that they owe to have any dream at all.  This is why the wealthiest and banks have so much control over the human dream; and those heading them are generally of Anu ancestry.


The Anu mined so much gold that over time caused her to decline in vibration and everything fell as a result into greater and greater disharmony.  The Anu were greedy and wanted to live forever; beloved no one lives forever; but it does not matter as your consciousness carries forward and you become an ancestor.  As an ancestor you continue to work with those in physicality to foster evolution “home” to where we were all spawned, as this is the only purpose physical existence really has.  Physicality exists not to buy houses, fly jets, or purchase more and more of what you do not really need; physicality exists for the presence of the nonphysical to work through in a spiritual context to learn, understand, forgive, love, grow and ultimately go “home”.


Humans are lost.  Even Hawaiian humans are lost.  You have become lost in the delusion of possessions.  The goal of life is not to possess as much as you can, although your wealthiest obviously believe that this is so.  The goal of life is to create love with one another and to forgive and understand the difficult dances of non-love.  As you forgive the non-love, love flourishes more greatly; and love then allows for greater harmony, peace, unity and joy to flow amongst all that you associate with.  Who would not like this?  Well most in our observation, as you have forgotten why you exist.  In the forgetfulness, you are pulled into the delusion of the weavers of dreams of possessions.  It is the dream weavers of possessions that cause most humans to think that this is the goal of life rather than the spiritual focus that can carry you to another state of being that is more joyful to exist within.


Who are the dream weavers of possessions?  They are related to the Anu in present time.  The Anu had offspring that carried on after they blew up the world in the largest nuclear annihilation ever around 30,000 years ago.  The Anu were competing with themselves and two family members insane with hatred for one another warred; they warred for over 1000 years and raised slave nations peoples to battle upon the battlefield.  The soldiers did battle, and eventually there was a truce of sorts as neither side could win completely and over take all the castles that each family member had constructed over time.  Finally out of rage one of the two blew up the world as in this manner Merduk  “won”.  A silly thing to do and it has created so much karma for this ancestor that he will be thinking about it all for a very long time; however perhaps in the greater understanding that nothing concludes in death, Merduk will now know that this was not a wise thing to do; and his ancestors from the Pleiades will learn something from this experience in their journey ahead.


Here we speak to the truth that human ancestors span time and space and form; and come from many creations.  All ancestors are learning to remember to love as it is only as we love and you love that anyone can go home.  Love is key as love is the only language that the Tao speaks.  Lilliya has called this part of herself with “infinite wisdom” the Tao; and indeed there is now communication with the Tao from which we all emanate from; when there was none before. As such we and all ancestors understand that a time of homecoming is now viable; and as such we are focused upon this goal and upon the goal of restoring love as the foundation of human existence upon earth. As love is restored then all can go home to where we came from including humans, your ancestors and the Earth Mother.


Everything upon earth is a dream.  Every kingdom including the plants, animals, and minerals are alive and have a moving energy system associated.  Humans tend to perceive rocks or minerals as non-living when in reality this is the vastest illusion of all; as it is the larger minerals known as mountains as well as the oceans that sustain the earth’s overall energy flow.  Earth’s energy flow catches a dream related to herself as a consensus reality.  The consensus dream then offers dreams to all other kingdoms including plants, animals, minerals along with fully conscious species such as humans, dolphins and whales.


Plant, animal and mineral dreams are collective; all plants receive a particular dream that includes growth, production of fruit, nuts and vegetables along with seasons, birth death and rebirth.  All animals have collective dreams associated with various species that offer an existence of consuming grass or flesh, and moving from region to region with the seasons, giving birth to their young and dying when complete with the time in the physical.  The movement of any land or aquatic based species allows for movement of energy from one region to another and therefore supports and sustains Terra (earth’s consciousness) in this manner.


The minerals receive a dream that looks disseminate but in reality is filled with inner realities in which information of the consensus is stored.  Such information is in a format related unto the consensus and so appears as a living movie when attuned unto of plant, animal, mineral, dolphin, whale and human life.  Therefore one can journey into the minerals during meditation or dream time and experience all of Terra along with her history.  Lilliya’s recorded meditation CDs often offer a journey into nature and this is held as a reality to experience by the mineral kingdom in agreement with Terra and to support the healing or understanding offered.  (See “Products” for more information.)


Plants, animals and minerals catch dreams and do not pay anything for the dream that they catch.  Earth does not charge interest to participate in her consensus dreams.  In reality humans also do not owe anything to participate in Terra’s consensus dreams.  However those of Anu descent have convinced humans that you owe them something to exist; and you pay pay and pay in interest in the dance of loans, credit cards and banks as a result; and believe that no dreams are possible without money.  This is a vast delusion as all dreams are offered for free and held for anyone that intends them by earth.  (See an earlier article of the ancestors "Transcending Democratic Slavery" for more information.)


Humans, dolphins and whales do not catch dreams as a group but rather as an individual.  Individual dreams are created through scripts that are held by the consensus.  The scripts include all the relationships in one’s life, and as of the past few centuries, also all the possessions one may have come to own including computers, cell phones, cars, jobs, furnishings, homes or apartments, the food one consumes, and what one thinks or wears in any given day.  It is a script from the Pleiades that most are living at this time and the Anu slave civilization and this is what has been directing human civilization for some time.  It is this script that also causes humans to believe that all dreams require money to fulfill upon.


The scripts humans have been living from are beginning to be edited by those who are map carving ascension.  The reason that the scripts are in need of editing as they have fallen into very lowly behavior and belief systems founded upon fear and hatred.  It is out of fear that those of Anu descent control the masses.  Over time and following the last nuclear winter of Atlantis, scripts so shattered that each human receives only a partial script; and the partial script feels empty, lonely, powerless, and unfulfilling.  Only a few take scripts from others and then manifest more in their life and generally rise into positions of power and wealth of one sort or another global wide.  Such are related also to the Anu.  This leaves the masses dissatisfied and has led to all the experiences this last cycle that each alive already knows or is aware of.


The journey out of this dance of shattered emptiness is to restore a state of wholeness that your ancestors experienced long ago and prior to the last nuclear annihilation.  This is the first phase of ascension that is coming at this time.  The greater state of wholeness will allow those ascending to live a different script and catch a dream of wholeness.  A dream of wholeness is a larger dream in which more can be fulfilled upon in the physical plane dance of life.


Those in more rural regions are rising to a certain level of energy flow individually through ascension and this then catches a larger dream.  Ascending little ones are entering the world now with even a larger field restoring an even earlier blueprint unto the human dream; and they too will catch even larger dreams as a result.  The larger dreams caught are beginning to take away from the dreams of the wealthiest who have hoarded all the dream for themselves for so very long; and the net result is that the wealthy are beginning to lose their fortunes.  They may cry and cry and cry “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” like Chicken Little; but in reality the dream is only caving in upon those who are wealthier in nature.

那些生活在更为乡村地带的人们,正在通过提升而一个个地上升到某种程度的能量流当中,这于是捕获了一个更大的梦想。带有甚至更大能量场的提升新生儿现在正在降临世界,从而恢复了一个更早期的蓝图到人类梦想当中;他们也将会因而捕获一个甚至更大的梦想。所捕获的更大梦想,正在开始远离那些最富有者,他们已经为自己囤积了所有梦想如此长的时间。净结果就是,富人们正在开始失去财富。他们可能就会象杞人忧天的小鸡(Chicken Little,译注:这是美国一部描述一只担忧过度的小鸡的动画片)一样不断哭喊:“天要塌下来了,天要塌下来了!”但事实上,梦想只是在那些更富有者头上坍塌下来而已。

But what about those who are losing jobs or homes?  Is not the sky falling in for them too?  Well yes but if you are ascending, then you can catch a larger dream as you have a larger field; and so perhaps the loss is an opportunity to dream even bigger than before.  So if you have lost a job and are reading this essay, what do you desire to create for yourself next?  Go inward and see and then intend such a dream into your energy flow; and then go about taking the steps necessary to realize your dream.  Call upon us ancestors and we will help you in weaving your next dream.


This is what a current associate’s spouse of SSOA is doing; they have lost their job but now are using the time to go back to school and learn another occupation related to health care services that appears to be increasing in employment rather than dwindling.  So this can be for each; you can choose to weave a better dream than the job you have lost; or a lovely place to live if you have lost your home and perhaps in a new region more supportive of your choice to ascend.


Dreams also are offered for free on the part of Terra.  You can grow your own garden and do not have to pay for the food offered or interest to the banks for what is harvested.  You can live in the wilderness for free; and perhaps many will create tent cities ahead where there is no rent collected and the group pull together to live more freely from what the land and sea can provide.  There are few dreams that are caught outside of the monetary system at this time, however it is a vast truth that humans believe that they must have money to survive.  It will take those pioneering a non-monetary life to create a different dream that simply allows Terra to provide for all needs.


Perhaps such dreams will come about in communities that will form where many pull together to create all that is required to subsist and without monetary exchange.  We see that there are some human s attempting this type of dream already; and many more that will do so ahead and as they become dissatisfied with the current system and all the lack that it creates.  The reality is that Terra provides amply in dream for each human, dolphin, whale, plant, animal or mineral already.  There is no requirement to experience lack; lack is simply an illusion created in the current system of greed and monetary gain.  Move beyond the greed and what is created is a balanced dream in which all may be provided for and by Terra.


How do dreams catch?  Dreams catch upon the dream chakra in the back of the neck for those who have mastered their earlier ascension to about 2200 strands; and for those beyond this it catches upon one’s creative body.  It is as the dream catches that one then lives the experience that one is intending. You can call upon us ancestors to support you in weaving the dreams you desire and also in releasing the karma that may be in place that might conflict with your heart’s desire. Karma will skew dreams in one direction or another. If you have lost a job or home you have karma for the experience. Forgive the karma and the dream can change into a new preoccupation or a new place to foster your life.


Forgiveness is key.  If you sit in resentment or longing for the past of what you knew, you will continue to experience the karma and finding a new job or home may become difficult as a result.  This is the nature of resentment or grief; it causes dreams that are difficult to stick unto the energy field.  Release the resentment and grief through forgiveness, and the dreams can change into a new day and a new life ahead.  Love is also important.  Love those that you resented, and the forgiveness will be complete and you can carry on into the new day ahead.  Why does love have this effect?  As you love you intend love into your dream.


Love does something special to your dreams that no other vibration can foster.  Love adds magic to all dreams causing them to align in divine timing and become beautiful.  In the beauty, beautiful experiences are created and shared.  This Lilliya is learning increasingly about at her events known as Masters Conclave; as more and more love is applied to the dreams of those dancing at the event, the event becomes a magical time together to cherish with one another.  As love is restored unto all of the human species, one day human life will become a magical expression again of unity, joy and peace, forgiveness and understanding.  A time ahead of this nature is coming and the ancestors can see this dream stepping into the physical plane, and will take about 100 years of continued human ascension to foster.  (See Masters Conclave for more information.)


There was a time that Hawaiian Ancestors recall where love and magic was the foundation of Lemurian existence.  Hawaii is a small mountain range remaining from the Lemurian continent which mostly exists under the water and surrounding the islands today.  At another time and prior to the rise of Atlantis into a technological power, Lemuria was a tropical continent filled with green mountains2010-02-07->s lived in harmony and peace with one another.  Because our continent was under the Earth Mother’s heart chakra, our dreams were filled with love.  The love caused the dreams to flow in peace, joy and unity together.


There was no money in early Lemurian civilization.  Without money there was no greed and everything was shared.  Goods from one region were happily traded for other goods in other regions where such supplies were less plentiful to non-existent.  There was a trade system that went around the continent and supplied everyone’s needs, and without taxes or banks.  The end result was a happy civilization in which all were provided for.  Records from the land gathered in Terra’s ascension show us that the populations grew into the billions upon this continent over time and there was never any experience of lack on the part of any tribe.  Hawaii also emulated this truth in the centuries before other races began to immigrate to our islands.  There was always enough regardless of how large the populations of Hawaiians grew.


The Lemurian script and blueprint is one that Terra is gathering to weave into the human dream ahead.  Over time and as more humans ascend and catch larger dreams, they will begin to live dreams more akin to what we experienced in the Lemurian time period.  Perhaps this will be the time that more communities will form that will leave behind the monetary system and share within and between one another in balanced giving and receiving.  As this occurs greed and all of the lack that it creates will disappear and humanity will transition into having enough for all.


Although the delusion of money is a large world mirror for those reading this information to look at, the next mirror may be even more difficult as it will be pertaining to disease and death.  The current mirror or Ho'oponopono for those spiritually focused inward is really about dream and learning to dream bigger than you thought possible.  As you dream larger dreams, then your life will take off in a new direction that creates greater fulfillment and happiness.  Out of the fulfillment, a new state of joy can emerge in human relations amongst those who are happier in the dance of life, ending the struggle that hatred, boredom and lack creates.  (See "Ho'oponopono, Healing from Within" for more information.)


Therefore we invite those reading this essay to intend to expand your dreams rather than contracting your dreams with others going into fear; and intend a larger dream than you thought possible to manifest.  Then intend into your dreams the experiences that your heart desires most.  Although others may be in fear of lack, this need not be your experience beloved.  And perhaps out of creating a larger dream, you can stand as an inspiration unto others to do the same and whom you know.


Long ago Lilliya was a realtor in a difficult market due to an earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The market froze and nothing was selling.  She said to herself many times per day “This is their dream; this is not my dream; for myself the market will be hot!”  Some liked her attitude including a loan broker that she worked with who began to think the same.  Low and behold Lilliya had plenty of listings and sales in the years others struggled and made the office title of “Listing Agent of the Year” ; and so did the loan broker prosper as well.  It is all in the dreams that one chooses beloved.


There is never a moment that you are not at choice as a fully conscious species.  Do you not like the dream you find yourself in?  Then intend another dream.  Also intend to forgive the karma at cause of the difficult dream you are experiencing; and love and bless those you may resent in the experience.  As the love flows, a brighter dream will be called and one will live the dreams that one loves as a result.  (See Intending your Life and Dream for more information.)


Do not feel guilty about those who are losing their fortunes at this time; this too is an opportunity for such humans to learn something big from a spiritual point of view.  Money and possessions cannot fill the human heart; and perhaps each of this nature will choose a new path where opening the heart becomes their focus as a result.  There are many lessons; and each experience has an opportunity to create spiritual growth amongst those involved.  Will you choose to love and forgive?  Will you choose to have compassion for others?  Will you choose to bless or hate?  Hatred creates ultimately the darkest dreams of all including extreme loss and lack.


Loving requires an open heart.  There are those who may appear loving but in reality mask the hatred within with the love of others.  Sometimes such humans rise into empowerment over others as gurus.  The time ahead is one of seeking inward and not outward.  If one loses too much love to the guru or teacher, then there is not enough love to foster your own dreams or self healing.  It is far better to go inward, listen to your ancestors, and follow your own truth walking to the drumbeat of your own being.  If you call upon us, we will be present to highlight the way out of your deepest struggles; as we love you and we are you in a present time physical body.


So we invite you to remember to dream big.  You are human.  The human species is a magnificent consciousness cast by the Tao that has entered creation after creation and aided the creators in finding their way out of distortion.  The distortion most of you are in today is that you are not capable enough to have the dreams that you desire.  The truth of the matter is that as you love big, then larger dreams that are loving to experience are drawn into the dance of life.  As you love big, the struggle ceases and sweeter times can be born ahead.  So the ancestors also invite each to learn to love big; bigger perhaps then you thought possible; and in so doing you will catch a dream bigger than you also thought possible.


We leave you with these thoughts 我们在这些思想中离开你们,
Aloha Nui Loa (Big Love)
Aloha Nui Loa(译注:其发音类似于“阿楼哈 纽伊 楼阿”)(大大地爱)
The Hawaiian Ancestors 夏威夷祖先


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